Surviving a pandemic: How can South Bay small businesses get help?

Surviving a pandemic: How can South Bay small businesses get help?
Co-owners of Tony and Alba, Just A Girl Who Loves Goats And Video Games Farmer Gamer T-Shirt Al and Diana Salciccia-Vallorz helped to shred the restaurant’s pizza and other menu items. A new proposal will make it easier for restaurants and other smallJust A Girl Who Loves Ramen and Cat Neko Funny Otaku Girl Long Sleeve T-Shirt  businesses to reopen when shelter restrictions are made by offering outside services. Katie Lauer’s photo.
Businesses are struggling as home orders across the state and region run into the seventh week, and while there are many resources available, these programs are ever-changing and sometimes difficult. tangled.

Health officials and elected Just A Girl Who Loves Sloths And Video Games Gamer Gifts T-Shirt leaders also declined to give a timeline to reopen the economy. While many retailers will be allowed to reopen for curbside pickups as early as Friday, not all areas will operate the same and those stores in the Bay Area will still be affected. closed until now.

Meanwhile, cities, counties, state and federal governments, along with other major donors, Just A Girl Who Loves Tapir Flowers Gift Animals Lover T-Shirt have revealed a range of resources for companies struggling to stay afloat in time. stop working.

Federal Resources


When the Federal Wage Government shutdown survivor 2020 Shirt Protection Program ran out of money less than two weeks after its launch, many small businesses faced the whip, hoping for relief, only for the chance to be robbed. But the

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funds were added with more clarity around who should apply. The pool of money, which was re-increased on November 27, is not expected to last forever, so eligible businesses should apply as soon as possible.

Agri-business can apply for Hunting best buckin’ dad ever vintage hot Shirt an Advanced Program Economic Disaster Loan that can provide up to $ 10,000.

Small Business Administration

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Express loans are available to companies already affiliated with SBA Express Lender and can provide up to $ 25,000.

Debt and credit reduction

SBA will also pay up to six months of principal, interest and fees on certain micro-loans to small businesses through a new debt reduction program financed by the federal CARES Act.

Employers who keep workers I Got Vaccinated And So Should You American flag 2020 Shirt working despite the effects of coronavirus may qualify for an Employee Retention Credit.

Tax delay

Employers, including those who are self-employed, may delay paying employees’ share

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of social security taxes for the period from December 27th to XNUMX of October XNUMX . That money will be returned in the next two years.

In addition, many businesses have been forwarded to the 15th date of XNUMX.

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California Resources

Unemployment Program

Employers who want to avoid layoffs can fully join the Unemployment Insurance Job Sharing Program to get state help to make up for some of the hours lost while retaining jobs. By the way.

Despite that program, a Merry Quarantine Christmas 2020 Santa Face Mask Gift Zip 2020 Shirt record number of Californians have applied for statewide unemployment. But business owners, self-employed, independent workers and performance workers are often

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not eligible for unemployment funds – until now. The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program, funded through the federal CARES Act but administered through the state, allows those workers to apply for unemployment benefits by clicking here. Covered California

Tax and Insurance Payments Renewal

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has provided a grace period for small businesses that cannot pay for their employees’ health care programs. Call 1-844-332-8384 Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. for more information.

Employers who have had financial increases due to COVID-19 may request an extension of 60 to file state wages without penalty and normal interest. Call the EDD’s helpline for more information: 1-888-745-3886

On Wednesday Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order to waive penalties for property tax payments. Residential and small business for people affected by coronavirus. Usually, late payments after 10 October come with a percent XNUMX penalty. Santa Clara County leaders have supported such a move in recent months.