US Elections 2020: Just denied the election results, D. Trump just aiming for 2024?

More than two weeks after the November 3, 2020 vote, Donald Trump – the 45th Retro Skeleton Level 17 Unlocked Awesome Since 2004 Gift Boy Shirt President of the United States, who is about to leave office, still refused to admit defeat and started the process of transferring Trump 2024 The Final Chapter Coming 11-2024 SweatShirt power. The White House owner accused Democrat Joe Biden of winning the election by cheating in his vote and waging a judicial war in many states where he suspects cheating has occurred.

As explained by some observers, this entrenched action of the US head of state is partly Trump Pence Out Now 2020 Shirt explained by his “self-satisfied”, “arrogant” personality. The US head of state so far has found it difficult to “swallow” a defeat that he has never considered. This attitude of Donald Trump is making it difficult to transfer power Trumphet Music Instrument Musician Funny Ugly Christmas Shirt to a successor.

American expert, Jean-Eric Branaa, University of Paris II – Pantheon, Trump 2024 The Final Chapter Coming 11-2024 SweatShirt  quoted by French weekly L’Express, worried that «Donald Trump will keep this obstacle

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momentum until the end of his term. , insisting that he won and continuing to act as president.

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Political tensions increased a notch with just over 60 days left to officially leave the Retro Skeleton Level 17 Unlocked Awesome Since 2004 Gift Boy Shirt  White House, the outgoing president did not hesitate to fire some senior government officials such as program executives. Comprehensive climate

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change research – Michael Kuperberg (November 6), director of government cybersecurity – Chris Krebs (November 17, 2020), of which the most notable

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issue is the landfill decision Defense Chief Mark Esper joined many other senior officials at the Pentagon, and replaced by loyalists Donald Trump.

What does Donald Trump Trumphet Music Instrument Musician Funny Ugly Christmas Shirt  hope for and calculate when steadfastly not acknowledging election results and taking legal proceedings against adversaries, even though obstructing

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the transfer of power threatens water security? America ? Did his political decisions have another purpose: to prepare the basis for the 2024 election? How is it,

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journalist Pham Tran from Washington analyzed.

RFI Vietnamese: The final count of votes confirmed that former US Vice President Joe Biden came in with 306 electoral votes compared to 232 for Donald Trump. Why the president is about to leave is still determined not to recognize the election results and still insists that there is fraud Trump Pence Out Now 2020 Shirt

in the vote counting. What does Donald Trump hope to gain by doing so?

Journalist Pham Tran: Firstly, this is not the first time that Donald Trump, the incumbent president, has thought that this election is a fraud. During the campaign, he said “I will only lose the election if the election is fraudulent”. So, Mr. Donald Trump along with the Republican election committee has had a total of about 25-30 lawsuits across the United States.

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Trump said that in many places, Republican observers do not have the discretion to monitor the vote count, or that in some places very narrowly, in Pennsylvania – where Donald Trump won against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Or like in Michigan, Georgia, the southern regions of the United States that Donald Trump won in 2016. He thinks there is no reason why he won big there and four years later he failed again. But he doesn’t think that the American people in those places have changed their views on him as it does with the Democrats.

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So there are, indeed, lawsuits and Mr Trump hopes those lawsuits will come to the final decision of going to the Supreme Court. As we know, the Supreme Court has 9 judges, the Republican party now has the majority, ie 6 members of the Republican party, three of the Democrats.

Previously, the Republican side was 5 people, and the Democrat side was 4, but after the death of a Democratic judge, the Senate was controlled by the Republican party, approved a judge. Republican party and backed by Mr. Trump. Therefore, Mr. Trump still hopes that if there is a lawsuit that must be referred to the Supreme Court, he will be tried.

Why does Trump have this hope? Has there ever been such a case in American history?

Journalist Pham Tran: Because of the US experience in the 2000 election between Republican president George W. Bush and Democratic candidate former deputy general Al Gore, there is only one state, Florida At that time, there were more than 500 votes competing for each other, and was eventually brought to the Supreme Court.

At that time, this institution voted on April 5, which means that 5 Republican judges supported Bush, saying that the Florida state decision was correct and correct. As a result, Mr. Al Gore was at that time lost, although in the entire United States at that time, Mr. Al Gore was much more votes than Mr. George W. Bush. That is exactly why the current Republican president, Donald Trump, still hopes so.