World Cup story: Behind the Brazilian players are single mothers who feed their children forever

Behind every successful man, there is always a female figure, and behind Neymar Womens Ocean Lover Gift Men Women Kids Sea Life Protect Coral Reefs V-Neck T-Shirt  or Fernandinho, it is the mother who has not managed to raise them.
At a time when every corner of the world was living with the World Cup, in a corner called Complexo do Alemão favela, Brazil, people were rolling with the ball. In Womens A Heckin Chonker Chonk Fat Cats Meme Gifts for Women Men V-Neck T-Shirt  the area filled with gangsters with rifled, trouser-armed pistols, many women in soccer jerseys and children with national flags on their faces lurking around in a pub. Whisky because murder is wrong black cat vintage shirt  mediocre Women’s Bar to watch carefully the match between Brazil – Serbia.

Stories about the women behind the famous players
“You will meet all kinds of people here. This area is great.” – Maira Quirino, 26 and like many We fish you a merry Christmas T-Shirt  others in this bar, is a single mother. halo, does not belong to the group of wives and girlfriends beautiful attractions of the national players Brazil – is the story about the woman who lives less fortunate lot.

story World Cup : Behind the Brazilian players are the lifelong single mothers who Behind Every Football Player Who Believe In Himself Is A Football Mom 2020 Shirt, feed their children, so people – Photo 1.
A boy who has a dream to play football professionally, like millions of other boys in Brazil.

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According to a story widely shared in the Brazilian El Pais newspaper, six of the players who faced the Serbian team – Miranda, Thiago Silva, Marcelo, Casemiro, Paulinho and Gabriel Jesus – grew up without a father. According to government figures, women make up 40% of all household members, regardless of whether they have a boyfriend or a partner. This number has skyrocketed over the past two decades, when 20 years ago it was only 23%.

In Brazil, sadly, women like these have no place in popular culture. Many of Brazil’s great players have a beginning associated with hunger and poverty, and Dachshund Happy Pills limited Shirt their mothers have no better lives for them. This contrasts sharply with the luxurious life enjoyed by the wives or girlfriends of talented players – which, coincidentally, are all beautiful girls with lighter skin, unlike bridges. Multiracial players in soccer teams in this country.

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“[Mothers] of Brazilian nationality are usually in the majority.” – Maira Quirino said. “There’s a pretty obvious racial contrast when you look at this.”

Maira is clearly referring to the fact that famous players are born to a mother who is an ordinary Brazilian woman, and then look for a wife and girlfriend as different models. In Brazil and many other South American countries, feminism is increasing in prominence, their issues are being Horse Trainer Because Miracle Worker Isn’t An Official hot Shirt dissected publicly through the cheesy – but useful, soap dramas. Letica Bahia, a consultant for the United Nations Foundation and co-founder of the feminist website AzMina, said Brazilian women no longer need husbands. “The thought that you have to hold on to a marriage because the kids really have collapsed in this place.” She said.

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World Cup story: Behind the Brazilian players are single mothers who feed their children all their lives – Photo 2.
In Brazil, the feminist How Buffalo Took The Division new Shirt movement is on the rise, with a less interesting consequence that the number of single mothers keeps skyrocketing, followed by children growing up without a father.

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Also at the Women’s Bar, Quirino’s friend, Daiane Oliveira, 23 years old, had a pretty daughter named Camilly, 7 years old. With the child’s name tattooed on her calf, Daiane said she, like Brazilian mothers, increasingly choose to be alone if the relationships go nowhere. “Brazilian women are becoming increasingly independent. They don’t need a man for anything.”

An important factor driving the growing number of single mothers in Brazil is the ban on abortion in this country that has caused many women to have unwanted pregnancies – Ms. Tháiz Leão, 28, runs a Facebook page called Mãe Solo (Single Mother) with 80,000 followers. “A father can abandon his child, but a mother cannot.” Leão said. The stubborn personality of Brazilian women is also an important reason. “Many men are unfaithful, others refuse obligations to help wives and children. We deserve better relationships.” Leão said.

The mother of frequency became a symbol thanks to the son of a celebrity
For many women, they themselves are a living milestone that reminds many famous Brazilian celebrities of their roots. “None of them are from the middle class,” said Mariluce Souza, 36, who runs the Favela Art project in Complexo do Alemão.

World Cup story: Behind the Brazilian players are single mothers