Dehydrate yourself from a water confrontation, even if you don’t know a pump, and firstly save a person who has been hit


There have been many heartbreaking drowning incidents that have happened recently because You dont stop-swimming when you get old shirt they can’t swim. However, you can completely get rid of death when experiencing an underwater problem with only 4 simple actions below.
According to the Department of You dont stop sprint car racing shirt Child Protection and Care (MOLISA), on average, nine children drown in the whole country every day and the drowning rate in the summer season skyrocketed. And the rate of You dont stop sewing Shirt child drowning in Vietnam is many times higher than in other developed countries.

How will drowning lead to death?
A person drowning leads to You dont stop roping Shirt death when their nose and mouth are flooded with water. Water will fill the abdomen, then overflow into the abdominal cavity, squeezing the lungs, making the lungs paralyzed and unable to exchange gas. You dont stop-swimming when you get old limited Shirt When the lungs have not exchanged gas for a while, it leads to brain hypoxia and asphyxiation. Or to put it more simply, drowning is caused by choking on the airways, causing constr

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iction and death.
Even if you know how to swim, you can still drown as usual if you unfortunately have problems in the water process such as a rat, a heart attack …

So how to survive if you drown accidentally?
Let’s immediately memorize the mantra “Swim to save” or “Swim to survive” that anyone can practice in thought and reality to prevent the worst case happening when underwater.

The following 4 actions of calm You dont stop sprint car racing limited Shirt and prerequisite will be a great lifesaver for you, watch and remember:

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1. Relax your mind, stay calm, don’t try, because the more you struggle, the more you will quickly sink. Instead, relax, close your eyes, close your mouth, hold your breath (you can use two fingers to hold your nose). This action helps to limit the rapid flow of water into your lungs causing you to choke, while also helping your body to float.

2. Continue to relax so the water pressure pushes your body up close to the water surface back to a precarious position relatively safe with the head protruding close to the water surface, feet still submerged in deep water.

3. Gently brushing the legs like a paddle helps the head to protrude out of the water and makes the whole body float more easily.

4. Once you have mastered the situation, try to move up and down with your inhalation rhythm by opening your mouth wide when it comes up, and breathing through your nose as you go underwater.

Practice this “self-help swimming” as soon as possible as it can help you survive for a long time in the water, prolong the time you wait for someone to come to your rescue, or even luckily get washed into the gill current. you go to a shallower place.

All human instincts are able to live in a water environment – the time the fetus lives in its amniotic fluid bag. You dont stop sewing limited Shirt Babies are still born with innate swimming reflexes, but will gradually lose their lives because they live mainly on land and are not trained.

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The most important thing in this method is that you have to stay “calm”, and performing the 4 steps above you will find that to float on the water is not too difficult. Summer is coming, let’s share this secret with those around them so that they know how to handle if you drown accidentally, helping minimize the unfortunate thing happening.



For those who are drowned, first aid is the most important, deciding the survival of the victim, if handled slowly, the victim People are deprived of brain oxygen, making it difficult to save lives afterwards.

Drowning and golden timing first aid

Drowning is a form of asphyxiation, caused by water being inhaled into the lungs, or blocked airways from You dont stop roping 2020 Shirt spasm of the larynx while the victim is in water. This is a common accident that occurs while swimming, boating and during water activities. However, it can also happen at home such as in water tanks, jars, ditches, …

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When suffocated, the victim stops breathing, the heartbeat slows down due to reflexes. Apnea continues to lead to lack of blood oxygen, causing increased heart rate, blood pressure. If breathing stops persist for about 20 seconds to 2 – 5 minutes (depending on the victim), the threshold is reached and the breathing reappears, causing water to be inhaled causing immediate laryngospasm. second breath apnea, followed by forced breathing rhythms, causing water and foreign objects to be inhaled. As a result, the heart rate slows down, arrhythmia, cardiac arrest and death.

In order to save the life of a suffocated victim, the above processes must be promptly stopped, preferably right from the first stop of breathing, i.e. within the first 1- 4 minutes of being submerged in water, and at the same time handling well. comorbid injuries (especially head, neck and spine injuries).

Principle of first aid is in place

This principle should urgently, the right method for the purpose of emergency is to release airways and supply oxygen to the victim. So the first job is to get the victim out of the water:

If the victim is awake in the water, throw the victim a float, a log, or a rope to help them get ashore. Do not jump into the water if you cannot swim, or receive training in how to bring a drowning person awake to shore. Since the victim was in a panic at this time, it was easy to cling to anything