Why is squatting beneficial to health?

Sitting for a long time is harmful to My Class Full Of Sweet Hearts Valentine’s Day Teacher T-Shirt, Gift for Valentines Day Unisex Ladies Tee health, increasing the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.
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But new research, published in My 50th Birthday 2021 The One Where I Was in Lockdown Shirt the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, finds there is a healthy way of sitting, according to the Daily Mail.
This study looked at the Hadza tribe’s habits living in Tanzania, East Africa. Marty Whatever Happens Dont Ever Go to 2020 Vintage Retro T-Shirt This is the oldest tribe of humankind, until now still living by mode of hunting and gathering.
The results showed that the Madam Vice President Shirt, Inauguration Shirt, Dream With Ambition, Lead With Conviction, January inaugurate tshirt, VP Kamala Harris Hadzas people, in addition to the time of “eating”, they also sit for 9-10 hours a day, but they are completely healthy and do not get sick, said Professor Just Squat limited Shirt David Raichlen, birth house. study about evolution at the University of Southern California (USA), the study’s author, said.

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Although it may be due to the fact that hunting and gathering activities help them to be in better health, the truth is that they also rest a lot. And this too much sitting also has a huge impact on their health.
But why does it seem that sitting a lot is not harmful to their health, but even beneficial?
Only difference is that during the rest, they have the habit of squatting, or kneeling, not sitting on the ground or sitting on the chair like we do.
Therefore, this seems to be the key to improving their health.
The question is why?
1. Squatting reduces the risk of heart disease
When sitting on a chair or sitting on the floor, the muscles in the legs and butt will not work.
However, when squatting, the I’m not retired, I’m a professional grandfather Retirement 2021 Shirt legs are propped up on the ground, making the muscles work. This requires more energy expenditure and muscle pulls triglycerides out of the blood, according to the Daily Mail, Professor Raichlen explains.

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High triglyceride levels lead to heart disease, so squatting lowers blood fat levels, which in turn reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
2. Help control blood sugar levels
A 2015 study, presented at a conference of the American College of Sports Medicine in San Diego (USA), found that it only takes 30 minutes to tiptoe and lift muscle Legs have improved blood sugar control in diabetics. Meaning tension in your calves while squatting can improve blood sugar control, according to the Daily Mail.
3. Extend the service life
Squatting can also improve leg strength and flexibility, helping to prolong life.
One trial, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology in 2014, revealed that people between the ages of 51 and 80, if they could get up from a squat position without having to hold or support their arms, would risk of death within the next six years – lower than those who cannot get up on their own, according to the Daily Mail.
It is possible that thanks to their good health, they can stand up like that. But researchers say this movement increases strength and flexibility, contributing to better health.
The correct posture for squatting is to sit down, bend knees, buttocks almost to the ground, heels on the ground, physiotherapist Tim Allardyce, from Surrey Physio in Mitcham (UK), explains.
You can practice to improve the flexibility of the muscles used in squatting, by tiptoeing to stretch the calf, then lowering your heels, or lying on your back and knees close to your chest and holding for a few seconds. seconds.
After doing these exercises steadily for several weeks, you will be able to hold the squatting position for 10-20 seconds, gradually increasing the amount of time you sit each week, until you can sit for 3-5 minutes.
At first, just squat as much as I Will Find You And We Will Go Bowling Tomorrow limited Shirt possible. After a period of practice, you will increase your flexibility and strength to sit for longer.

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But if you have hip or knee problems, consult a physical therapist before practicing this sitting style, according to the Daily Mail.
Even squatting when going to the toilet, it’s also very healthy. Humans from birth have posture to go to the toilet by squatting. Dr. Megan Rossi, a I Have MS I Don’t Have The Energy To Pretend I Like You Today Cat Vintage limited Shirt bowel specialist, from King University, London (UK), explains that squatting straightens the end of the intestine and anus, making bowel smooth and without difficulty.

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Although most modern toilets don’t have this sitting design, Dr. Rossi says it is possible to create this type of sitting, by placing a solid object under your feet so that when sitting, the knees are slightly above the hips. . Then lean forward and rest your elbows on your knees, according to the Daily Mail.