The Western newspaper shows how to drink Vietnamese beer

The Vietnamese way of drinking beer sometimes makes foreign guests confused because of the cultural differences.

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Vietnamese beer drink American 24/7 Hoodie image 1 a.jpg Drinking culture: Vietnamese people like to drink beer together at sidewalk stalls. They sit around a small table, eat some “finger food” (pickles) such as peanuts, snails … Beer drinking culture in Vietnam is full of community. Therefore, you rarely see Vietnamese drinking beer alone.

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Vietnamese people consider “drinking flakes” the most rude thing. All must drink together in Anti Trump Slogan Quote No Coup For You Hoodie every turn. Do not worry too much if your drinking capacity is not high. Currently, forced drinking is no longer very common and is seen as very offensive. Photo: Getty.

to drink Vietnamese beer 3 drink_like_a_vietnamese_local.jpg.1758x854_q85_crop.jpg Cool ice: Even on a cold day, Vietnamese people Biden Cheated Biden Not My President Trump Hoodie till like to drink beer with ice cubes inside the cup. Stone can be seen as a “pair of identical cards” that cannot be separated when drinking beer in Vietnam. The service staff is also always available with full stone bowls to bring to customers when needed. Photo: City Pass Guide.

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One, two, three, do: This is the verbal line of most Vietnamese when going to a pub. Just one Oysters and Beer Everyday of the Year Design T-Shirt person catches up, everyone will chant along. If you drink beer with Vietnamese people, you should shout out loud to everyone. Many foreigners are confused when first encountering this scene because most of them are only familiar Periodic Table Tree Oh Chemistree Fun Chemistry Teacher Xmas T-Shirt with a short “Cheer” sentence. Photo: Getty.

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100%: You must be careful if you hear the word “100%” (Hundred percent). This means you Release The Kraken Sidney Powell Trump 2020 T-Shirt need to drink your cup clean. If it doesn’t feel right, you can negotiate 50%. While this may cause many people at the table to laugh, you still need to control your limits. If you are unable to continue drinking, you must confess early before you get dragged into the drunken match. Photo: Getty.

for drinking beer of Vietnamese people 6 k.jpg Counting bottles: The purpose of drinking beer Retro Vintage January 1944 77th Birthday Gift 77 Years Old T-Shirt  is not to compete with each other. However, some people still have a habit of keeping the empty bottle under their feet. After the party is over, they will take out the count to show their drinking capacity. Photo: Getty.