Santa Clara County needs a medical mask to fight COVID-19. This group is making them themselves

Donations have been made to purchase masks and other protective gear for Santa Clara County doctors and nurses against the coronavirus in one of the Women’s Hollywood Undead Crewneck Funny Sweatshirt Design Long Sleeve Pullover country’s most heavily infected areas – but not yet. enough. Severe shortages continued.

So a group got creative and started making much needed masks.

“(Lack of masks) is an issue that I keep hearing about, but why aren’t we helping people solve it?” Harbir Kaur Bhatia, who organized the masking effort, said. “Working Womens Frosty The Snowman Christmas Lights Portrait V-Neck T-Shirt together to make this spread – that’s the power of scaling to produce positive results.”

Bhatia, a longtime Santa Claran, harnessed the Sikh community’s vast volunteer network, technical skills You’re My Whole World Universe Astronaut Spaceship Planets Sweatshirt and traditions to create 230 (and continuing) Facebook page members in a week, has created over 500 masks.
These masks cannot be attached together in any way. Part of what takes time is a list of requirements that Valley Medical Center deems necessary for effective This Is My Christmas Pajama Santa Claus Wear Mask 2020 Covid hot Shirt homemade masks, including the use of cotton or blends, adding elastic bands and ruffles. .

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This Is My Christmas Pajama Santa Claus Wear Mask 2020 Covid Shirt

Valley Medical Center has listed these instructions for the homemade masks they will accept.
So while everyone is busy sewing, Bhatia, head of SiliconSage Developer’s Innovation and Community Benefits, says community partnerships are essential to reaching the moment. : Maharani fashion in Alum Rock contributed fabric at original price and Guri Singh, owner of GoSikhs. donated his turbines, making tens of meters of fabric.

Community members Neetu Dhaliwal, Navpreet Kaur and Sheena Sawhney are also helping Uncle Lewis the blessing ugly Christmas 2020 Shirt facilitate the influx of questions and volunteer outreach.

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Uncle Lewis the blessing ugly Christmas Women Long Sleeved

“I really believe that we don’t need to be a professional ‘expert’ to solve common problems,” says Bhatia. “Everyone has a skill to apply here. It needs a team, not just one person. We can really work together to solve bigger problems by stepping up and not afraid of failure, especially in Silicon Valley. ”

Doctors, county nurses and medical staff last week committed to providing masks, hand sanitizers, face masks and other protective equipment as they treated nearly 500 patients who had had positive test results. counted with Urliest Christmas Sweater Ever Believe Me It’s Tremendous If You Say Something Else You Are Fake News Donald Trump hot Shirt contagious viruses and hundreds of thousands of others could get sick. A fund for the Valley Medical Center, founded by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, has brought in more than $ 4 million in donations for life-saving supplies.

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But community leaders want to do more.

“I can’t sew, but I can deliver. I’m just one of those little gears in this pipeline, ”said Leann Griffin, who is now retired and helped the supply distribution team. “This is really important for getting into all hospitals and nursing homes. The need is greater than my small risk. ”

Driving across the county picking up fabrics, materials and masks is complete days of the week, lifelong San Jose residents say the creation of masks is a tangible, accessible, and creative way to help, especially during California ordering the spot.

Forbidden San Jose is the largest small town, Professor Griffin said. When it comes to community needs and community help, people step up.

The community has intensified so much that she has brought the mask to a wide range of destinations, including many upscale homes, the Deaconess Community Clinic in San Jose and the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

Michael Elliott, executive director of the Valley Medical Center Foundation, said he was appreciated for the sheer scale of feedback and support they received.

Their office now looks like a Costco warehouse with boxes piled up.

“We feel like a million people are making hand-stitched masks for us and the first batch of homemade face shields will come out on Friday,” Elliott said, adding that his team is already in production. Export site dedicated to compliance mask information. “The feedback has become overwhelming.”

Community networks, plastic fabrication companies, and people with 3D printers have also started modeling full face shields.

It has been an astonishing week of large donations, extremely large and small; almost more than we can count (but we’re counting). These paintings represent less than half of the community donation. To learn how to help, visit

– Valley Medical Center Foundation (@vmcfoundation) March 25, 2020

And on Tuesday, the Department San Jose Police donated 48,000 N95 masks to five San Jose hospitals.

“My final decision to support hospitals in our area is a no-brainer,” said Sheriff Eddie Garcia. “Credit should go to Anna Hawkes, supervisor t