Questions about security holes of the US Capitol

As America is still reeling from Wednesday’s violence in Washington, serious questions are now being raised about how such a massive security breach could happen in the midst. the heart of the US government.
Many find it incomprehensible that thousands of Trump supporters could flood inside one of the country’s most historic and political buildings at a time when the elected lawmakers were in. inside to certify Joe Biden’s election victory.
Photos and videos show how this crowd can travel freely throughout the building. Many Trump supporters were seen taking pictures and live-streaming of their actions. Many people plunder and sabotage symbols of American democracy as they leave.

As events were exposed on networks and news sites around the world, many questioned the preparedness and Battle for capitol hill veteran 2021 Shirt response of the US Capitol Electric Police – a force of about 2,000 officers tasked with protecting building and campus protection.

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The hack has forced some lawmakers to hide on the floor before being evacuated to safety and wearing gas masks. After that, it took many hours for the complex to be free of rioters and declared safe.
And despite the severity and magnitude of the chaos caused by the crowd, arrests are still meager Wednesday night.

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What are the alleged security vulnerabilities?
The criticism focused on what was alleged by the police’s apparent lack of preparation.
Captured video,
Phone footage reveals chaotic scenes inside the US Capitol

Videos posted on social media show sparse ranks of policemen quickly overwhelmed by the crowd – some of them wearing armor, swinging weapons and spraying. chemical.

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Hours after the violence, several protesters were filmed being escorted or guided out of the building without being arrested – even seemingly helped down the stairs of the Capitol and The door is left open for them to go out. Another widely circulated clip shows a policeman posing for a selfie with a man inside the building.

Nick Ochs, a known member of the far-right group Proud Boys, tweeted a selfie of himself inside the building and then told CNN: “There are thousands of people in there – they have no control over the situation. I have not been intercepted or questioned. ”

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Image source, Getty Images

Capturing images,
Violence takes place in the background of surrealistic scenes of US historical characters and scenes.

An image of a riot with a grin, with his face exposed, his feet propped up on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk before leaving to boast of a letter the man apparently stole from his office. of grandmother.
A flag of the Confederate Union carried on the shoulder of a parade of a man without a mask and a famous conspiracy theorist – wearing horns, feathers and face painting – was seen sitting in place. of Vice President Mike Pence just a few hours earlier.
Shaking images of Richard Barnett, 60, are among the images that have spread dizzy

What politicians have said about the police?
Now, a number of US lawmakers have forced the top officials responsible to resign.

When he became Senate Democrat, Chuck Schumer said he would fire Sergeant Mike Stenger.

And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says House security officer Paul Irving will step down. Even as the violence escalates, there is confusion as to when and whether other security forces will be deployed to intervene.
Taking the video,
President-elect Biden urged Trump to end the ‘attack’

Many US news agencies, citing high-ranking sources, suggested Vice President Mike Pence as the one who approved the dispatch of the Guard. DC National Army after President Donald Trump is said to have been initially quite reluctant.

If that’s true, this is in stark contrast to the show of force the president called for last year when Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests spread across the country, with protesters and criminals. Plunderers are subjected to tear gas and rubber bullets.

Gordon Corera, the BBC’s security correspondent, says this underlines how security decisions appear to have become politicized under the Trump administration.

Upcoming Vice President Kamala Harris says the country has seen two systems of justice.

“One was for extremists to burst into the US Capitol yesterday, and another was to spray tear gas on peaceful protesters last summer. This is simply unacceptable. ”

Video capture,
US Capitol riots: How the world’s media reacte