Many traffic works in Dong Xuan district were destroyed, landslides after floods

Dong Xuan district is one of the localities in Phu Yen province that suffered heavy damage after typhoon No. 12 and many consecutive rainy days. Total American By Birthday Cowboy By Choice Horse Hoodie damage of the district after the storm No. 12 was 155 billion 396 million VND, of which traffic works were destroyed, landslide caused 44 billion VND 287.85 million damage.
Typhoon No. 12 landed on the mainland passing Phu Yen province in less than a month, but as a result, it left the province with a loss of 454 billion 952.6 million VND. In recent days, the whole political Astronaut Nasa Make America Smart Again Usa Flag Shirt system, all levels of authorities and people in Phu Yen province are step by step striving to overcome the consequences of the storm with many accumulated difficulties, sharing together to overcome the disaster. ear caused.

In the localities severely damaged by the storm No. 12 in Phu Yen province, Dong Xuan district is required. Total damage of the district after the storm Beards hat Santa Merry Christmas Shirt No. 12 was 155 billion 396 million VND, traffic works were destroyed, landslide caused 44 billion VND 287.85 million damage. This is a large amount of damage that surpasses the ability to balance the budget revenue for Dong Xuan district to overcome the consequences of typhoon No. 12 without the financial support of the People’s Committee of Phu Yen province.

The road to La Hai – CouncilByedon Joe Biden 2020 Kicks Donald Trump Ass Vote Democrats Shirts  was damaged, appeared many water bomb craters

Rain, storms and floods lasted for a long time, making roads in Dong Xuan district landslide and muddy. Many water bomb holes appeared with elephant nests and potholes, making it difficult for people to travel. The damaged roads with a total length of about 104.2 km, volume of about 170m2 of asphalt concrete 118,393.3m3 of land and 263.5m3 of concrete.

In which, the provincial road is national highway 19C, section of La Hai new bridge, Sowayv Way Merch Way Now You Wanna Surf Hoodie which has 0.3km of sloughed asphalt surface with the volume of 170m2; District roads of Lanh Van – Phu Loi route, route Phu Loi – Phu Hai, route Thanh Duc – Go Oi, route Ky Đu- Tra O and urban roads were eroded on the road surface, erosion of slopes, trees fell. to road, sandy soil on the hill to fill the road, landslide streams with a total volume of landslides of about 88,820m3 with a length of 32km; Commune road damage to Quarantine Christmas Santa face mask 2020 Hoodie rural roads communes and townships managed by the commune with a total landslide volume of about 50,773m3 of land and 263.5m3 of concrete, length of 74.55km.

Phu Son Bridge was broken in half, dividing households on both sides of the bridge

At the communal roads, the people of Xuan Quang 2 commune are now looking forward to the authorities of all levels to support people Santa Peter Marsh Dear Lord What A Sad Little Christmas Hoodie to repair and repair the road from La Hai to Dong Hoi, which has been eroded, seriously damaged, many sections of muddy roads. muddy soil, water bomb craters appear in large patches, risk of traffic accidents every time people cross the road.

The place we visited was Phu Son village, Xuan Quang 2 commune on the La Hai route to Dong Hoi. The whole road was eroded by floods, thick Santa Pug With Face Mask Christmas 2020 Family Pajamas Xmas  water bomb craters, and the road was jagged with rocks and gravel. But it is nothing compared to the suffering that the people of Phu Son village are suffering.

That is the Phu Son bridge spanning a small river for convenient travel by the villagers. Storm No. 12 completely destroyed the bridge and the bridgehead was crushed completely by the storm. can be repaired, reinforced to go temporarily.

The first part of Phu Son bridge was crushed and crushed by storm, completely unable to repair, reinforce to go temporarily.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong in Phu Son village, Xuan Quang 2 commune shared: People here are very happy when the Phu Son bridge has been built, the bridge has been built for nearly 3 months, the storm No. 12 struck to destroy it completely. If the bridge is not Santa Shantay Royale Sleigh You Sleigh Christmas Hoodie broken, people’s houses will be severely damaged because the water flows too hard and is swirling deeply. Now the bridge is broken, people have to take a very long detour. All previous life activities must adapt to the immediate situation.

Ms. Hong added: Not only were the bridges broken, but also the people’s land and crops were alluvial, and the agricultural land covered by sand could not produce anything. After the storm 12, the government and other kind-hearted organizations came to support, share and help people to give rice and essential food, but what people want now, how can we have land to restore production and sugar? amnesty for people to travel conveniently.

The road DT644 running through Dong Xuan district was landslide and spilled onto the road surface.

Facing difficulties facing the aftermath of typhoon No. 12 and flooding for the next several days in the district, Mr. Pham Trung Chanh – Vice Chairman of Dong Xuan District People’s Committee shared: Not only the Phu Son – Dong section The Association was seriously damaged but also the Phu Mo route to Xuan Lanh was equally damaged.

Mr. Chanh informed: In the short term, the district People’s Committee will deduct the district reserve fund to temporarily overcome some landslide and damaged roads for people to travel. Next, the People’s Committee of the district and the investor of the traffic works discussed the direction of repairing the damage, but it took 23/10 of the lunar calendar to end the floods that lasted for many days and the weather was sunny to start the construction. repair damaged roads. Particularly, the broken Phu Son bridge is telling the design consultant and the locality to discuss a long-term solution to build roads, not to build bridges because it will be broken during the storms in the rainy season.