The view of President Trump makes it difficult for the Vietnamese to accept each other

Never before has the Vietnamese Volleyball For Volleyball Lovers! shirt been divided by an American president like today. Different views on Donald Trump are making Valentine’s Day T-Rex Rawr Means I Love You In Dinosaur Gift shirt it difficult for many Vietnamese to accept each other.

The 45th President of the Valentines Day Xoxo Heart Hug Kiss shirt United States has been the subject of controversy between the Vietnamese people to the same Valentines Day Shirt Cute Heart Llama Sleeping Animal Gift shirt degree as the controversy surrounding Nationals and Communists since 1975.

“Don’t write about your President anymore.” Last
week, a dear brother living in the Vielen Dank, Pr„sident Donald Trump Patriotic 2017 – 2021 Pullover new Shirt same city said goodbye and deleted my friends with me on Facebook.

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The reason, he repeatedly reminded, “Well, don’t write anything about your President anymore”, I still do not comply.

This is not the first time that I have been stopped talking or unfriended by other people after I wrote about Donald Trump, although before that we were quite close in real life, with many topics from politics, history, culture. , society, to belief.

On the social network Facebook Uncle Sam 4th Of July Golf Golfing Boys American Flag new Shirt I have friends from all regions, countries, different religions, not the same way of fighting, not the same interests

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… before, I still exchange many issues to learn from each other. But when I know I think about Trump differently, many people stop interacting, canceling you.

Not only individuals, but groups and organizations are also caught up in this controversy. Gathering Trump Plus 2020 One Star – Very Bad Would Not Recommend Gift new Shirt Democracy of Pluralism is a political organization with members in many countries that has just lost

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one member in Australia with more than 20 years of service. The reason is that he supports Donald Trump, while the majority of other members of the rally do not.

The division between Vietnamese people because of the 45th President of the United States is most visible through the case of Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh on Facebook. This is a personal opinion about Donald Trump, about America when the epidemic began to break out in this country in the second half of March.

What Ms. Quynh wrote is true at that time and later.

However, regardless of whether Mrs. Quynh’s words were right or wrong, many Vietnamese people turned to slander, “stoned” her on the internet. They said she was not indebted to Donald Trump when she got out of the Vietnam Communist prison, they slandered her as “Communist in the region” …

Image source, Reuters

Advocacy events to support Mr. Trump The second term election still took place during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many

domestic fighters also complained Trump 2020 Release The Kraken Trump Vs Biden USA Elections hot Shirt that Quynh said incorrectly about Mr. Trump and the United States. Others launch individual differences to add hits to take down.

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They ‘denounced’ her because, daring to criticize the 45th President of the United States and said that this country was not great, as opposed to what Trump showed himself.

Some even went further than collecting signatures calling for her deportation back to Vietnam.

This is in complete contrast to the warm welcome of Quynh less than a year ago, inviting her to speak after being expelled from the prison by the Vietnamese government.

Many Vietnamese supporters of Donald Trump also make lists of people who do not like Trump to attack. There is something like the fighters who are listed by domestic public opinion to attack and deter.

People who do not like Trump, are often accused by the support group, “Communist lies”, “sabotage America”, “Leftists”, “South China Intelligence”, “Receive money from Communist China to write “…

To many Vietnamese people, Donald Trump is like an absolute truth. They unanimously support Donald Trump, who loves America, loves Vietnam, and vice versa. Why is ironic like loving the Communist Party, loving Socialism and patriotism are the same?!.

Supporting Trump for not liking China
Mr. Huynh Ngoc Chenh, a well-known domestic advocate, writes, “I tend to support Trump, because he weakens China. Other factors can be followed.” .

Similarly, Ms. Huynh Thuc Vy also confided, “Whoever suppresses the eternal enemy of my country, I like it”. Donald Trump is like that, so she likes, supports.

Overseas Vietnamese and domestic supporters of Donald Trump met at the point, he showed strong anti-China without considering the effectiveness and way of the White House owner.

Image source, Reuters

Capturing images,
US-China tensions lasted on many fronts

This is understandable psychology of most Vietnamese people before a China for thousands of years who just wanted to conquer, assimilate and dominate Vietnam. Male. Therefore, the Vietnamese can easily support anyone against China.

The tense dispute in the South China Sea has more reasons for the Vietnamese people to hope that Donald Trump can curb China’s greed and aggression.

Many Vietnamese people believe easily, Donald Trump causing a trade war with China will cause this nation to collapse. Leading to the current Vietnamese government will also disintegrate towards a free and democratic society.

Many Vietnamese Catholics, Protestants support Donald Trump, there is more reason, because he opposes abortion, opposes same-sex marriage.

Someone gave an excuse for Donald Trump, because he was the President only receiving a salary of one dollar a year. Think of the way Americans lack wages to pay their President.

Others support the incumbent US President because he speaks bluntly, reacts well