Virus corona: Confusion and controversy around the instruction of TT Nguyen Xuan Phuc

On March 31, the Prime Minister of Vietnam issued a directive “quarantine the Social Distancing Expert Funny Gaming Vintage Video Gamer Shirt whole society” from April 1 to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. Immediately public opinion confused, confused and disputed about this directive.

Each place understands a style
In recent days, President Joe Biden Inauguration Day 2021 Kamala Harris Shirt the Vietnamese government has sent out strong messages, full of wartime atmosphere.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc himself has repeatedly called for “anti-epidemic like anti-enemy” and emphasized that the country officially Nope Not Today Rona Shirt entered ‘wartime’. He declared: ‘Each citizen is a soldier’, ‘each commune, ward, village, village, residential group, even each family is a fortress’ in the anti-epidemic front.

A recent post on the Government portal also affirms that the last week of March has beenMens I Survived 2020 Dumpster Fire Bad Year Funny Shirt  identified as the opening week for the ‘spring 2020 general assault’ on Covid-19, implying a comparison with Operation Ho Chi Minh. Minh in 1975.

In that context, Directive 16 and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s statement on ‘social isolation’ from ‘which province is in that province, which district is in that Social Distancing Expert Funny Gaming Vintage Video Gamer shirt district, which commune is in that commune’ , which village is in that village, which house is in that house ‘created an atmosphere of confusion and confusion.

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While people were puzzled over whether ‘social isolation’ was a national blockade, each President Joe Biden Inauguration Day 2021 Kamala Harris shirt department and locality acted in a different way, showing the uncertainty in interpretation. Directive No.16.

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Talking to BBC News Vietnamese on April 2, translator and editor Nguyen Viet Long said:

“Errors in words, inconsistencies between word usage and content can cause confusion and confusion Nope Not Today Rona shirt for people. People thought that they were completely isolated, so they rushed to markets and supermarkets before quarantine, creating the risk of infection.

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” regardless of import and export, where there is a lot or a little ban on non-essential goods (but there is no regulation which is essential) Agencies and businesses Mens I Survived 2020 Dumpster Fire Bad Year Funny shirt  generally still go to work, of course they still need services, for example, while traveling in the middle of the road by motorbike (public transport has already banned or reduced the frequency, depending on the location) where the tire spraying is to be fixed. ”

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Associate Professor Dr. Hoang Dung, Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy said:

“Before this Directive, localities comply with the Prime Minister’s orders very differently. In Hai Phong, all travel activities are still normal. But the neighboring province is Quang Ninh, absolutely forbidden: “internal no-out, foreign-entry”, people pouring land, blocking concrete, setting up iron fences on some roads to prevent people from passing and entering. Right in the capital, on the afternoon of March 31st, the traffic inspector of Hanoi planned to place 26 blocking posts at the gates of the city to prohibit people and vehicles from entering and leaving the city, except for special cases; evening On the same day, this project was withdrawn. ”

Image source, HOANG DUNG

, Associate Professor, Dr. Hoang Dung, University of Education, HCMC

“And it is clear that even though the government has warned, there are localities that understand the isolation of society as” blockade of the whole society. “All those” drums beat and blown back “shows that the agencies responsible are embarrassing “, Mr. Dung commented.

According to Thanh Nien newspaper, in Binh Dinh, after the Prime Minister’s 16 directive, many people went to the market to buy food for reserve. In particular, many people bought and stored petroleum, causing Binh Dinh Department of Industry and Trade to request the People’s Committees of districts, towns and cities to “propagate and reassure the people”.

Will Vietnam change ‘social isolation’?
As noted by BBC News Vietnamese, domestic media began changing the phrase ‘social isolation’ to ‘social isolation’ from the afternoon of April 1, although the word ‘whole’ still remains on the government website. This suggests that there is an adjustment in the use of government language.

Image source, SCREENING

Taking pictures,
Tuoi Tre Newspaper on April 2 started using the phrase “social isolation”

April 2, after explaining that the Prime Minister in the press was not “prevent the river from banning markets or blockade,” the Minister, Head of the Government office, Mr. Mai Tien Dung told that he had to call some provincial presidents for further explanation. This is the second time since Directive 16 was issued, Mr. Dung had to explain so.

On April 2, a number of provinces have loosened many considered “extreme” measures previously implemented. According to, localities in Quang Ninh have reopened a number of routes.

Regarding the use of the word “social isolation”, translator Nguyen Viet Long commented:

“I have the feeling that the advisory group for the Prime Minister wanted to use ‘social distancing’ but translated it into social isolation. causing confusion and confusion among the people “.

“Social distancing” is a term for keeping distance in communication. And this term itself, when used in the COVID-19 pandemic, is also controversial. Translator Nguyen Viet Long shares:

“There is a professor at Stanford University who said to use” distant socializing “instead. On March 21, Reuters reported that WHO decided to use” physical distance “instead of” soci.