The art of giving gifts pleases recipients

You are preparing gifts for the holidays. You will have to think about who you are going to Ew, People Vintage Funny Cat Lover Gift, Graphic Cat Shirt give gifts to, how much will it cost to buy them, and most importantly, what will you buy.

In the UK, the average household spends about £ 500 on gifts during the traditional holiday season, the same as Americans who spend around $ 650.

And while giving gifts Funny Airedale Terrier Dog Lover Gift T-Shirt can make you happy, help show your affection for the recipient, and even strengthen your relationship, a mediocre gift can be counterproductive.

“Choosing the wrong gift can jeopardize the relationship because it shows that the two of you have nothing in common,” said Elizabeth Dunn, professor Funny Bee My Valentine Valentine’s Day T-Shirt of psychology at the University of British Columbia in Canada and co-author of a book on turmeric. money spending, ‘Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending’, says.

Her research has also shown that giving gifts that recipients don’t like sometimes negatively Funny cute sloth yoga namastay 6 feet away Sweatshirt impact the donor’s assessment of a future relationship.

Because you don’t want your holiday gift to do more harm than good, how can you be sure to choose a gift your recipient will like? Psychology may have the answer.

Don’t fret about the price.
Should you be funny Flamingo Flamazing Design – Whassup Flockers gift T-Shirt  flaunting to show how much you care about the other party?

The research results actually show that spending more money does not mean that the gift will be loved.

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A study found that the more expensive a gift is, the more a giver expects the recipient to appreciate it.

However, even though the giver thinks that spending more money will make the recipient find Goodbye 2020 Hello 2021 Funny Happy New Year 2021 Gift Shirt himself more distracted, the recipient often does not appreciate the cost of the gift but feels more appreciative.

“It seems quite intuitive to assume that if you spend more money your gift will be worth more. It turns out that there is no evidence that recipients pay much attention to the price of a gift when they think about it. how much they Happy Valentine’s Day 2021 Funny Valentine Quarantine Gift T-Shirt enjoyed the gift, ”said Jeff Galak, associate professor of marketing at Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business in Pittsburgh, USA.

Galak, which studies consumer behavior and decision-making, admits that it’s possible that your gift needs to reach a certain price point, consistent with practice or expectations.

But once you meet that price, then ‘buying something more valuable won’t help,’ he said. The Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness Warrior Pink & Blue Ribbon T-Shirt  gift itself is the most important thing.

Thinking of the long-term problem
Galak says the trick to giving a great gift is to think beyond the fleeting moment when you give the gift. He and his colleagues Julian Givi and Elanor Williams recognize this as a common topic in gift-giving studies.

“When someone gives a gift, they try to optimize at the moment they give it and want to see the smile on the recipient’s face right then and there,” says Galak. “But what the recipient is concerned about is how much value they’ll get from the gift over the longer period of time.”

In other words, it might not be a very exciting scene when we see a friend or relative open a gift, including a subscription to movies online, so it is less likely that you will give the gift. But the recipient might really like it, as it’s a gift they can enjoy often from time to time.

Forget originality
Galak also thinks not to be too concerned about giving the most unique gift. Sometimes what many people want or have others have is exactly what the receiver wants to be given.

One study shows that we tend to focus on the recipient’s unique characteristics and personality when we buy gifts for them.

But this extreme specificity leaves us ignoring other aspects of their wants and needs, which may lead us to buy them a more mediocre gift.

We also tend to want to buy different gifts for different people, even if they’re all more interested in the same gift – and chances are they never even give them a gift. donated for comparison.

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In order to show that you are a gift-choosing person, people often mistakenly think that a variety of gifts is necessary, even if the best gift must be sacrificed, according to Galak. .

You also often don’t want to buy something that you already have because you don’t want to affect your individuality.

So what if your friend loves your sneakers? Don’t shy away from giving away an identical pair just because you want you to be untouched.

Buying gifts based on general interests
To buy better gifts, professor of psychology Dunn suggests that we start with the common ground you have with the recipient.

Instead of relying on your own preferences and adjusting it to the differences between you and your recipient, she says, focus on what they have in common and choose a gift from that commonality.

“People often choose things that are good for themselves better than when choosing for others,” she said, “so if you have something in common with someone, choose something.