Revealing the origin of cheap curry chicken

Cheap curry chicken is a type of Pope francis is not my pipe shirt  chicken that is raised industrially.
Instead of having to spend 180-200 thousand VND / kg of curry chicken, now, consumers can easily buy this specialty chicken for only Melanin Pride African Women Girls Gift Black History Month Shirt  45-50 thousand VND / kg on many social network accounts. This startling price makes many people doubt the origin of the product.

Living in an apartment, Ms. Nguyen Loan (My Dinh, Hanoi) has a habit of participating I Am Black Woman African American Gift Black History Month Shirt  in social networking sites of the apartment community to buy and sell goods. Recently, many accounts on these websites have sold curry chicken at very cheap prices,I Am Black History Month 2021 African American Men Women Kid Shirt  only about 40-50 thousand VND / kg of whole feathers and about 60-65 thousand VND / kg for cleaning, each weighing from 1 , 2-2.2 kg / head.

“Curious because the price was Home is where my chickens are chicken farmer turkey Shirt startled, I bought it to try it out and found that this is completely fresh chicken, clean, with whole gizzard, not frozen chicken.

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The chicken is sweet and soft, very suitable for cooking hot pot or roasting, so my family loves it and often buys to use it, ”said Ms. Loan.

Talking to a facebook account named Hoang Nguyen, specializing in selling cheap chicken, he said that cheap chicken is not waste chicken or frozen imported chicken from abroad but it is a chicken breed but are raised on an industrial scale.

Recently, due to the influence of African swine fever, many farmers have turned to raising chickens, increasing production of chickens and reducing prices. “Part of my chicken source is raised by my parents in the countryside and sent to sell them. The other part is collected by Herren Curvy Girls Make Me Very Happy Shirt me from households in the suburbs of Hanoi. I guarantee this is fresh chicken, only meat when customers order, pay enough customers from meat, head, legs, gizzard … Every day I sell thousands of chickens, mainly to

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restaurants and restaurants. But recently, many people also choose to buy this chicken because it is cheap and easy to process. Just posting on social networking sites will consume very quickly “, Mr. Hoang Nguyen shared.

Curry chicken raised by industrial style only about 3 months will be sold for one litter. The purebred fowl breed raised in the backyard is another type, the raising time can be up to 5-6 months and the price is 3.4 times higher than this type. There are also not many types of free-range chickens due to their long farming time, so they must be booked in advance.

Another facebook account named Thuy Loan shared more, we often get chicken from Ha Vi chicken market (Thuong Tin, Hanoi). After customers order, we will clean it up and then “ship” to the customer. Happy 100th Day of Kindergarten Teacher Student Shirt “Because the price after cleaning is relatively” soft “, the chicken is also very delicious, so many people prefer it.

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Many customers buy up to 2-3 birds to eat gradually or many families in the apartment buy a dozen chickens at once. In this batch, every day I sell hundreds of chickens to retailers in the apartment complexes, ”said Thuy Loan.

In fact, according to a report by the Department of Agricultural Product Processing and Market Development (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), the price of poultry meat is quite low. The reason is that the total poultry population increased higher than the same period when people switched from pigs to chickens due to the plentiful supply in Africa while the purchasing power was slow. In the past 11 months, the total flock of poultry has increased by 4.1%, of which 80% is chicken.

For example, in the end of last November, the price of white-haired chicken sold at private farms has dropped to less than 20,000 VND / kg. The price of industrial broilers is being cleaned by wholesalers at the price of around 35 thousand VND / kg, depending on type. The price of industrial chicken feathers is being purchased by traders from 27,000 VND to 40,000 VND / kg depending on the region. In particular, backyard chicken is being sold by farmers in different regions to consumers with prices ranging from VND 90,000 to around 150,000 VND / kg.

Also according to many traders, Grampy Shark Birthday from Grandchildren Grampy Shirt despite the fact that the current supply of cheap curry chicken is also relatively abundant, buyers also need to know this type of chicken with super-scrapped chicken that is also widely sold at cheap prices.

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Ms. Thuy Loan said that the chicken with super egg scraps has in common is that they are small in size, with small legs, the meat is supplied to the buyer, but the chicken is often sold with full gizzard, head, foot. The chicken beak is also longer than the super egg chicken and has enough roosters and hens. In addition, chicken curry usually has a sweet taste and meat is softer, unlike super egg chicken that is usually chewy, bones are hard and less sweet. To avoid buying discarded goods, consumers should choose to buy at familiar, reputable sites or highly rated accounts on social networks.