The ‘United States’ tribe wears the crowns of Saudi Arabia

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Four-wheeled jeeps zigzagging look Mens Husband Of Bulgarian Woman Nothing Scares Valentine Tshirt  awful on a dense mountain slope. Behind the seats are Saudi families and tourists from other parts of the Arabian peninsula.

While the car is nestling in the Mens Gay Couple Matching Gift I’m His Lgbt Pride Gift shirt cool mist, passengers sometimes bend down to search for cameras and wallets.

Jeep doors opened as they approached Lions In Love shirt stalls selling honey, fruit and – the most coveted item – glowing floral crowns pledged with red and orange flowers.

Tourists wear wreaths on their Men’s Super Dad Grandpa Father’s Day Crown Idea limited Shirt heads to take pictures and smile the brightest on their faces to post them on social networks.

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The flower crowns on sale in locations all over the province ‘Asir are not merely a decoy to the wealthy tourists who want to show off to their friends at home.

The meticulously woven headbands are the traditional costume of a community called the ‘Hoa Nhan’: they belong to the Qahtan tribe, which still maintains the habit of wearing flowers for beauty and for purposes. health, and now they sell these traditional bracelets to tourists.

Today, mainly concentrated in the Love Means Keeping Your Distance Valentine’s Day hot Shirt southern Arabian peninsula, the Qahtan people are said to be the oldest social community in the region.

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They say they are descendants of Ishmael, the son of Abraham in the Jewish Bible.

The nickname ‘Flower Nhan’ attributed to them is due to the fact that many Qahtan men wear wreaths of delicate wreaths woven with herbs, flowers and plants.

According to late researcher Thierry Mauger, making these flower crowns is seen by the young men of the tribe as a friendly beauty contest: they include as many colorful flowers as possible, such as chrysanthemum or jasmine.

In contrast, middle-aged men and Laughing Cat With American Flag. Funny Anti Trump Patriotic limited Shirt older have a more temperate outlook: they make wreaths with plants like wild cinnamon.

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Image source, Alamy

There are people who wear them every day to beautify, while there are also people who wear them on special occasions such as major Muslim holidays. Others still wear them when sick and they choose wreaths made of special herbs with medicinal properties.

But the crown is not the only factor that distinguishes this ethnic group from the dominant Arab culture, which is dominated by elites in the government, most of it originating from the Najd and Hijaz regions.

Leaving the world apart. The
Residence of the Flowers, ‘Asir, sits atop a plateau that receives more rain than anywhere else in the kingdom.

In May and June, temperatures in the Kamala Harris is My Homegirl hot Shirt country’s inland cities can reach 30 degrees Celsius while ‘Asir province, which lies 900 kilometers southwest of Riyadh, welcomes visitors. unprepared for cold winds and occasional storms.

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The peaks in these plains, which are the highest in the country, have cultivated fields carved by the slopes of the mountains here. They farm themselves on a small scale to feed themselves with crops such as wheat, coffee and fruit.

The Qahtan tribe has a rough history. In Arabic, ‘Asir means’ hardship’.

According to local folklore, it was the challenging remote position of the jagged slopes of ‘Asir that caused a few Qahtan families to flee here from the surrounding lowlands to escape the invading army. of the Ottoman Empire about 350 years ago.

After forces loyal to Saud dynasty occupied ‘Asir, the area was annexed to Saudi Arabia in 1932.

Living in small autonomous communities in the mountains, villages of people. Qahtan was difficult to access, both to defend against the surrounding tribes and to maintain political autonomy, until the end of the 20th century,

for example, the Habala settlements could only be reached by one system. iron rails and rope-braided ladders.

The construction of the cable car by the Saudi Government in the 1990s made access to this remote area easier, but also highlighted the problems of tribal integration into national identity and whether these unique cultures can withstand the pressures of modernization.

Unique architecture
However, despite adversity, many customs of Hoa Nhan are still maintained.

Indeed, potentially neglected practices are now attracting visitors to this area.

Image source, Alamy

In small eateries dotted the zigzag path up Jabal Sawda, Saudi Arabia’s highest peak, Qahta waiters wear bright wreaths of goats and hot rice for guest.

Tour guides at Habala welcome visitors wearing colorful striped fabrics wrapped around the waist.

Compared to the miserable clothing worn by women in the hot, dry regions of the country, Qahtan women have been wearing tight