The “test fire” affirms the position of Vietnamese football

A training session of the Vietnamese You Don’t Have To Be Crazy To Ride With Us We Can Train You Vintage Shirt  team to prepare for the second qualifying round of World Cup 2022.
Tonight (September 5), the Vietnamese team will officially enter the campaign to conquer the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup. Asia with Yosemite Shirt National Park Shirt Mountain Hiking Yosemite Tshirt  the opening first leg match of Group G meets the Thai team at the Thammath Stadium of the Bangkok capital (Thailand).

This is the match between Worthy Shirt, Worthy, Christian Shirt, Religious Shirt, Church Shirt  two teams that are currently considered to be the strongest in Southeast Asia. Therefore, the results of this match will have decisive significance to Group G situation as assessed by experts, and at the same time opening the “fire test” We the people shirt of Vietnamese football on the continental playground.

The second qualifying round Fantasy Football Last Place Funny Tee For The Loser hot Shirt of the 2022 World Cup in Asia had 40 teams from continental countries competing (including seven teams that passed the first round and 33 teams ranked from first to 33 in Asia according to FIFA rankings) .

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The teams are divided into eight groups (five teams / group), compete in a home-away format and score ranking points in each group. After the group stage, eight teams ranked first and four teams ranked second with the best performance will qualify for the final round of the 2022 World Cup in Asia and the 2023 Asian Cup final.

According to the above form of competition and the important significance of this qualifying round, for the Vietnamese team, each match is in Group G Trust Me I’m A Banker Funny Money Pig Manager Gift new Shirt (there are teams: Thailand, United Arab Emirates ( The UAE), Malaysia and Indonesia) are all determined by the teachers and coaches of Pac Hang-xo to be a real final, if you do not want to stop soon.

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After the resounding victories: the Southeast Asian championship and the young continental playgrounds recently, the Vietnamese team is full of confidence to continue conquering challenges, reaching the continent and the world. . In preparation for this campaign, coach Pac Hang-xo had twice gathered the team to choose the best and suitable players for positions in the lines. Focusing on building a strong defense system, ensuring stability in the back to deploy attacks, strategist Pac Hang-xo called the team to nine defenders, all of which are familiar names and are having a stable performance.

Que Ngoc Hai is still believed to be the leader of the defense with the support of Bui Tien Dung and Do Duy Manh, while Huu Tuan and Thanh Chung Tree Of Life Viking Celtic Knot Spiritual Symbol Tee new Shirt will be in the reserve position, qualified for replacement. at times of need.

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The role of defenders on both sides of the wing will normally be taken by Van Hau and Trong Hoang, but both Van Hau and Trong Hoang have only recovered from injuries, so it is likely that their positions will be replaced by Van Kien, Van Thanh. so. These players play a pivotal role in clubs and can bring the necessary mutations to the Vietnamese team’s play.

Along with defenders, one factor that makes the opponents in Group G always wary and most afraid is the attack of the Vietnamese team with two seasoned faces and the victory is striker Anh Duc, who always carries again the decisive goals for the team and Cong Phuong, the striker knows to make a breakthrough in the necessary times. In addition, challenging strikers such as Van Toan, Tien Linh, all have speed, body shape and ability to play ball and the acumen of the opportunity to transform into goals. It can be said that this is the best strikers of Vietnamese football at the moment, able to operate independently, play well, well, and flexibly in approaches to goal. Phuong.

The worrying thing for coach Pac Hang-xo is the midfield because our opponents will This Is My Otter new Shirt use the power-oriented midfield to control the midfield. The duo Xuan Truong and Tuan Anh have the ability to design a good support ball for the attackers, but their ability to dispute is not very good in decisive matches. In such a case, coach Pac Hang-xo will have to calculate to launch into the midfield strong midfielders such as Duc Huy, Hung Dung, Huy Hung in coordination with the ingenuity and technique of Quang Hai.

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Facing the Vietnamese team in Group G of the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup are three teams in the same region who are also eager to win to confirm that they are the leading regional force and a qualified team. Asia’s top level is the UAE. According to experts, the opening match of Group G of the Vietnamese team and the Thai-Thai team is decisive in the outcome of the group because victory will create favorable momentum before they meet the remaining uncomfortable opponents.

A recent survey showed that most Thai football fans rated Vietnam as their most formidable opponent, better than the teams in the same group as the UAE and Malaysia. and Indonesia. Unlike previous matches, this time the coaching staff and the Thai-Thai team were very cautious in front of our country’s team. Even the Japanese coach A-ki-si-si-si asked the players to limit contact with the press to concentrate on the match against Vietnam.

The Thai-Thai team is also very well prepared and becomes very strong when the return of a series of pillars,