What is an X-ray: All you need to know

The article is professionally consulted by Dr. Tran Nhu Tu – Head of Diagnostic Womens I Love My Chapin Boyfriend Camisetas De Guatemala Chapin shirt Imaging Department – Vinmec Danang International Hospital.

Currently, X-Womens I Love Hank Son Dad Husband Boyfriend Grandson Red Heart shirt rays play a very important role in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. This method supports the doctor to observe inside the patient’s body without having to operate. The following article will help us to have the most complete understanding of x-rays.

1. What is X-ray? What is an X-ray?
X-rays are a type of high-energy radiation. X-rays emit high-radiation X-rays, which penetrate We Are In This Together Charming Love Heart Tee shirt soft tissues and fluid components in the body easily, from which to create images, doctors will rely on this image. to diagnose the disease.

Solid tissue like bone Valentine’s Day Social Distance Too Close shirt hinders X-rays much. The more dense tissue is, the less X-rays can penetrate.

Air and water give lower density because the molecules are not tightly bonded, X-rays easily penetrate.

X-rays are essential Radiology Tech I Just Want To Take Xrays And Pet Cats hot Shirt  in diagnosing many diseases, especially diseases related to bones and joints, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.


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2. How is the X-ray done?
Image of X-ray machine at Vinmec International
Hospital Mammomat Inspiration mammogram system at Vinmec International Hospital The
person who needs Primus Merch Brown Album hot Shirt the scan will be asked by the technician to lie down, sit, or stand In some positions for x-rays, it may be necessary to hold your breath while performing a chest X-ray to get the clearest picture possible.

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The X-ray film or the image-recording part will be placed behind the body part to be Pal„stinensischer Schmetterling Pal„stina limited Shirt  taken, part of the X-ray after passing through that part will be retained, the passage will be recorded for imaging image.

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The recorded image becomes blacker the more X-rays are projected to the film. So parts of the body that block more X-rays will appear white, while hollow or air-filled Official My Mouse Ate My Homework Rodent Rat Back To School 2021 Shirt, Hoodie, Long Sleeved, SweatShirt (theageofmiraclesbook.com) body parts such as lungs are black. Images recorded in soft tissues such as muscles or solid organs in the body will be gray, gray depending on their intensity.

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X-ray techniques should be performed in safe, secure and qualified conditions. The radiologist will analyze the images and send the results to the doctor who ordered the X-rays.

3. Indications and contraindications to X-ray
X-rays know what disease is an important factor doctors will consider choosing this technique in diagnosing disease. X-rays are indicated in the case

Check the affected area
Monitor the progression of the disease
Monitor the results of treatment
When you may have some medical conditions such as: arthritis, tumors in breast, lung disease, embolism, bone cancer, cardiovascular problems, broken bones, infections and problems related to teeth …
Pregnant women should not be given the X- X-rays can adversely affect fetal development.

Pregnant women should not be subject radiographs
4. What should be prepared before an X-ray?
Usually, there is almost no preparation required for the X-ray technique. There are only a few small notes that help the process of x-rays go smoothly as follows:

You should undress (at the X-ray site) to easily reveal damage.
Before the X-ray, you will have to remove all jewelry and metal objects from your body because metal can prevent X-rays from penetrating the body, hindering the process of the technique. .
Your doctor may give you an injection or give you a contrast medicine before the scan if the test requires the use of contrast.
To have an x-ray of the bowel, the doctor will do an enema and clean the bowels before the scan.
Some special radiographic techniques require preparation at the request of a doctor.
X-ray is a commonly used diagnostic imaging method today with a fast lead time and relatively low cost. This is an essential method for diagnosis, but there are still other limitations and risks in X-rays. Therefore, it is important to consult carefully before deciding to have an X-ray.

X-ray techniques as well as many other techniques for medical examination and treatment at Vinmec International Hospital are conducted by a team of highly specialized and experienced medical doctors; Advanced and modern machinery systems should significantly reduce the radiation dose with the best image and always be updated according to medical advances in the world; Especially, professional service quality will help customers have the most comfortable and secure experience when visiting Vinmec.

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