The first President didn’t keep dogs at the White House after 120 years

Presidents of the United States often have pets when they are in office, most with dogs. Donald Trump was the first person in more than 120 years to not keep the Definitely Not Sus – Funny Impostor Party Gaming Meme Saying Pullover Shirt animal in the White House.
According to the Los Angeles Times, before Donald Trump, the last person who did not keep a dog in the White House was the late 25th President William Don’t Stress Meowt Sweatshirt Hoodie, Funny Cat Sweatshirt McKinley (inaugurated in 1897). In fact, Mr McKinley only has parrots, cats and roosters.

GQ Magazine once said that for Mr. Trump, dogs are dangerous creatures.

Mrs. Ivana – former wife of President Trump – confirmed in her memoir Raising Trump that: “Donald doesn’t like dogs.” She did not forget to repeat the Don’t Touch Me – King And The Sting Podcast Social Distancing Shirt annoyance of her ex-husband with her poodle Chappy because it always barked when he approached.

“How can he not fall in love with a dog that acts as if winning a lottery just because he sees his Greek mythology of medusa gorgone streetwear Sweat-shirt hoodie owner walk through the door?”, Ivana could not explain why Mr. Trump hates dogs.

Mr. Donald Trump did not nuzzle Nha Trang Mr. 1
Ex-wife confirmed that Mr. Trump did not like dogs but did not understand the reason. Photo: AP.
Not that President Funny Dabbing Scottie Dog Ugly Christmas 2020 Shirt Donald Trump has never had the opportunity to adopt a dog in office. Lois Pope – a Florida philanthropist – tried to give him a Goldendoodle named Patton.

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“I’m sure Mr. Trump would agree. Every president has at least one dog to go with his term, ”Pope told The Washington Post in 2016.

She hopes the Trump and his wife adopt the dog as a companion with their son Barron. However, the Funny Dentist Flossoraptor Flossing Dinosaur Dental Hygiene new Shirt fact is that Patton never stepped through the White House gate.

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In 2019, at an event in the city of El Paso (Texas), Mr. Trump once told the crowd: “You guys love your dogs, don’t you? I wouldn’t mind having one. But honestly, I don’t have time. What will I look like when I walk my dog ​​on the White House lawn? ”.

When people around him demanded the reason, he replied: “I don’t know. I just don’t feel good, ”according to The Washington Post.

Donald Trump does not feed in Nha Trang Mr. 2 Donald Trump does not nurse in Nha Trang Mr. 3
Most US presidents keep dogs during their time in the White House. Photo: People, Potus Geeks.
The fact that Donald Trump does not have dogs is different from most of his predecessors. The Funny Duck Gift For Duck Lovers I Just Really Like Ducks Ok limited Shirt  first President George Washington raised Sweet Lips, Scentwell, Vulcan (American foxhound), the late President Abraham Lincoln had Fido, the late President John F. Kennedy even raised 6 children of different breeds. French poodle, Welsh hound, German shepherd … The

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late 40th President Ronald Reagan gave his wife, Nancy, a Spaniel dog at Christmas 1985. Mr. Reagan even worked as a pet There was a large barn with portraits of the couple inside.

When George W. Bush became the 43rd president of the United States, he had 3 dogs and 1 cat. Among them, Spotty was the first animal to live in the White House under two Funny Llama Saying Tina You Fat Lard Alpaca Gift Tee hot Shirt different governments. It was born in 1989, under the late 41st President George HW Bush – his father George W. Bush – and died in the White House in 2004.

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In addition, Mr. Bush also raised Barney – the Scottish deer hound. appeared in more than 10 films while he was in the White House.

The family of former President Barack Obama used to raise Bo and Sunny – two Portuguese amphibious dogs.

According to USA Today, the White House’s absence of dogs is coming to an end after 4 years. President-elect Joe Biden will bring Major and Champ (German shepherd dog) to their new residence. Mr. Biden’s grandchildren gave Champ (12 years old, joined the family in 2008) the name Biden Sr. like love. They adopted Major from two years ago.

In fact, many of the dogs of American presidents are famous on social media.

In 1908, the Washington Evening Star observed: “No home in Washington has as many high-end to ordinary pets as the White House. Those pets not only get the kids’ attention, but the president himself is their good friend. ”

However, according to The List, Trump appeared to have lessened his hatred of dogs after Conan – a Belgian Malinois – was injured by helping to defeat the IS al-Baghdadi tycoon. “Our K-9, as they call it. A beautiful dog. A talented dog, ”he once said.