Want to commit suicide when his wife sends love messages with her boyfriend on the game

Hi guys. My wife and I have Silence is Strength T-Shirt been married for 6 years and now have a girl who is 6 years old this year. In my married life, RIDE AMERICA T-Shirt  I had many conflicts. While angry. I hit my wife 3 times. Those times my wife still gave me the opportunity to live with her.

But about 6 months ago I bought my wife a phone. From this time, she used to go online to Privilege Explained – Civil Rights & Black History Month T-Shirt  focus on playing games. And make friends on it. Once I went to see the text message, I saw a couple message with someone. I asked my wife, she just said it was you. After that, my wife and I quarreled and until now. Every time I touch her.President 46th Joe Biden and Kamala Harris vintage shirt  She said she didn’t like it. Living with me just for the sake of husband and wife and for the children.

I’m shocked and sad. I love my wife couples gaming Shirt Because my love only has a wife. Since love and wedding until now I have not paid attention to any woman anymore. So 1 month ago during an

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argument, I accidentally wrote a divorce petition. But I just scare my wife. I took my children over to my wife’s sister’s house to have dinner and then I returned to my wife. But since then, my wife loves to use the phone even more. Get up early in the morning to play. Finished work also play. Every time I have sex, I almost have to plead and force my wife.

Yesterday in anger I hit my wife’s phone and I was about to commit suicide. I Love Being Stepmom Red Plaid Truck Hearts Valentine’s Day Shirt Because of my life without a wife, I’d rather not live. Now the couple is very nervous. She still worries about me, but she still talks to the other person and also tells me if I live together, I should live like a separation for my children. If not, then divorce. She raised children.

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Please consult your expert.


A happy marriage is the destination of a journey that never ends, everyone dreams but not everyone is lucky. We all know that finding happiness is difficult but to be happy in marriage is even more difficult because married life is quite complex and full of challenges.

In love, if you say that two people who have been in love have been together for 6 years, I Like Beer and Mountain Bikes and Maybe 3 People Shirt one can see it as long. But 6 years in married life, that is the first stage in that life.

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Usually, couples have conflicts in the first years of this new life. Because the two have to change a lot in order to be able to harmonize with their way of life and way of thinking. Many issues such as economics, how to educate children, and dealing with relatives will be one of the problems that many couples get at odds with because they simply cannot find a common voice. also because I was faced with these problems for the first time, many times fell into a deadlock situation. Because of that, many couples feel pressured and sometimes think about the matter of wanting to end their marriage. When the insiders are feeling depressed with their married life, there is someone who cares and shares, the insiders are very susceptible to emotional disturbance. And that may also be the reason your wife has an emotional, intimate conversation with another man on social media.

So, the first thing you should look at your marriage, consider what conflicts are outstanding between the couple? What makes her such a careless I Don’t Snore I Dream I’m A Tractor Shirt attitude about going or staying in married life? Does the way you care for her or love her have anything to blame for? Both should have a

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clear conversation, listen to each other’s share, thoughts, to see what each other thinks about them, what would they want from us? And when the atmosphere at home is less stressful, then you should handle the situation where she texts and talks with another man. You should have ingenuity instead of banging the phone. Because with her personality, your actions only make people more angry and challenging.

If she says it’s just you but you feel unsettled, you can ask her not to text like that anymore, if you repeat it, you will assume she is in love. In the event that the two cannot come to a common voice, the couple should temporarily separate for a while so that both of them can rethink the marriage issue as well as the way of life and feelings of each person. And you think about the problem of suicide when she takes these actions, it doesn’t solve the problem, it just makes her lack respect for you as well as shows her weakness and helplessness in the matter. resolve conflicts. Think of things in a more positive direction, around you there are many other concerns, so please live to let people realize their own worth.

Wishing you and your family always happy!