The death of rock music

Gibson Electric Guitar will be assisted and replaced by a new leadership team after filing bankruptcy. Debt of nearly 400 million USD.
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rock festival Motley Crue rock band made a movie farewell to fans
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Jimmy Page with Gibson tree 12 strings – Photo: A

place that used to be a factory for the production of thousands of guitars, now acquired by Chrome Hearts Hoodie Remake Design Custom Shirt FedEx. The economy was booming, people needed transportation rather than listening to music.

Gibson’s struggle isn’t just a Cowboy By Choice American By Birth Shirt business struggle. Moreover, it is the struggle of the whole glorious rock genre in the era when no longer loves rock.

Throughout 116 years of history, Gibson is the harp for legends and dreamers of legend. From Rock The Dead shirt Chuck Berry, who is considered the father of rock ‘n’ roll, to The Everly Brothers, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Woody Goothrie, Bob Marley, Keith Richards.

Little Elvis Presley brought a Gibson guitar to Sun Records one day in the summer of 1954 to record his first single – a life that will go down in history.
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Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven Live

Jimmy Page embraced a 12-wire Gibson on stage singing Stairway to heaven with Led Zeppelin.

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Guitar titled “The idiot” of “saint” Clapton, Lucille’s guitar

B. B King, Peter Green’s “Magic”, Jeff Beck’s “Holy Grail” guitar, all produced by Gibson.

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At that time musical memories are associated with guitars from Michigan, USA. And now those memories are gone too far.

Perhaps saddest thing is that the moment Gibson declared bankruptcy coincides with the 51st anniversary of the greatest rock album of all time, Sgt. The Beatles’ Lonely Hearts Club Band is born.

During those 51 years, rock had reached its peak several times, but when the 21st century knocked on the door, suddenly the rock wave suddenly died out, like a sea Release The Kraken American Edition New Shirt surface had evaporated.

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Not only Gibson but also Fendi, another famous electric guitar company, is also in crisis with huge debts. Do people not like electric guitars anymore?

Indeed it is. Today’s biggest stars are almost never rock-based. They are either rappers, or pop superstars. Nobody plays rock.

George Gruhn – a longtime businessman in the musical instrument industry – said that decades ago, when he opened his first guitar shop in his life, customers who came to Pythagorean Theorem Day I Was There Math Teacher T-Shirt the store wanted to buy a guitar because they wanted to be like Clapton. , Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana.

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But those myths, if not dead, are already old. There is no “guitar hero” to replace them.

The last generation that is still making it is probably Nirvana, 30 years ago. As for the John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa of the new century, no one can do anything significant but rise suddenly and then disappear like a meteor.

Remember, many years ago, George Harrison used the Lucy to write the song While my guitar gently weeps (When my guitar was crying). Who knew it would become a prophecy?