What is Karatedo – Karatedo – Karatedo Shotokan

Karatedo is a martial art that originated in Japan and has spread around the Red Love Heart Valentines Day Tops Women Girls Teens shirt world. In which, Vietnam is also one of the countries with strongly developed karated.

Martial Karatedo
However, learning, even competition, many people still do not fully understand Pink Valentine Heart Love Fun Husband Wife Top Premium shirt Karatedo. So this article will give you the most useful information around this martial art.

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Martial Arts Karate
Martial Arts Karate
Karate is what?
Karate or Karate-Do is a traditional martial art of the Okinawa region (Japan). Karate Panda Heart Valentines Day Girls Kids Women Bear Lover Gifts shirt is the art of fighting with signature moves such as punching, kicking, elbow, knee and open hand techniques.

In Karate there are also techniques of punching, punching and kicking techniques, locking, blocking, dodging, and knocking techniques, and punching techniques. In Nancy Drew Frank Hardy Holds The Key To My Heart shirt order to strengthen his support movements, Karate uses hip rotation or kime technique, to focus energy of the whole body at the moment of impact.

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What is Karatedo?
What is Karatedo?
Karate-Do or No-Path has four meanings, which are also four training purposes.

→ One: Kara is no, Té is Kids Eagle Fang Karate new Shirt hand, Do is the way. Karate-Do is the art of training hands and feet to fight.

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→ Two: Karate’s training method is based on the principles of physics, physics, psychology, so it is a scientific and modern sport; Help the practitioner not only Into the Wine Not the Label for wines,I Love Wine limited Shirt be physically strong but also mentally healthy (A lucid spirit in a healthy body).

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→ Ba: Do in Karate-Do also means morality. Through physical training, Karate-Do is also a path of cultivating ethics and qualities. Morality, that is love for the Geburtstag Shirt Damen Einhorn Genial seit 1994 limited Shirt  country, love for people, filial piety for your parents, love for teachers; compassion for people, nature, and all things. The qualities are tolerance, nobility, solidarity, piety, diligence, confidence, will, courage. Style, which is leisurely, calm, poised

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→ Four: Kara is not, Self is hand. Karate is “Free-Hand”, understood in the sense of returning to the emptiness, the state of no-self; the state of the lake water surface is undisturbed.

People are always dominated by “love of love”: happy, angry, love, oh, who, lost, sex (happy, angry, love, hate, sad, happy, want). It is love love that refracts Funny Tamale Tamales Make Me Happy new Shirt everything, it is love that brings pain and suffering. Karate-Do is the art of helping the practitioner to master heartlessness in order to achieve the state of indulgence, serenity, freedom, self-control, fearlessness, and impermanence.

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Meditation is one of the important methods of this content.

Karate, or No Defense, or “Free-Hand”, is the ultimate goal of Karate-Do. But the goal is achieved only through the process of experimentation, testing, and experience. According to the language of meditation, “everyone cultivates.”

Four meanings, four purposes, are also four stages. Every Karateka needs that basis to know where he is: elementary, college, or superior.

History of Karatedo
According to recent research, one can only make assumptions about the origin of Karate because the Chinese group from Fujian migrated commercially to Okinawa and settled in the village. Kuninda from Naha.

They started to instill Chinese martial arts here. Later, the local people combined the elite techniques and techniques of Chinese martial arts and folk dances of the Okinawa region to create a way of fighting against the draconian domination that the rulers ruled. Japan imposed on the indigenous people at that time.

However, the exact origin of this martial art has not been determined, because no ancient bibliographies recorded this martial art have been found. Today, Karate is strongly developed around the world and is divided into many different sects such as: Shotokan Ryu, Shito Ryu, Shorin Ryu, Wado Ryu, Goju Ryu, Kyokushinkai, …

However, at present There are only 4 sects that are officially established in the Karate system in the world: Shotokan Ryu, Shito Ryu, Wado Ryu and Goju Ryu.

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Karatedo Shotokan
One of the greatest sects of Karate.

Funakoshi Gichin
Funakoshi Gichin was born on November 10, 1868 and died on April 26, 1957 in Shuri, Okinawa, is the founder of the Karate Shotokan sect and is considered the father of modern Karate. .

Funakoshi Gichin
Founder Funakoshi Gichin
In his childhood, Funakoshi proved to be a gifted martial arts person, learned many traditional martial arts and proved to be an excellent pupil.

The person considered the first teacher to guide him on the Karate path was the master Anko Azato, a master of ancient Karate and Kendo.

– In 1902, he formally established the Shotokan sect and spread throughout Okinawa.

– In 1922, Shotokan was officially introduced to Japan and attracted a lot of people to practice.

In 1936, Shotokan’s Dojo was officially erected in Tokyo.

Today, Shotokan has spread throughout the World and is considered the most powerful of the c