Vietnamese in Germany before the new nationwide blockade

Harter Lockdown “, Germany is about to enter a stringent nationwide blockade, from December 16 to January 10, 2021.

The decision was If I’m Spoiled It’s My Husband’s Fault Because He Treats Me Like A Queen Floral Version Shirt unified by Chancellor Angela Merkel and leaders of all German states. launched on Sunday, December 13.

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It was not surprising, but it was still shocking to the Federal Republic of Germany, the

partial blockade since early November has not yielded the desired results.In contrast, Covid I Like My Rottweiler Sunset Retro Shirt Rottweiler Shirt  infection in Germany has been and is increasing at a dizzying rate.

More than 20,000 people infected with the virus, nearly 600 people die in just one day. The rate of infection in Germany (R) reaches 1.17.

Hospitals were about to be overburdened. Most of the ventilators were mobilized. There has Overcoming Lockdown One Beer At A Time hot Shirt been a lot of talk in the hospital about how to prioritize saving who and how not to save first, etc.

“We are forced to act, and now we act,” she said. Merkel announced on Sunday.

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Source of image, EPA

Capturing the image,
The fact that people go shopping for Christmas is believed to be the cause of the increase in recent infections in Germany |

So as long as we don’t go to Noel market, we don’t buy Tet gifts, there is no Christmas Eve gathered for two or three generations by the Christmas tree, all the firecrackers to celebrate the new year, we can only gather up to five Roller Skating They See Me Rollin’ They Hatin’ Vintage new Shirt people, from a maximum of two households . It is forbidden to drink alcohol in public. Prohibit meeting, ban selling firecrackers, fireworks.

Enterprise support added. Businesses can apply for up to 500,000 Euro. Retail business had to be completely closed, with the exception of grocery stores and daily necessities being opened.

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Fears of unemployment, bankruptcy, and especially Covid sticking, how to survive … are in the minds of many people. Intestinal constriction.

“We believe in science.” Ms. Merkel always consulted information from the National Science Rwbyand Quot;team Rwby V7 And Quot hot Shirt  Institute of Leopoldina in the city of Halle, home to more than 1,600 famous scientists in the world.

The advice to “Harter Lockdown” of this institute was followed by the German government, even earlier, before Christmas to take advantage of the Christmas holiday of the schools.

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A hundred concerns
Ms. N., the owner of a restaurant in Berlin panicked. Her sister began to show depressed expression, balding herself because she was locked in the house for so long. Ms. N. is worried that her business will be broken, but she struggles to know where to escape from. Her German husband is still skeptical of the bogus corona virus, just reluctantly wearing a mask.

Image source, Le Manh Hung

Taking a picture,
A Vietnamese restaurant in Berlin closed the

Prime Minister of Munich, Mr. Markus Söder warned: “The corona virus has gone out of Salvadoran America Flag El Salvador Usa 2020 Shirt control, if not careful, Germany will has become a concern for the whole EU. ”

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German and Vietnamese people are almost no longer surprised with Covid-19 as in March, do not panic to buy goods, do not worry about lack of supplies, masks, but fear with the number of infected people, the dead. this time too much.

“Everyone will get corona virus, then,” said T., who has a flower shop in Berlin, desperately.

Many Vietnamese cannot help but compare the European countermeasure of Covid-19 with Vietnam.

Video capture,
Covid-19: How was the Vietnamese community in Germany and Poland affected?

Speaking at the German parliament on December 9, Ms. Merkel said: “We cannot be like countries that tend to be authoritarian, totalitarian. Our way is based on agreement and self-spirit. the realization of the whole society. The basic values ​​of human rights need to be preserved. ”

A large protest scheduled to take place on December 31st in front of the gates of the Brandenburger Tor in central Berlin, with a number of about 22,500 participants, has been registered with German police.

“Querdenken” / “Contradictory Thinking” is the name of a far-right organization that opposes vaccination, treating Covid-19 as just “conspiracy, fabrication” that has called for protests for months across Germany , wants to take advantage of the right to protest against the government’s socially distancing measures.

Confusing and disrupting the streets forced the police to act, the extremists in Germany wanted to cause scandals for the right-wing opposition AfD in parliament to use it as an excuse to attack and criticize the ruling government.

Will the big rally on December 31st in Berlin take place?
On 12/12, a professor and doctor working in the hospital of the city of Leipzig announced that a well-known leader of the “Querdenken” organization had been seriously infected with Covid-19, lying breathing with his aid. breathing at his hospital.

Having to confine themselves for too long indoors worries many Germans, especially for children. Without social contact, children will be affected by their development, easily subject to stress, or even violence in the family.

Conversely, many Vietnamese believe that their countrymen have fewer problems than the Germans.

Our Vietnamese people are “funny”, easygoing, whenever they eat, have a lot of movies