The countries forbade the birth of the Child Jesus

There are generally two reasons for hostile governments to keep people from celebrating Ho Ho Ho Bruni Christmas Shirt Christmas: communist ideology and radical Islamism.

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If in their day Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were hunted and

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killed by Herod, the Christian believers in many countries sometimes find it difficult to celebrate the birth of the Lord. While in Western countries, since Advent, people have been celebrating Christmas through Have A Merry Fieri Ugly Christmas Shirt partying and shopping, some countries have officially banned people from celebrating the birth of God, they even threatened to kill.

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Sadly, here are the 6 states that Jesus is almost forbidden from “not born December 25”:

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1 – Brunei

Five years in prison and $ 20,000 in fine: it was a 2015 penalty for a Muslim who… surprised to find himself “committing crimes” while celebrating Christmas! Brunei is a small country with 420,000 inhabitants and 62% Muslim. Only sending Christmas cards to parents Happy Thanksgiving Turkey 2020 Blue Turkey Glove Shirt or friends is fine. Buddhists, Christians, non-Muslims, if they want to, they can celebrate Christmas in their family. According to the Minister of Religion, the ban on celebrations is to “avoid large and public ceremonies that could harm the faith of the Muslim community”.

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In 2015, a group of missionaries released a video to warn Muslims: “Muslims attend Christian services or use religious symbols such as crosses, candles, Christmas trees. , decorating Noel, singing Christmas songs or telling stories of Noel is contrary to the Muslim faith (…). Some people think this is a joke, but as Muslims, we must avoid festivals of other religions.

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2 – Somalia

Some time after the Muslim king of Brunei banned Christmas, in December 2015, Somalia followed suit. Mr. Mohamed Khayrow explained: “All events related to the celebrations of Christmas and New Year are contrary to Islamic culture and harming the faith of the Muslim Happy Marry Christmas Shirt community, all of which are forbidden, ”he was the director general of the religious division at the time. Somalia is a country that has suffered from civil war, terrorism and famine for decades.
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The majority of Somali people are Muslim, the government said, allowing people to celebrate Christmas, it would provoke shebab attacks. In 2014, this terrorist organization occupied a large part of Somalia, they attacked an African Union base in Mogadiscio, killing 12 people. Because of persecutions occurred in Somalia, almost no Christians remain here.
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3 – Tadjikistan

Tadjikistan is a Muslim but secular country in Central Asia, the celebration of Christmas is increasingly delicate here. In 2013, authorities banned television Funny Joe Biden, Funny Kamala Harris Is This A Joke Election shirt stations from showing a Russian Christmas film. Two years later, schools were prohibited from displaying Christmas trees and accepting Christmas presents. That is not to mention that the Ministry of Education applies Islamic principles, prohibits burning of fireworks, prohibits celebration meals, prohibits exchange of gifts and fundraising during New Year celebrations.

4 – Saudi Arabia

This is a country governed by the strictest laws of Islamic dogma, so we should Grateful Dead Vote This Darkness has got to give shirt not be surprised that they prohibit Christmas celebrations. In addition, the country bans the door to non-Muslims. Despite the recent signs of change, the situation remains the same. The Saudi government has been hit with radical resistance that has ingrained traditional Kamala Harris Sucks Anti Kamala shirt religious followers. Many conflicts have occurred between activists and traditionalists. Noel 2015, when the public hospitals allowed their non-Muslim staff to celebrate Christmas in the group, the Muslim representatives strongly opposed, they used the excuse if the Muslims “celebrate the birthday of Son Thien. God ”for Christians is a way of associating with them and supporting another faith. But in the wahhabi sect, the concept of the Merry Crapmas Clothes Pajamas Christmas Xmas 2020 Quarantine Shirt Trinity is heresy. To them, celebrating Christmas is celebrating a kind of “polytheism” that monotheism strongly opposes.

Since the influence of radical Islam is so strong in the daily life of this country, the pressure of religious representatives weighs on the already precarious situation of Christians, and on expats living in this country.

5 – North Korea

Since communism came to this country in the 1950s, all Christian worship has been banned. Human rights groups estimate between 50,000 and 70,000 Christians in prisons and concentration camps in North Korea simply because they keep their faith.

In 2016, dictator Kim Jong-Un took another step in banning Christmas celebrations: not only did he repeat the ban on celebrating the feast of God born on the night of December 24, but he also ordered the night of December 24. To celebrate the birthday of his grandmother Kim Jong-Suk, who defeated the Japanese and became the wife of North Korea’s first re-poisoning monk Kim Il Sung. She was born on the 2nd