Mysterious house in Thai Binh: Giant mouse appeared, the whole village ran away, fighting each other unconscious

Mr. Thung fainted, immediately, 6 men were drinking on the bed, convulsing, and the dishes collapsed.
Session 6: Tens of peopleMein Perfekter Tag Aufwachen Mit Dem Wohnmobil Fahren Fruhstucken Mit Dem Wohnmonil Fahren Hoodie  lost consciousness because they were harvesting rice to help their neighbors

. Giant mouse

After Tran Van Ut died suddenly at home, the breadwinner of the family was only Mrs. Pham Thi Tam My Body My Choice Hoodie and Mr. Tran Van Viet, children The only surviving son of Mr. Rang and his wife. At that time, Mrs. Tam was 77 years old, the adoptive mother of Rang. Viet Anh does not have a wife and children at all. The family was frightened, so we evacuated all the My Chains Are Gone My God My Savior And I Like A Flood Unending Love Amaging Grace Cross Hoodie grandchildren, and did not let anyone go back. Rang’s daughters also stayed out of their husband’s house, or moved elsewhere. Ms. Vu Thi Nhung, his wife Ut returned to her biological parents’ house in Vu Dong commune, while his wife Viet took her only son to hide in the South on a rainy night.

Fear of death, many families in hamlet 9 (Vu Tay, Kien Xuong, Thai Binh) abandoned their homes and fled elsewhere. Five households next to Mr. Rang’s house My Jokes Are Corneas Hell Vintage T-Shirt have removed all their things, locked the door and left it there. It took quite a long time, the situation was stable, there was no more death, they returned.

The Tran family gathered, discussed and agreed to ask two people to be the mainstay, back and forth to help the family, including Mr. Nguyen Van Thung, Mr. Rang’s brother-in-law and Mr. Tran Van Luu, who is Rang’s uncle. . Mr. Thung Rat House Rat Pet Funny Sayings 2021 Shirt  is a person outside the Tran surname, so he is not afraid of being involved, and Mr. Luu claims: “I am also over 70, it’s fine to die. If the god has someth

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ing to me, I have no regrets.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thung goes wherever he does, he carries this knife with the belief of exorcism.

During the day, Mr. Thung works at home, and at night he stays with Mr. Liu at night. Mr. Luu’s house is right behind Mr. Rang’s house. Mr. Thung said: “I am fine, but Punk Will Never Die Pullover hot Shirt  I have been through all this, so I am very scared. I usually eat rice from 5 pm, then 6 o’clock at Miss Dao’s house. Going at that time it was still light to be less scared ”.

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During the days at Rang’s house, the object that was separated from Mr. Thung was the spear knife over half a meter long, extremely sharp, only glancing along his shin, falling down. While on the road, he held a knife in his armpit, and at NFL Houston Texans T Shirt, Houston Texans USA Flag Retro Personalized Custom Text T Shirt night he slept with a knife over his head. In his pocket, there is always a handful of garlic… to chase away ghosts, and shards of charms made by the magician.

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In the days after Rang’s house died, many strange things appeared. During the day the very large snake lay on the mango tree right next to the yard, in front of the Love Yorkshire Terrier Happy Valentine Day Awesome Funny Gift Shirt Ideas For Man Woman Kids limited Shirt kitchen. At night, at that tree branch, there was no snake, but instead the pig bird stood motionless, with red eyes looking down, everyone was terrified.

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Big snakes or swine birds are many people meet, but the giant mouse, bigger than a cat, weighs at least 3kg and behaves oddly, so no one can explain.

In Thai Binh, there are two very large rats, the rat (gray, catching chickens and ducks, not a rat living in a sewer in the city) and a rat. People still catch these two rats for meat. However, they only weigh no more than 1kg. The mouse is bigger than a cat, weighing about 3kg, no one has ever seen.

Right on the same day the farmer “became a saint” from Binh Phuoc to worship and was chased away by the village head, the giant rat appeared.

That day, around 9 o’clock at night, Mr. Thung, Mr. Luu, and Mr. Viet sat drinking tea on the porch. Several young men and friends of Viet, Ut and Viet also gathered on the porch. Everyone was horrified when they saw that a mouse the size of a thermos bobbled out in the middle of the yard and approached the edge of the porch.

Like rats, whenever they see a person is running away, over here a mouse appears, then the young people run away scattering. Some people went around to another place, rushing home. Some people entered the house and closed the door, sweating with terror.

Mr. Rang’s dilapidated kitchen.

According to Mr. Viet, there are times when the mouse even stands up as if it were standing on two legs. It sat in the yard, on the steps, until 20 minutes, then left. When the mouse left, everyone came home because they were too scared.

The appearance of the mouse scared everyone, so that night, Mr. Thung closed the windows and doors by himself. However, falling asleep, Mr. Thung and Mr. Liu were awakened by the sound of the door pounding. Apparently, Mr. Thung closed the window by himself. The door was fastened with a steel hook, so it couldn’t be opened from outside. Besides, the night was quiet, there was no rustling of wind, so what made the door just pretend to be closed open and open?

Both Mr. Thung and Mr. Luu were scared and pushed each other, no one would stand up to consider the situation. The sound of the door knocking grew louder, faster and faster, so Mr. Thung had to lift his knife and get up. He went to the window while calming himself by saying aloud, “If there is a door that cannot be closed, what can be done”. Obviously he was the one who closed the door, but he kept saying the same. The door is closed, there is no more banging, but the two men were awake, eyes closed and could not sleep.

The two men lay and talked until 2:00 in the morning when Mr. Liu asked to go home. Mr. Luu said: “Well, you lie here to watch the house for them, I will go home. Last night I did not sleep, but I woke up all night and died. After saying that, Mr. Liu left to his home.

Mr. Thung said