US Elections: Once again, Donald Trump beat the public opinion polls

Contrary to what has been announced by so many voter polls for weeks now, the green Monkey Chimp With Sunglasses And Headphones Funny Pullover Shirt wave of support for the US Democratic Party in the elections in the United States on November 3, 2020 has Need Cake Call Me Cupcake Bakers Food Chef T Shirt not surged. up. According to the first results as of November 4, the Democratic candidates did not win overwhelmingly as predicted.

Is the old duty rewritten Olive Tree Christmas Lights Farmers Vintage 2020 Shirt  in the 2020 US election, at least in terms of the polls. Like 4 years ago, the results of this year’s US elections, though incomplete, are also Parrot Halloween Human Costume Parrakeet Bird Easy DIY Tee Shirt very close. Contrary to pre-voting polls, in which Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will win over Republican candidate Donald Trump The Poll Results Are In Trump You’re Fired Hair Shirt  Donald Trump, with a gap of up to 10 points. , and Democrats will regain a majority in the Senate.

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A concrete example. Analyst Nate Silver of the US website FiveThirtyEight, which summarizes opinion polls, once concluded that Mr. Biden has a 90% chance of winning against Mr. Trump, while there is a 70%

Donald Trump The Poll Results Are In Trump You’re Fired Hair Shirt

chance of Thuong The Institute returned to the Democratic Party. And the image evoked Dorothy & Scarecrow inspired by Wizard of OZ T-Shirt  by many is a green wave, the color of the Democrats will flood America.

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But not. The first results based on specific votes show that the green wave has never

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appeared, the Republican party is still standing firmly in its territories whether in the presidential election or the election of a senator. Cute Vizsla Dog Art Design Shirt Piton, the editor of the New Revolution in America – La nouvelle révolution américaine – then again, the public opinion polls are confused. Speaking

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on French television station BFMTV, Mr. Piton noted: “As in 2016, the polls were largely wrong, they predicted a blue wave, it didn’t exist. We have an extremely close, even biased toward President Trump in the southern states. Biden Cool Rogue Patriot Armed Forces Style Military Tough Guy Gym Shirt  thinks he will capture Georgia, Florida and North Carolina, but Trump will win. ”

The conservative American daily, The Wall Street Journal, does not hesitate to satirize the “experts” of exploration. In an editorial written immediately after the

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first results were made, the newspaper noted: “Those who wait for a green wave lose their feet”, instead of “a sudden wave of voting”. that Mr. Donald Trump has raised.

For the WSJ, in turning the presidential election into a stiff competition, rather than a wide-open one that the polls for Mr. Biden, President Trump created a surprise. politics is the second largest, after the first 4 years ago. According to the Wall Street Journal, some prospectors “could already think about changing careers.”

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The question posed by analysts is how to explain the horrible difference between the reality of the votes and the predictions of the pollsters. For Mr. Olivier Piton, the answer lies in the so-called “anonymous” ballots, coming from some people who do not dare, or do not want to publicly show their support for Donald Trump.

According to Piton, in 2016, it was estimated that the number of people hiding the intention to vote accounted for 10% of those polled. This year, the public opinion surveyed rate of 5%, but maybe the fact is still 10%. ”

Anyway, in the United States, the mistakes of the polls were immediately exploited by the supporters of President Trump, claiming that public opinion was deliberately wrong to harm the Republican candidate. .

These accusations are nothing new, as they were made in 2016, after Trump’s surprise victory. Besides, until now, the White House owner has always called for vigilance with polls.