Young public tastes and market music

If the music tastes of a public department are changing in negative directions when some of the lyrics are mild, uneasy, even cloudy, eulogically impaired, also Tax The Rich Vintage American Flag Election Shirt promoting, to interpret, not to the tone of blurry tone, But it’s still called “hit” as a couple of lovers’favorite folk. That’s the question, which is also Teacher Besties Going Crazy Alone Is Not Much Fun Christmas T-Shirt  the sensation that refers to the healthy developments of home music.
After being released from the press and the press are critical, the product group made by product called “A 69” has declared “pause; yet, as a”goodbye present”, They continue to manufacture MV video (music, Oh my my bananas”with a musical performance by a chick who plays a role in”A 69 The Dogdalorian German Shepherd Dog Christmas T-Shirt  apartment”, which shows up on Youtube. From the way the gowns, the dance is like the color of “sexuality”, from the bullshit, “I like banana, banana, bananas. I brought you a banana. Tonight we can watch MV my banana my banana is how long the continuum used to show in “69’s apartment.” It’s amazing that MV “Oh my my banana” attracts some The Kramer Adult shirt  people who watch on YouTube and according to an article, most of the opinion “Oh my my banana” is a V-pop disaster, Yeah, observing and having sex, so few people would have to say, “This is also supposed to be a song?” And put this MV into one of those cheap, ridiculous products. From the sight of music Holly Dolly Cute Country Music Merry Xmas Tshirt,Christmas Holly Dolly Cute Country Music Merry Hoodie in Vietnam, it’s commonly known as “disaster” that this event is not odd, like the last 2013, in a performance in the Room, two young men show a song that is highly popular for “obscent” in the year. I’m sorry, I’m saying that this “recycled” is back in the audience at a supporting performance! These two chords are the same as a couple of other underground musicians How I Look When You See My Sweatshirt, Leonardo Dicaprio Meme Christmas, Funny Christmas Ugly Sweatshirt (understand these hugs are unofficial music) performing “good solace” songs on two parts, which are highly underlying words, So, naked pornography and they were uploaded on some online music sites, unfortunately, while you read the Youtube: “YANBI invented this song is a sick person, which is a continuous, highly recommended from the naked, a non-tech is not a scientific art. The work of the serpents, the lower level… Well, I guess when this song YANBI was in a sick age… “The weight of nerves” is I Paused My Game To Be Here Ugly Christmas Sweater Gamer T-Shirt still saying that, is that the kind of music separately from their own kind of music, and they sing because of song intoxication?
Two events and many other events show, the fact that the music life in Vietnam is now having some very inexperienced songs, a gloomy song, especially especially especially especially smooth, plummeting, plummeticulously, plummeticulously compensation, but they’re also love for them. The singer shows up as an idol, adored by his fans. In fact, it makes the public I’m Retired! I Don’t Want or Have To and You Can’t Make Me T-Shirt question whether or not the taste of the music of a public department, especially the young people in a bad position? The cause of the situation has not been shown at least, but with the connections that are increasingly open and extending the length of printing-vector, with irresponsible (if not to say is unconsciously insensible music) of some musicians and musicians, with some musicians and producing programs. In public display for this song, with the state of art management in some cases only “run by the press” after the press and the public public talk… Well, it’s hard to deal with, really, really. And if it’s the same, the problem becomes more dangerous, because it’s serious to the aesthetic eyesight, a personal music, or a few generations.
About the concept, curiosity is the ability to absorb, discrimination, art, as well as the ability to evaluate them. From this definition, you can see your taste for music is the possibility of each individual in battle.