The fiery confrontation Obama – Trump

After nearly four years, the Obamium Dank Meme Hoodie Democrats finally persuaded former President Barack Obama to confront the incumbent President Donald Trump, with a very dramatic development.
Former President Barack Obama Nurse Heart Buffalo Bills Hoodie and incumbent President Donald Trump have an unprecedented fierce speech
/// photo: AFP
Former President Barack Obama and current President Donald Trump have an unprecedented fierce speech
On the third day of the Never underestimate a Nana who listens to George Strait shirt Democratic National Congress (August 19, US time), Mr. Obama returned, delivering a powerful and unprecedented attack by a former president on the current homeowner. mobility Scooter might look like Shirt White in the country’s modern history, according to CNN.
Mr. Obama stressed that Obamium Dank Meme hot Shirt Trump did not become a true president because “he could not”, and not only turned time

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at the White House into a virtual reality TV show. During his speech, the 44th US President 18 times mentioned the word “democracy”, and finally issued a bleak warning to voters: “This administration has shown a willingness to destroy. American democracy if it wins them ”.
While Mr. Obama was speaking at the American Revolutionary Museum in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Nurse Heart Buffalo Bills limited Shirt President Trump repeatedly hit back on Twitter and used all capital letters. The first tweet alleges: “WE (OBAMA) HAS SECRETLY

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FOLLOWING MY COLLECTION CAMPAIGN, AND DISCLOSED!”. According to Politico, Mr. Trump has repeated suspicions of obscurity when the FBI investigated his campaign in 2016, when Mr. Obama was president.
Seven minutes later, President Trump once again attacked on Twitter, arguing that Obama’s slow voice in support of the Democratic representative Biden was a sign of skepticism about the ability of the person. joint venture with me. And it is likely that Mr. Trump’s attack has only just begun.
According to Newsweek magazine Never underestimate a Nana who listens to George Strait 2020 Shirt on August 20, the survey tracking tool on FiveThirtyEight site shows that American support for President Trump

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is slowly increasing as election day approaches. Specifically, this rate increased from 40.1% at the end of July to 41.9% in the evening of August 19. Meanwhile, another forecast by The Economist magazine appreciated the chance of winning candidate for Democratic Biden, up to 88%.
Also on August 19, former mobility Scooter might look like 2020 Shirt Democratic representative candidate for the White House race to the

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White House Hillary Clinton said that President Trump was basically incompetent to assume the leadership role of the United States. “I wanted Mr. Donald Trump to know how to become a president, because America now needs leaders,” AFP quoted Mrs. Clinton.
After that, Senator Kamala Harris gave a speech accepting the Democratic nomination to run in partnership with Mr. Biden for vice president. In her speech, she emphasized the importance of women if Democrats want to beat President Trump in November. This is also likely, after the CBS News survey results earlier this week showed 56% of female voters support Mr. Biden, while Mr Trump only received 39%.