Possibility of arithmetic content learned from Hatsune Miku “Professor Hiroyuki Ito KCGI special lecture

By the creator of VOCALOID “ Hatsune Miku ”, the most famous person in the world and the representative director of Krypton Future Media Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Sapporo, established: 1995) A special A Little Bit Alexis Christmas Sweater, Shitts Creek Christmas Sweatshirt, Alexis Rose Shirt, Christmas Gift For Her Shirt lecture was held on Friday, November 29, 2019 at Kyoto Computer Learning (KCG) in front of the Kyoto station / KCGIAnti Trump Sore Loser US Election 2020 Take The L Donald T-Shirt Building in front of the station Kyoto 6th Floor: Professor Ito explained about the background and development of Hatsune Miku Hats, his efforts on voice technology and 3D Appa Shirt – Yip Yip Aang- The last Airbender Shirt CG technology, and a variety of developments in Japan and abroad. , along with video. Students listen enthusiastically to advance Christmas Snow T-shirt in the content business.

“ Hatsune Miku ” is a virtual idol born on August 31, 2007.It is software that sings Hatsune Miku Miku’s Magic Hat T-Shirt by synthesizing voices when lyrics and melodies are entered, and is also a popular, dimensional character. 158 cm tall, weighing 42 kg, 16 years old. Live concerts are held not only in Japan but also abroad, and it is the symbol of the cool Japan that conveys Japanese culture to the world. .
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In a lecture titled The Ability of Digital Content learned from Hatsune Miku, Professor Ito introduced the business of krypton and explained the basics of

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computer music. The Vocaloid Board is a virtual inn that synthesizes human vocals. Regarding musical instruments (virtual instruments), Hatsune Miku Hoi Hat is the world’s first singing software that Krypton co-developed vocaloid technology in collaboration Happy Holidays with cheese Christmas cheeseburger funny Shirt with Yamaha and linked it with the characters.
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This feature was successful, and the creators of Hatsune Miku illustrations, CG, and visuals of Hatsune Miku appearances and music appeared on the

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Internet and the creative chain spread all over the world. Ito explained that Hatsune Miku, mostly synthesized words and characters tend to think like a reward, but thanks to the character, it can be said that a creative sequence happened. for the rights to creative works, Happy Hanukkah Jew Menorah Jewish Ugly Christmas Shirt a website for “Piapro” content has been set up. Using the site, you can redirect it to other works. We looked at creating an environment that facilitates creativity, he clarified.
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Queen Hatsune Miku Landscape has been around for 12 years since its inception, and as a result of the creator’s secondary and third creations, the expression has spread beyond choreography and video, cosplay and personalities. The commercialization continues with fashion, opera, robotics, racing teams, games, Japanese drums, in cooperation with popular anime characters on TV.Pr. Ito said, we are expanding the scope Hatsune Miku’s hats work activities, and extends to many different fields.

“Hatsune Miku” is full of performances and events appearing in Japan and abroad.From the end of 2018 to 2019, event tours were held in three European cities, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing.In Hanukkah Pajamas This is My Pajamakah Shirt Chanukah Pajama T-Shirt Japan, “ Super Kabuki ”, performed in Kyoto and Minamiza in August, SNOW MIKien collaborated with the Sapporo Snow Festival, collaborating with jazz and taiko groups. , and symphonic concerts. Performances on stage are continuing.
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Mr. Ito took office as KCGI Professor in April 2013. Recognized for international activities and technological innovation, we received the fall 2013 indigo badge.KCGI and KCG have a mechanism that enables them Hanukkah Pajamas This is My Pajamakah Shirt Chanukah Pajama Shirt

Listen to each other.Not only KCGI’s content business students, but also content-related students like KCG’s art / design department, digital games department, computer science , IT voice actor course information processing department, etc. Can learn