Two ‘warriors’ to help Trump awaken before Covid-19

When summoned to the Oval Office to demonstrate the seriousness of Covid-19, Anthony Fauci BodyOpolis and the Vitamin Heroes T-Shirt and Deborah Birx brought visual charts.

The graphs include intricate Christian Women Floral Religious Bible Quote Be Still & Know Long Sleeve T-Shirt multicolor curves, including a disturbing curve showing that the number of deaths from nCoV in the US could reach 2.2 million without measures to segregate the community.

The chart shows the number Columbus Cincinnati buckeye on saturday bengal on sunday T-Shirt of people dying in the US from Covid-19 with and without preventive measures. Graphics: White House.
The visuals are the weapons comic relief love wins Hooide of Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and Trump I Smell Hippies – Funny Conservative Reagan 2020 Shirt Deborah Birx, the coordinator of the White House’s Covid-19

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response team in the fierce battle with some of Donald Trump’s economic advisers, or sometimes the President himself.

Trump argued that the Covid-19 controls were devastating the US economy, as evidenced by the number of applications for unemployment benefits that reached 6.6 million last week. However, the charts of Fauci and Birx toddler boy thanksgiving 2020 Shirt seem to have convinced Trump, as he decided to extend the public isolation policy by 30 days, to April 30.

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According to CNN commentator Kevin Liptak, Fauci and Birx were unable to save the initial series of mistakes made by the White House, change messages to the public or delays in testing and supplies. But they did what Trump aides couldn’t, persuade Trump to give up emotional action, “fix his back” in public and help maintain his right attitude toward Covid- 19.

Trump, who claims to be Sup hair don’t care vintage 2020 Shirt “know a lot of things”, even describes himself as “a student” by Fauci and Birx’s seasoned expertise. “He listens to everything they say. Nobody ever stepped in and caught his attention so much,” said an anonymous White House official.

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Trump’s other allies showed more skepticism. After Fauci and Birx warned 240,000 Americans could die of nCoV, even with strict community isolation measures, some White House advisers argued that the two experts were overpredictable, adding that they do not take into account economic or political issues.

However, Trump said on April 2 that he was doing the right thing, supporting Fauci and Birx, and said he did not care about questions about the accuracy of the charts.

“The problem is that the experts were right. People used to question that and call for economic activity. If we do that, you will see a different chart. Even though the predictions are correct, approximate. or not accurate enough, the given figure is still 2.2 million people can die, “Trump said.

“We are scientists, doctors Sloth zum schlafen geboren zum arbeiten gezwungen limited Shirt  and health officials, not economists. We sympathize with the economic burdens. However, the data clearly shows if we try to act. Not only will many lives be lost, but the economy can also be damaged, ”Fauci told CNN.

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Deborah Birx (right) with Anthony Fauci (center) and President Trump during a press conference at the White House on March 29. Photo: AP.
During the meetings of the Covid-19 response team, where Trump was sometimes unexpectedly involved, Fauci and Birx took different approaches, according to some unnamed sources with knowledge of the matter. However, both offer a high degree of trust and their opinions are often absorbed.

In public, Fauci does not hesitate to give her candid thoughts or analysis on Covid-19, even if they appear to contradict Trump’s claims. He warned that the development time for the nCoV vaccine was much slower than Trump’s deadline, saying that Covid-19, presidentially praised drugs, have yet to prove effective.

No high-ranking official ever publicly “fixed his back” Trump. Before the crisis erupted, Trump was enraged when an official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the situation in the US would get a lot worse, believing her assessment was excessive .

Trump has not always been satisfied with Fauci’s “unsettling facts” and has complained about conflicts with this leading infectious disease specialist. However, the President also said he liked this direct approach.

Meanwhile, Dr. Birx chose a slightly different treatment. Aides have shown her patience in meetings with Trump, even when the President presents lengthy medical positions or theories with little scientific basis. Instead of interrupting or interrupting Trump, she waited for him to finish speaking before giving more realistic opinions.

Birx also found the key points to help “help bullets” to Trump’s response to the pandemic, including his order of tightening immigration from China and Europe. From the outset she supported those moves, which Trump is now constantly offering to prove he handled the crisis well.

During the meetings, Birx had almost always carried a pile of documents filled with tables and graphics, data that she used to explain to Trump how she was doing.