The French people prepare to welcome the Christmas season in anxiety about the Covid-19 epidemic

The main French newspapers released today focus mainly on the topics that are of interest to the French I’m A Hawaiian U.S. State Flag of Hawaii Vintage Shirt about what the Christmas season will be this year while the Covid-19 translation is still unpredictable. From now to the end of the year, there is no guarantee that the social isolation blockade will be completely lifted.

Daily Le Figaro runs the I’m Stupid I’m with Stupid – Funny Couples Gift T-Shirt Gift Shirt main title: “The French have a headache about Christmas in binding”. The organization of the year end festival is sure to turn upside down for the majorityIve Got a BIG PACKAGE For You – funny christmas drinking rude humor party xmas gift – mens Unisex SWEATSHIRT  of the French population. According to a poll conducted by the Odoxa Institute for Le Figaro, the majority of people will have to accept Christmas and the New Year Kamala-la-la Holiday Sweater, Kamala Harris Ugly Christmas Shirt  under the government’s restrictions. But everyone does not know how they will welcome the most important holiday of the year, which is still a symbol of cozy reunion, sharing family feelings, how? Although the government has made great efforts to gradually remove the restriction, so that people can enjoy a nearly normal year-end festival, such as gradually opening stores; from mid-December people can travel between regions without declarations; The shops selling flowers, pine trees are allowed to operate, the streets still have flower lights …

Anyway, this year’s Christmas season will still be a festival in the threat of epidemics, as scientists still warn that many restrictions on social distance need to be maintained. People are wondering bewildered: Will parents still welcome their children and Our First Quarantine Christmas As Mr Mrs 2020 Mask Couple New Shirt grandchildren to gather at the party table happily on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve as the tradition? Limit how many people at the table? Does the religious ceremony only allow the gathering of 30 people to retain a sacred atmosphere or any other meaning? Each person in each region in different circumstances is trying to find for themselves the most possible solution. It is certain that this Christmas and the end of 2020 «will be a festival where the poor will feel poorer and lonely people will feel more lonely», people are too worried about the epidemic and the menstruation. in fact, you will feel more depressed,

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Mental health collapsed due to prolonged epidemics
Regarding the mental health of the French people under the impact of the Covid 19 epidemic, was a major topic of Le Monde newspaper. The newspaper ran the big title on the front page: «Covid: consequences of mental health». Through many Oh the virus outside is frightful but is so delightful T-Shirt articles, the newspaper shows that anxiety caused by the epidemic and the effects of social blockade is causing serious spiritual consequences for a part of the French population. Depression increased sharply. Depression has been reported to increase in people infected with the virus. Medical experts have alarmed that mental breakdowns and psychological disorders are increasingly common in infected and uninfected people, and especially among young people.

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France: Police violence again stings public opinion
Another news related to French internal affairs posted on the front page of the newspaper Liberation is that the police violence has just been discovered, which is shaking the public opinion and political circles in France.

It was an extremely violent video showing multiple policemen rushing to beat and beaten a black man at an apartment in Paris last Saturday night. The above images are extracted from home security cameras. The person who was brutally beaten Not Procrastinating Side Quests Funny RPG Gamer Dragons T-Shirt by the police was a music producer at his studio in district 12 of Paris. The original reason was believed to be only because the man without a mask was afraid of being punished and was chased into his home by the police. And violence happened. The video was released to the internet on Thursday and immediately attracted millions of viewers. Importantly, the brutal images of the French police have sparked a wave of outrage in many French social circles, even though the cause of the incident has yet to be clearly concluded.

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The incident caused the French Interior Minister to be on television in the evening to explain. He confirmed that he had investigated, suspended the work of 4 related police, and condemned their violent actions. The prime minister and president also expressed dissatisfaction with the case that was very sensitive to the internal affairs of France at this time.

The incident made the government awkward, when a few days ago, images of the police brutally dispersing a gathering of illegal immigrants in Paris made public opinion and New Cats on the Block Limited Shirt while the government has passed security laws, including a law that prohibits the recording of police on duty. The law has sparked protests from the media to the political parties.

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This new incident of police violence in the coming days threatens to spark a wave of social antagonism and political consequences for the French government, but the focus is on Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin.

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India: How to vaccinate 1.3 billion people
Regarding Asia, the economic daily Les Echos looked to India with the article “India faces the challenge of an unprecedented immunization campaign”.

The only hope in the world to reverse the pandemic corona virus is the forthcoming Covid-19 vaccine. Although there is no vaccine in hand, countries have been prepared t