How to become a professional racer?

Recently, PAC driver Nguyen Anh Tu came to my house to give gifts and boast about the championship victory of Knock Out The King (KOK) fighting Hunting Deer Antler Head Wild Game Hunter Bow Arrow Gift Long Sleeve T-Shirt  terrain racing, which means he overcame everything. The professional racing team driver AKA was sponsored by Mitsubishi as well as received the technical direction and thoughtful logistics of many I LIKE ANIME VIDEO GAMES MAYBE 3 PEOPLE Funny Gamer Sarcasm T-Shirt  of the best off-road Vietnamese. This racer shared: “I want to BECOME a PRO RACING HANDS”.

PAC Racing racer wins the first leg of the KOK 2019 Combat Off-Road Race In
fact, it will be very funny if someone says, “I’m a professional racer”. The reason I Paused My Game To Be Here Gamer Vintage T-Shirt  is extremely simple because if someone wants to be Army Colonel, they need to get the title of the Ministry of Defense, not just run to Inspiration Motivation Money Edition T-Shirt  buy a shoulder medal, then burst out into the street and shout “I am Colonel” .

In Vietnam, unfortunately there is no such association, but because Vingroup I’d Rather Be Team Roping Vintage new Shirt organizes F1 racing in Vietnam, that associ

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I’d Rather Be Team Roping Vintage Shirt

ation is required to have… a new black position.

From my personal point of view, Vingroup is the benefactor for bringing the Automobile Racing Association, the racing authority, and because of that we will have the right car racing… professionally. Therefore, young people will partly understand if I praise Vinfast.

How to become a professional racer?

Knock Out The King (KOK) fighting off-road racing took place in Hanoi on June 29 I’m Either At The Gym About To Go To The Gym Thinking About Being Wieght Training Vintage limited Shirt and 30, 2019. Photo: from Nguyen Anh Tu fb

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Returning to the young racers, what they do to become professional now seems like they just go to taobao to buy clothes, go to Hue city to make a motorcycle helmet (but they often forget to buy shoes and gloves. ), finished dressing up and taking pictures. Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Bumpy The Ankylosaurus 2020 Shirt Racers dressed in racing-like clothing and in Nike shoes are a common image in Vietnamese racing. These pictures are actually said to the Vietnamese people are very ordinary, but for foreign racers it is very… funny.

I am the same in the past. In the years 2014-2016, I was also full of enthusiasm like the young racers now and I also wanted to become a professional racer. However, the closest word I often use to Redline is just “acting professionally”.

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After careful research, I find it impossible to “become professional” in Vietnam without ASN – the regulator and related laws. Therefore, I spent a lot of time trying to train people to prepare for Just Say Tractor Pull Shirt I’ll Turn Around Puller Gift hot Shirt the racing authority of Vietnam. At that time, we actually went on a road without seeing the destination. But fortunately, Vingroup held an F1 race in Hanoi and we already saw the destination.

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Just Say Tractor Pull Shirt I’ll Turn Around Puller Gift Women Long Sleeved

The number of people who have a racing license in Vietnam can be said to count with just one finger. They cannot have it in Vietnam but must be obtained abroad. Meanwhile, going abroad to learn racing requires huge costs and not everyone knows how, as well as enough time and money.

Normally, to get a racing license, you have to go to racing lessons. There is no “I’m good, I’m racing, I’m the best …” with the racing code. Will a difficult theory contest like the B2 degree, physical exam and track practice, will determine whether you are able to enter the racing or not?

At this point, you will have a B degree with a specific subject, for example off-road, do not dream of bringing in Circuit racing and running. You can only join small leagues like under 1,600cc, form the club …

If you want to upgrade to a higher tier and higher speed, you will need to spend a lot of time competing in small leagues. In Asian countries it will usually only stipulate that if you have Top 3 in small competitions 3 times in 2 years, you can upgrade. In case you keep finishing at the small competitions forever, it’s best to practice hard to be good, then get promoted.

After passing multiple racing license classes and important to finishing high in many competitions, you can become an INTERNATIONAL racer with a C – recognized FIA.

AAM – Malaysia’s governing body issues up to 250 types of racing licenses, dividing many ranks and disciplines. Each course will cost about $ 250 to take the exam, as well as more than $ 100 to maintain each year.

AAM also manages racing teams. Even if you have a lot of money, you want a racing team, you need to meet team formation standards and of course you still need licensed drivers for your racing team. There is no “because it is my sister” here.

How to become a professional racer?

rider -dua-car-doi-khang.jpg Driver Nguyen Anh Tu wins the first leg of the KOK 2019 race

Back to champion Nguyen Anh Tu, as well as desired champions or racers Other Champions: All they should do now is buy FIA-compliant clothes, FIA-standard helmets… and wait, don’t take pictures. It is important to keep in mind that the FIA ​​standard is not required in all competitions, but it does in international competitions within the system.

Usually, racers will see the Sparco branding on the door of the car during the race and try to buy Sparco gear for