Remember the old Saigon Christmas seasons

Every year, when the wind is Death smile at all of us only the Veterans Smile back American flag Sweatshirt cold, gently blow in December, I remember the past Christmas seasons. The old days just started Donald Trump stop the Steal Sweatshirt  in December when I Don’t Be A Turkey Wear A Mask This Thanksgiving T-Shirt heard the familiar and inspiring voice of singer Giao Linh singing the song “Morning of Star Season” on Saigon Radio: “A bright star season, Christmas Eve is born. My appointment with me, the day Don’t Blame 2020 your life was worthess last years too Christmas sweater when the country is peaceful and happy…. (Morning Star Season – Nguyen Van Dong) ”.

And the cafes began to decorate with little pine trees on the caisse counters, and the music played out, maybe I knew the This is my Christmas Pajama Shirt Christmas season was coming. Every year, it seems like it has become a routine of Saigon people. Just like when I heard Terry Jack sing Season in the Sun in 1974, I remember the summer.
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When I was still studying in Taberd, every Christmas night, I went to school to attend midnight Mass, then came home with a very cozyThis is my Christmas Pajama Shirt holy night Réveillon, along with a gift from Santa Claus such as: Train train, plane, warship….

Réveillon party is sometimes a pot of shredded chicken porridge, chicken curry pot or beef Ragout, along with sticky rice or tea, The Grinch it’s ok I’m on 500mgs of fukitol Christmas Shirt adding a Buche Noel ice cream cake with a statue of Santa Claus sitting above is satisfied. The childhood of those years was also calm and beautiful like the chirping and smooth music of the song The Grinch it’s ok I’m on 500mgs of fukitol Christmas Women Long Sleeved“ Night of the Holy Immersion ” played on Christmas Eve.

Somehow, when Christmas seasonThe Grinch it’s ok I’m on 500mgs of fukitol Christmas Shirt, when listening to songs written about Christmas, it sounds sad, every song is the same, love each other and then get apart, and every Christmas comes to remember each other, plus The cold air The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Elf Shirt is too cold, especially those who are in love: “… At midnight, he returned alone, suddenly he heard tears, wet onThe Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Elf Women Long Sleeved his dry lips, then Noel passed, but dreams I wish we had passed, we met only to hurt, love each other and then be apart ”(Two Seasons Noel – Nguyen Vu).
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Or the wishes for the peaceful country to escape the fierce fire, or the young soldier who stood guard on the cold and lonely Christmas night in a remote outpost somewhere in the deep green forest, waiting for Saigon, and misses his lover that, during the previous Christmas season, when he returned to a rare miracle, he could go hand in hand to go to the midnight ceremony: “… The old clothes were green, the color of Da Lat, spent until next year walking with him in the street. remember the past Christmas, celebrate the birth of God, bring me back to life, love green color (Noel Blue – Nguyen Van Dong) ”.

Those who have lost love or have to go solo on Christmas Eve are even more poignant, especially after April 30, 1975, when the jubilant atmosphere of the festivities is no longer available, as well as The Thats What I Do I Pet Dogs Guitar Costume Shirt magnificent images together with the colorful lights shimmering in the roaring music of the Christmas season, all disappeared and seemed to be just a memory. When listening to the songs about Christmas, it makes us remember to turn back and forth about the life that just passed away.
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Happiness is very short during the war, Christmas season with Christmas Eve is also very short, bustling all December, but just through the night of December 24th is already past Christmas, even though The joy still resonates until the Lunar New Year a few days later. That day, every Christmas I was about to come back, I was eagerly looking for a child, so that I could give a card, take her to walk on the crowded streets of Le Loi on the night of December 24, to sit and dream of just growing up age: “That Christmas, we get to know the church side. That Christmas, I lead you in love. ”
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Recalling the Christmas Eve dates of the childhood. During the afternoon of December 24, I had to prepare a brand-new “purse”, no need to wait until the dinner was about to be served.

It was just dusk and I got dressed and sprayed the fragrant perfume all over the body, if you have a little more tone, lightly apply a little Brillantine cream on your head and brush your shiny hair, then lead the Honda PC in a hurry. on my way to the meeting place with my sister. Back then, on Christmas Eve, all vehicles were not allowed to flow into areas such as Le Loi Street, Nguyen Hue Street and Tu Do Street.

These trails are only for pedestrians enjoying Christmas Eve. In the afternoon on Le Loi Street, the cafes were crowded with young people gathered together, drinking coffee while watching the people go back and forth until evening. The wide, long, and eye-catching exterior of Caféteria Rex located near the Rex Cinema was also packed, and the dark smoke in the cafe blended with the bustling sound of Jingle Bell.

Going down a bit is the Bo Gia coffee shop with 3 beautiful girls with no seats, this shop always has the “si tree” uncomfortable sitting in the field all day just to look at Dad’s 3 daughters. Old.

A little bit down is Lu Quan, where every day only people addicted to smoking, also known as Kent people sit permanently, but Christmas tonight is not bored, whoever smokes, just do, and whoever sits Just to look at the girl, just sit, as long as you don’t touch each other.

But now, looking for a restaurant to sit on, waiting for the time to “go down the street” to use it, it seems a bit difficult.