World Cup 1978

In 1977, my whole family moved to Khuc Treo hamlet, Tan Hiep commune, Gia Rai Vintage 1978 43th Birthday Quarantine Edition 43 Years Old Shirt district, Minh Hai province (not separated into Bac Lieu and Ca Mau provinces as at present) as a new form of economic self-reliance.

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That day, the information that people in the neighborhood knew was through radio. Although Vet Technician Gobble Squad Turkey Face Mask Thanksgiving Shirt living in a land known as a rice bowl, the people are very poor. Several households in the hamlet have


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only one radio, while black and white television is not a dream.

The owner of that radio was my adoptive mother, who was then the owner of the grocery store. At Trump Sucks Hands Black Lives Matter Shirt that time, our children could only wait for information about the 1978 World Cup in Argentina with short news programs from Voice of Vietnam.
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But the news was quite shabby because we don’t know when information about the 1978 World Cup will be mentioned on the radio because every day we have to go fishing, fishing or farming.
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On time every week, my foster mother went to the district market by rickshaw to buy groceries to sell to the neighbors. In that mess there is always a pile of This Lady Is Chip Free Anti Microchipping Shirt old newspapers (all the Daily News),

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weighing ten kilograms, packed neatly. I said it was an old newspaper, but I was very straightforward because it was a printed newspaper but it was not sold out. At that time, because of poverty and also due to habit, people in the village often bought Not My President Joe Biden Election Shirt old newspapers to wear tobacco to smoke, because parchment is very expensive.

Accidentally or intentionally, the person who repackaged the newspaper arranged the newspaper in the correct order of daily release. By the hands of our children who love football, the newspaper’s husband is still new. Because the news that I have not read is still new news.

At that time, Tin Sang newspaper spent two large pages side by side to spread news about oh the virus outside is frightful but this wine Shirt the 1978 World Cup, accompanied by eye-catching images and insightful comments by famous journalists such as Chanh Trinh, Ho Nguyen, Tuan. Linh and Tan Quynh.

And also thanks to the commentary and analysis that I understood many interesting things about the rules of the game back then. For example, why did Zico hit Sweden’s head against Sweden (drew 1-1 of the group stage) at the end of the game from a corner, Mega Yacht All Good Girls Go To Chanel Shirt but the goal was not recognized because before Zico headed, the referee blew the whistle. (Later FIFA stipulates that the referee is only allowed to blow the whistle after the free kick has been taken.)

Watching over and over again and again the old newspapers, we discussed together and took scissors to cut pictures of famous famous players such as: Mario Kempes, Zico, Platini, Lato etc … to paste in the big book (both hordes of money buy) long time to open the view and together weave the dream – tomorrow we will be a player like them.

After a few meals had been cut off the image of the soccer idol, an order from her foster mother was brilliant after a shopping trip from the district market – forbidding anyone from taking out the newspaper! My mother and I were both bewildered as a kid with a toy confiscated.

Waiting for my cheeks to calm down, I crept up to her and asked: “Mommy, why are you banning us from reading the newspaper?”. She replied immediately: “Reading newspapers to expand knowledge, I Mr beast 40 million celebration shirt do not forbid them. But why are there so many papers in the gut? Who took the scissors to cut the pictures? People bought it, then scolded the newspaper. What should I do if I am not intact?

The whole group sat silently listening to their cheeks “preaching” for a match and then pointed out that the culprit was… me. So from that day on, my dream of collecting and cutting pictures of world football players was officially closed. But it has become an unforgettable memory in my life.

It was unbelievable that only two World Cup seasons later (Mexico 1986), I became a youth sports reporter, and grew up as a career thanks to the guidance and guidance of the generation of seniors. Previously like Chanh Trinh, Tuong Vy, Hoai Le…

My adoptive mother is now over 80, often sick but still lucid. Whenever she talked about the old days, she still did not forget the fact that my adoptive son was me – the author of the torn newspapers – made her nagged by the customer and forced her to exchange a better newspaper …

World Cup 1978: Pick up news from … old newspapers – Photo 3.
The 1978 World Cup received bad news when Johan Cruyff – who won three golden balls in 1971, 1973, and 1974 – suddenly announced he would not attend the tournament without giving any reason. To make it easy to imagine, imagine tomorrow, Messi or Ronadlo suddenly said briefly will not go to Russia for the 2018 World Cup. And don’t add any explanation.

Speculations immediately surfaced, whether Cruyff had a sponsorship conflict with the Dutch Football Federation or he opposed the Argentine government… Cruyff remained silent. Although many Dutch later thought that the runner-up was Cruyff’s fault because without him, the Dutch would not have lost Argentina 1-3 in the final.

Only 30 years later did Cruyff explain that outrageous decision. It happened a few months before the World Cup, a band of bandits broke into his home in Barcelona, ​​tied the whole family, pointed a gun to his head, and demanded a ransom.

Fortunately, his family escaped, but this event caused the 31-year-old star to completely change his outlook and play a big role in his decision to withdraw from the World Cup.

1978 World Cup: Welcome news