What is MTB bicycle? Classification MTB bicycle

1. What is MTB bicycle?
MTB stands for Moutain Bike, which refers to mountain bicycles, which are specifically designed to satisfy a passion for mountain biking. 3rd Grade Teacher Elf Ugly Christmas Hoodie But passion is one thing, choosing the ideal companion is another – to find a car that suits you and economic conditions.

Before joining you should also prepare yourself for a certain knowledge about Mountain Bike, you need to define how a mountain bike is a sport, and when playing, you need to prepare what.

MTB bicycle is an extreme sport that requires players to conquer dangerous terrain with high technology
Moutain biking is an 2020 Made Me Snap Christmas Gingerbread Wear Mask Hoodie interesting and adventurous sport in which cyclists will show their ingenuity, courage as well as their limits. This game requires players to sit on a dedicated mountain bike (MTB) to overcome the rough terrain. It can be said that mountain biking is a challenging sport for players, both physically and mentally. When they are forced to find a way to move through hills, rocky valleys, ravines or whatever obstacles are placed in front of them.

Mountain biking is generally a relatively new sport. The idea of ​​dedicated off-road bikes began to appear in the 70s and 80s. By 1981, the first MTBs began to appear. By the 1990s and 2000s, mountain That’s What I Do I Ride My MTB I Avoid People And I Know Things Vintage limited Shirt bicycles really thrived and were popular in many parts of the world. Even in some countries, dedicated off-road races are designed for bicycles and off-road bike races are also held continuously.

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MTBs are specially designed to be able to climb a wide variety of terrain. Typically, mountain bicycles come in many varieties and each is suitable for a certain terrain. Therefore, it is important for players to clearly determine the type of terrain as well as the form of mountaineering to participate in before deciding to buy a vehicle. In addition, you also need to consider the vehicle materials, parts and your budget to afford the perfect MTB.

2.Classification of MTB bikes
Unlike many people still think, MTB bicycles are actually divided into many types, suitable for each participant as well as specialized terrain. Some Things I Don’t Suck At Drinking Beer Taking Naps Go Kart Racing Lists Karting Go-Cart Racer 2020 Shirt are designed for country trips, while others are designed for passes, or even for stunts (like bouncing over ravines, over cliffs ). To know which one is right for you, you must first consider your needs. Below is a breakdown of some of the major types of

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copper MTB bicycle (Cross-Country MTB)

This is arguably the most popular form of mountain biking. They are also known by another name as XC bike. Copper tape MTB is a vehicle designed to overcome low to moderate obstacles and challenges. The vehicle is designed with the lightest materials, allowing you to reach maximum speed and overcome terrain types without difficulty. Overall, this bike is ideal for those who like to cross the countryside with roads that aren’t too rough. Copper tape MTB is divided into two main types: Full-suspension and Hard-tail.

+ Full-suspension (A vehicle with full front and rear suspension): This is an ideal vehicle for all types of terrain, because they are not designed for a specific type of terrain, so this is a type It is quite versatile and suitable for most people. However, this advantage in reverse is also the disadvantage, because it is not specially designed, so the car does not have any outstanding characteristics compared to other vehicles in the MTB family.

Full-suspension MTB Full-suspension
vehicles are equipped with both front and rear shock absorbers, helping the car to move smoothly and smoothly when crossing uneven terrain. Compared with hard-tail, full-suspension is more suitable for rocky terrain and steep slopes. Another drawback of full-suspension is that they are quite heavy.

Hard-tail MTB series
Hard-tail: This vehicle is only suitable for climbing hills and doing the jumps not too far. Unlike full-suspension, hard-tail is only equipped with a single shock absorber in the front part of the vehicle, so when crossing high rugged terrain, a hard-tail vehicle is not at all a suitable choice.

MTB bike hybrid (Hybrid bike)

This is a hybrid bicycle between the MTB and street bike (Road-bike). Therefore, the car has both advantages of the two vehicles above, which can both help you ride ice on flat asphalt roads, and help you overcome rough terrain without difficulty.

Hybrid bikes are often equipped with front shock absorbers similar to Hard-tail. Despite its relatively optimal design, the Hybrid is also not the right choice if you like to climb high or like to conquer difficult terrain.

MTB Hybrid bike with shock absorber similar to Hard-tail
+ Singlespeed MTB: Here