Common hamster diseases and how to treat them

If suddenly the hamster is weak or lethargic they may have one of the following conditions.


1. Allergies: Hamsters DONALD TRUMP STOP THE STEAL SWEATSHIRT may be allergic to pine sawdust, certain foods, and smoke. … This disease is mainly inherited from generation to generation. Symptoms such as sneezing, scratching, watery eyes, blistering feet, wheezing, white spots around the eyes, hind ears are all signs of this disease. Remove the new stuff from the hamster’s cage, cage and monitor DEATH SMILE AT ALL OF US ONLY THE VETERANS SMILE BACK AMERICAN FLAG SWEATSHIRT the performance. If, after a few days, there is no new manifestation, it is most likely the cause of the disease. You should consult your veterinarian about this.

2. Cancer or tumor: Both cancers and tumors (inside or outside the body) can develop. External tumors can be easily detected because large swelling develops very quickly. Such tumors can be eliminated by veterinarians. In contrast, tumors in the body are difficult CHRISTMAS IS BETTER WITH AN ARABIAN HORSE UGLY SWEATER to detect in the early stages to be intervened in time. Ovulation involves losing weight and gradually becoming weaker.

3. Loss of sensory body: hamsters can lose feeling of one leg to half of body (dragging legs) if the living area is too small, and there is not enough exercise for it. For treatment, you should replace it with a larger cage with enough exercises for it! Vitamin D&E deficiency is also a cause of this disease.

4. cannibalism: The mother will eat the weakest baby if she doesn’t have enough food ==> milk for her children. CHRISTMAS BIDEN IS COMING TO TOWN 2020 FUNNY JOE BIDEN KAMALA HARRIS UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER You should give the mother enough food, otherwise she will continue to kill her young. Or the second case is that you put 2 adult hamsters in the same cage => they fight. When one child dies, the other will eat the flesh of the loser. It is advised that you do not put 2 adults in one cage if they do not match, especially Syrian!

5. Cataract: Normally, this disease All I want for Christmas is Steamed Hams Shirt occurs in the elderly and the eye membrane looks white! Sometimes that is also a symptom of diabetes. All I want for Christmas is Steamed Hams Women Long Sleeved

This disease is also inherited and has no chance of cure. When the hamster has poor vision, All I want for Christmas is Steamed Hams Shirt

go around the cage to see you and don’t change the arrangement of the objects!

6. Colds and flu: Humans can transmit flu Christmas Biden is coming to town 2020 Funny Joe Biden Kamala Harris Ugly Christmas Shirt viruses through hamsters. Hams with a cold can quickly go through pneumonia and die! Symptoms include sneezing, watery eyes, sniffling nose and high body temperature => normal leading to a coma, lethargy. Giving hamsters antibiotics and keeping them warm are the Christmas Biden is coming to town 2020 Funny Joe Biden Kamala Harris U Women Long Sleevedmost essential. There is a fairly effective ancient British cure is warm milk, water mixed with a little honey. If after 2 days, the disease still does not improve, bring to the vet. Weight loss, tremors, teeth fluttering, and conjunctivitis will lead to pneumonia. At this time, use antibiotics as directed by your doctor.Christmas Biden is coming to town 2020 Funny Joe Biden Kamala Harris U Shirt

7. Constipation: Due to intestinal obstruction caused by improper cage lining or lack of water. No practice, poor diet and birth => constipation! 1 congenital cause is due to a small stomach. Christmas is Better with an Arabian Horse Ugly Shirt The symptom is an enlarged abdomen, possibly a colon prolapse! Up to this stage, until the veterinarian immediately

8. Tooth decay: Sweets, diet with too much carbohydrates or acid causes rotting of the hamster’s teeth => teeth have serious problems. Can be noticed by the sudden increase in saliva, swollen face and loss of appetite. Have the hamster go to the doctor to have a tooth extraction
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9. Diabetes: Campell breeds are most susceptible to this disease. It has the ability to turn into a genetic disease from mother to child. Age or disease is from 7-9 months, caused by inappropriate diet, dirty cage and stress. With this disease, hamsters drink water and go to the toilet continuously and may tremble, lower body temperature => coma. Contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. Although it is not possible to cure the disease completely, it can be improved by litchi improving its life (using sugar for the sufferer), fresh fruit is also good for it.Christmas is Better with an Arabian Horse Ugly Shirt

10. Diaphysis: Many people confuse diarrhea with wet tail. Actually diarrhea is just 1 symptom of this disease (severe). Diarrhea is the result of overeating fresh fruit, sudden changes in diet or washing a water bottle with green algae. This can be detected if your hamster’s stools are lighter than usual, and your belly is slightly wet and dirty. Eliminate all fresh fruit, feed dry foods (nuts such as sunflower, millet …), toast and plenty of water. If symptoms subside after 3-4 days, fresh fruit can be reintroduced. Heavier => to petcare.

11. Can’t deliver: 1 serious condition when the mother can’t give birth. With this disease when the mother is too Death smile at all of us only the Veterans Smile back American flag Shirt fat, or the fetus is too big, the mother will faint, vaginal bleeding. Should take to petcare to be able to promptly save mother-child.
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12. Ear infections: Symptoms include imbalance, or tilting the ear. Don’t worry too much, after a few days of taking antibiotics under the direction of a doctor, the hamster will be fine.
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13. Tapeworm infection: usually no symptoms. Weight loss and is the cause of diarrhea. Whoever leaves the cage dirty is making the hamster tease. Remember to change sawdust, food and drink regularly.

14. Eyes Falling: The Results of the Wars. After 5-7 days using antibiotics => delicious