Survival on the waves

Fishermen are like that, everywhere Pegacorn Beware Warning Shirt  they are, they are considered to make a living on the waves …

Fishing boats bustling in and out of Tho Chu port every morning. Photo: VGP / Viet Hoa
The morning on Tho Chu harbor (Phu Quoc island district, Kien Giang) is clear, from the sea color only in Pawpaw Man Myth Legend For Dad Father’S Day Shirt  the distance to the cool air, salty the smell of sea breeze. Boats and ships painted with green and red border bustling in and out, the mornings add cheerful and bustling colors.

The daily life of so many families My Husbands Wings Cover My Heart Shirt  and people begins on those ships and boats.

Fisherman Nguyen Thanh Mai has a glossy brown skin, the color of sunshine, the wind, the salty Mi Media Naranja Enamorados Dia De San Valentin shirt seawater that has been dyed over the years, his voice resounded and boastful. “Over the age of 10, I have followed my father on a boat to sail, up to now, more than 30 years living on the waves. My hometown is in La Gi (Binh Thuan), but I have been fishing in this southwest sea for a long time. Funny Boat Sailing Husband Phrase For Captain Wife limited Shirt The boat has 6 people, working as a fishing boat, which means running the boat out to sea, round

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grouper fishing, flat grouper, squid fishing … what do you see, you don’t specialize in any kind “, the 49 year old man summarized my life is simple like that

His work with the fishermen seems simple and somewhat leisurely, but after asking a deep story, the same is the seafaring profession that has many different types of fishing and to get fish and squid. Getting to the mainland is arduous.

When he first entered the profession, Mr. Mai had up to 10 years to catch fish by rapping. It is a traditional way of fishing that has been around for hundreds of years. Fishermen use trees, leaves … to combine into plates and drop into the sea, forming an artificial habitat, like a nest, a roof for fish to make Gay Pride Butterfly Lgbt Be Free new Shirt nests and then use blinds and nets to catch. Fishermen can move these fishes in the sea so that they can “pick up” herds of fish when moving seasonally. Making and releasing a scrub into the sea is a feat

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and requires a large number of skilled people, not everyone can do it right away. Therefore, in recent years, the number of scrubbing people is not as large as before. Mr. Mai also quit the job scrubbing and switched to fishing.

Life on the boat is not a bit of peace, sleep is erratic, and there is no fixed time. Each boat like his own has a captain, the rest split shifts to work, from 7 pm to 12 pm a shift, half of the people on the boat stay up to fish for bait. At 12 o’clock at night, these people were allowed to sleep, those who had fallen back to wake up to work. By 5-6 am, they ran boats to fishing grounds. The quiet weather was hard and tiring, but when there were big waves and storms, especially during the male fish season, fishermen sometimes could not keep up, not only losing fish but human life at that time just looked. wait on… fate.

I also went to the sea for fishing, but Mr. Phan Thanh Trong’s boat was only husband and wife. He and his wife specialize in fishing and fishing. This job can be done all year round, Geh mir aus dem Weg du unn”tiger Sozialkontakt Lustiges limited Shirt but the most hit is in January, February, especially from the 10th to 17th of the lunar calendar, when mackerel goes to eat the moon every night.

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On those nights, if he met the flow of fish, he and his wife caught about 3 quintals. With the current mackerel price of 110,000 VND / kg, minus the cost of oil, each night like that, he and his wife earn less interest, they get 4-5 million VND, more is about 30 million VND. “The sea is immense, mackerel stays around the year all year round, every season can do it all. I can do a little at night, the moon can do it all the time. Hundreds of mackerel boats hit them all the time. For every 10 to 30 reasons, he is spoiled for fishing ”, Mr. Trong told his waters with affection.

The sea of ​​the homeland spreads its arms wide, feeding many people with the resources available to them, so even with erratic and dangerous weather lurking around the small boat, even though the fishing time is not hit, The fishermen persistently cling to the sea, sticking their whole life with ocean waves.

Even though the majority of fishermen have houses on the mainland, they make their living at sea and live mainly on boats, so they consider the sea to be their second home.

A fisherman’s family meal. Fisherman Nguyen Thanh Mai laughs when describing the life of fishermen by saying: “The sea is the homeland, the streets are the temporary place”. For him, like all other seafaring workers, the boat is a very close second roof.

The roof on the ground is only Grandma, Nana, Gigi Shirt – Blessed To Be Called Grandma – Christmas G new Shirt protected when we stay in one place, and this roof roams to protect the fishermen throughout their lives. Mr. Mai’s boat and 5 other fishermen have quite a lot of

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machines: small radios, long-distance machines with wind radio, locator, fish detector, stone detector, television, disc player. Just like that, they were floating in the sea for a long time, only stopping at the docks when they needed to refuel with ingredients, food, water and sell the caught seafood.

Life is narrow on the boat, their friend is heaven and the sea, so whenever they talk about the sea, their eyes are filled with gratitude and filled with love.