The Korean singer suspected of committing suicide because she was forced and secretly filmed by her ex

According to MBC’s Newsdesk program, a promising female singer named Song (27 years old) committed suicide in April because of the Official Not Another Love Song Ella Mai Merch T-shirt harm of her ex-boyfriend (called A). The incident is causing a stir in Korean public opinion.
Korean showbiz was
shaken by the story of a dead female singer who was raped by her ex. sneaking pictures
On the evening of 3.11, the Newsdesk show shocked the audience when revealing Official O Drum All Ye Faithful Bass Drum Tacky Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt the tragic story of Song that happened 6 months ago. The program said that this pitiful voice was drugged, raped by ex-boyfriend A, and filmed the two’s hot scenes. Too desperate and humiliating, Ms. Song ended her life in her Official Santa’s Claus Favorite RN Christmas 2020 Sweatshirt own home. The victim left a will, expressing the pain she has suffered.
At Newsdesk, Ms. Song’s father shared that she discovered a message from her daughter exchanged with you just 2 months before she committed suicide. During the conversation, Ms. Song recounted how A had made her lose consciousness and then played a mean game. “He put drugs in his drink. I only realized he did something corrupt to me after it was all over. Now, I can not focus on Official Selena Missing My Baby T-shirt anything anymore and my mind is getting more and more strange, “the deceased beauty once confided.
The Korean singer suspects to commit suicide due to being forced by her ex-boyfriend and secretly filmed – photo 1
The Korean media repeatedly reported on the incident


A friend of Ms. Song also spoke about job. This person revealed that Ms. Song once said that she only took a sip of alcohol before she lost Hunting Killing tomorrow’s trophies today vintage Shirt consciousness, after waking up, the victim was naked and A was filming.
Ms. Song did not show up on the show. Newsdesk only described her as a promising singer, working part-time to make a living and often acting in a band. Notably, the suspect – A is a famous male musician and singer, recently working with a cult idol group.
However, through theIn my dream world books are free and reading makes you thin Hoodie  lawyer, A has denied completely all allegations. A legal representative emphasized: “This is just an accusation from one side. Mr. A has not done anything illegal or unethical ”. Even, A also denied harming Ms. Song as well as asserted: “More than anyone, I am working together to find Io Sono un Vecchio Nerd Hoodie out the truth”.
Singer Han suspected suicide because ex forced and rotating stalk – photo 2
Musician Bobby Chung’s name is under suspicion


time her father Song was reported to the police and provide all both the evidence wants to sue A in court. The police are conducting an investigation to clarify the case, plan to search and confiscate A’s cell phones, computers … to analyze the data. The investigation It’s a perfect day to do nothing for cat shirt agency is also planning to close A on charges of sexual violence, rape and injury.
Meanwhile, netizens are urgently searching for the identity of A. Many netizens think that A is Bobby Chung (born in 1979). Sina news site also revealed that Bobby Chung is the name in question. In recent years, Bobby Chung has written music for famous names like BTS, Tomorrow X Together … Bobby Chung side has not responded to this news.