Fatal complications when exercising, playing sports

Medical experts said that, inTeachers Valentines Day Class Full of Sweethearts Shirt  recent years, many cases of exercising and sports, especially athletes while exercising and Swans In Love shirt competing, suddenly had a stroke leading to immediate death. .

Unfortunate deaths in movement and competition

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Thi Tuyet Lan, Straight Outta Pharmacy School Graduation Class of 2021 Shirt  Vice President of Vietnam Respiratory Association, said that for many years, complications occurred during the campaign. warnings are increasing, unfortunately, the sudden death cases in which the patient was previously Reel Cool Dad, Fishing Shirt, Funny Father Hood TShirt, Father’s Day Gift Shirt  completely healthy, had no suspicious manifestations.

As in the case of Luis Miguel Lastra (football team player Cuidad Jardin, Spain, 21 years old) fell while training and died of heart disease. It is also not the first time that a But Did You Die Kettlebell Gym Workout limited Shirt Spaniard has died of heart disease. Previously, former Espanyol captain Daniel Jarque and former Sevilla Antonio player died due to a similar illness.

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In Vietnam, terrain cyclist Do Xuan Tam died on the pre-SEA Games 22 race because of a heart failure.

Or the captain of the second-class club of Military Region 4, Tran Nam Trung (born in 1974) suddenly fainted, had a stroke as soon as he was training on the football field.

Basketball player Diep Phuoc Loc (28 years old, team Soc Trang) also had a stroke while fighting for the cup due to a heart attack.

Most recently, on the runway HCMC Marathon 2019, 23-year-old Vo Van Thom (Binh Thuan) also passed away forever before he could finish the run due to a stroke.

Diseases that only appear Capoeira Is My Valentine Capoeira Valentine’s Day hot Shirt during exercise, exertion

According to respiratory experts, people who exercise, sports or athletes have a stroke that leads to sudden death, mostly due to high blood pressure, hypotension or cardiovascular disease.

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These cases only detect the disease while in motion, while at rest, no disease is detected.

The diseases that appear only during exercise can cause death. Artwork
Assoc.Prof.Dr.BS Le Thi Tuyet Lan, Vice President of the Vietnam Respiratory Association gave evidence of cases where she discovered high blood pressure, hypotension, heart rhythm disturbances … method of movement.

A 41-year-old male patient came to the examination with a complaint “tired, difficult to breathe while moving”. To check, doctors ordered a cardiopulmonary stress test (CPET) to determine the cause.

With this method, the patient rides a bicycle or runs on a rolling mat while breathing through a mask to analyze CO2 and O2, measure electrocardiogram, blood pressure Eros God of Love Greek Ancient Mythology Illustration hot Shirt and oxygen saturation. Thereafter, the patient progresses gradually until he reaches a predicted peak VO2, or is indicated to stop to determine arrhythmia, hypotension or symptoms.

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After 2 minutes of moderate speed cycling, the patient’s blood pressure increased to 131 mm Hg, to the fourth minute to 150 – 160, in the 6th minute it increased by 174 and in the 8th minute, the patient’s blood pressure was skyrocketing. to 218.

Abnormal increase in blood pressure, myocardial anemia, arrhythmia, asthma, bronchospasm due to exertion, vocal cord dysfunction … may occur during exertion at low motor intensity, leading to catastrophe, even death from exertion or competing in sports.
BS. Lan said that the cases where the disease is detected only when being active and resting will not detect the disease, so many people see normal health, check no disease, but when playing sports and playing sports. stroke, death.

MSc Vu Tran Thien Quan, Clinic Hospital of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City also said that by the method of cardiovascular – respiratory exertion, many young people, including students and students, have Funny 2021 Loading Please Wait New Year hot Shirt been found. dysfunctional vocal cords, bronchospasm when moving leads to choking, difficulty breathing. Patients with vocal cord dysfunction often experience a feeling of “suffocating” while sleeping. It is worth mentioning, these cases are detected only when the cardiopulmonary stress test is checked.

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Develop your exercise according to your limitations

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Thi Tuyet Lan pointed out 6 causes of people who exercise, sport or compete in sports, leading to complications and death. In which, the biggest reason is teaching and coaching methods (accounting for 30-60%); next is not fully meeting the technical requirements of the training session; the practitioner has improper behavior; shortcomings in organization of training and competition; inappropriate climatic and sanitary conditions; violation of medical examination principles.

Medical experts recommend that people or athletes need to understand their own limits before exercising. Photo: ND
Therefore, experts recommend, must check the health of the practitioner and medical examination for athletes before allowing or encouraging which sports should be practiced to suit each person. .

According to BS. Tuyet Lan, statistics show that people who exercise or compete in sports have accidents and deaths due to violation of medical examination principles account for about 2% to 10%. Sports training and competition without medical examination and not following the instructions of a doctor is one of the weak points of Vietnamese sports medicine.