The basic skills of social workers

The social worker must know Tavernwave Bardcore Medieval Tour Music Demon Snail Monster Shirt  how to combine skills well to achieve the highest work efficiency. Listening


Listening in social work is an Spin Instructor Voice Spinning Indoor Cycling Biking Workout Shirt  active listening process, requiring the social worker to observe the subject’s behavior subtly, pay high attention and must respect and accept the subjects and their problems,Sober Since 1996 Sobriety 25 Year Sober Shirt 11  and at the same time help them realize they are being cared about and shared. Listening skills are demonstrated in the ability to concentrate highly on what the object is presenting and through behavior and gestures. Listen not only with the ear, but also with the coolness and also with the mind of Schrute Farms Sweatshirt, Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Bed and Breakfast shirt the social worker.

Observation skills

Observation is to pay attention School Social Worker Listening And The Science Of Hope hot Shirt to the characteristics of people, objects or situations in the context of personal social work, the purpose is

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to use observable data to understand the object and its circumstances. In their professional activities, not only speech (language) gives social workers information about the subject, but even non-verbal gestures of the subject can also bring commune officials. Assembly of important clues about the conveyed content of the object.

In order for the skill of observation Retro style Niseko Japan outdoors hot Shirt to be performed well, the social worker must be able to have a subtle awareness of the subject’s problems, must know how

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to observe from the whole of the object’s behavior and appearance. , to the psychological characteristics, especially the emotional nuances occurring between the subject and the other person and the social worker himself.


skills Communication skills are the ability to effectively apply knowledge, understanding of communication processes, factors that participate and affect the communication process as well as effectively use methods. convenient to communicate, harmoniously coordinate all behaviors, behaviors, gestures … to help subjects achieve certain purposes of such communication activity.

A professional social worker Retired Retiree Retirement Pensioner limited Shirt must have good communication skills demonstrated by being aware of the problem he is communicating with; communication is done on the basis of that predetermined plan;

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Communication is always done in order to achieve certain goals and have orientation for each communication … In order to perform this skill, the social worker must be able to establish relationships, know how to listen positively, know how to respond to the emotions and content of the communicator and know how to collect and process information through asking questions …

Counseling skill

Counseling is the process of social workers to use specialized knowledge and skills to help subjects solve problems or increase their ability to solve problems on their own, enhance their social functions.

The goal of this skill is to help subjects understand their own feelings, thoughts, problem situations, explore and use potential resources in problem solving, helping subjects improve deal with life problems.

To perform this skill, a social worker must know how to coordinate and use specific skills such as listening, asking questions, understanding and responding (emotion and content) …


When practicing note-taking, Patriotic Pug American Flag Dog limited Shirt it is important to keep a record of everything that happens in the process – a task that must be taken into account by the social worker. Professional social workers help subjects solve their problems, in part thanks to recording everything that happened in the process of assisting the target.

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The purpose of the recording is to help the social worker as a basis for assessing the outcome of the interaction between the social worker and the subject, change and progress or not) of the subject in the helping process; helping social workers to be aware of their qualifications and skills in their professional work; as the basis for social agencies to make decisions about related services. Therefore, to perform this skill, a social worker must have a high professional qualifications; Must have personal knowledge and understanding and must have good communication skills.

The occupational skills in the professional activities of a social worker do not exist independently, but have a close and supportive relationship. A social worker must know how to combine skills well to achieve the highest work efficiency.