Meister School – Training program for Vietnamese engineers working in Japan

Over the past 3 years since Rare Disease Day 2021 Shirt Rare Disease Awareness Shirt its establishment, Meister School Program has cooperated with three Vietnamese partners, Hanoi Industrial Promoted to Big Sister Shirt – Big Sister Pregnancy Announcement Toddler Shirt University, Thai Nguyen University and Viet Tri Industrial University to train and find jobs. worked in Japan for more than 100 students who graduated from different universities across Vietnam.

Meister School students are Owl Always Love You Romantic & Adorable Owl Pun Valentine Shirt recruited into a Japanese company (Photo: Minami Fuji company website)

Realizing that the Irrigation University is a potential partner with more than 3,000 students Night Shift Nurse Keeping Em Alive till 705 Shirt graduating annually in the engineering disciplines. In terms of economics and economics, the representative of Minami Fuji Origami Meister Japanische Faltkunst Geschenk Origami 2021 Shirt Company officially visited and worked with the University’s leaders, hoping to establish a deep cooperation in training, recruiting and

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creating opportunities for students to find. suitable jobs in Japan.

Working with representatives from Minami Fuji Company, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Canh Thai, Vice Rector expressed his appreciation for the Meister School Program. The school hopes to become an official Never Underestimate An Old Woman Who Loves Water Skiing The Moon hot Shirt partner of the Company so that its students have the opportunity to

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participate in the program training and have the opportunity to find a high-level engineering job in Japan.

Overview of the meeting between representatives of Minami Fuji Company and Water Resources University

In order to help the seniors or graduates of the Irrigation University better understand Meister School Program, on the morning of May 17, 2017, “Introductory Workshop on Meister and GMC Program” was held. at Hall T35. Here, Ms. Omi Chisa, Project Manager Meister School gave a detailed introduction to the program and frankly shared the advantages and disadvantages of the Meister School Program compared to other trainee programs. .

Workshop introduced Meister School Program

Also at the seminar, Mr. Truong Van Phuc, Never Underestimate An Old Woman Who Loves Superbike Racing The Moon hot Shirt a student of K53 from the University of Water Resources (one of the four students of the University who has passed the entrance exam and is currently being trained at the Meister

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Program) shared: “At Meister School, I get study Japanese language and culture, report writing skills, study planning – work, presentation skills. During the learning process, I was guided by Japanese teachers and teachers on how to self-study, plan for myself to achieve the highest efficiency. After 4 months, I was able to communicate fluently in Japanese, reached level N4 and will soon take the test to N3 (Japanese has five levels: N1, N2, N3, N4 and N5. is N5 and the most difficult level is N1). I was able to write daily and weekly reports in Japanese. I think the skills I learned at Meister School were very rewarding,

Mr. Truong Van Phuc, a student of K53, VNU is participating in Meister School

Below are the main contents of the Conference for students who are interested in the Program but cannot arrange the time to attend the Workshop.

Target audience of Meister School Program:

Final year or recent graduates of Vietnamese universities who
have aspirations to study and develop their own abilities
Have a spirit of willingness to commit to long-term work in Japan. the
training program at the School Meister Program:

training time: from Monday – Saturday weekly, 8h-18h daily from
training content: Culture, Japan; Conduct in Japanese companies; How to think and work in Japan; Japanese.
What students will get from the Meister School Program

1. Completely free training

Students who are admitted to Magic Tricks Card Tricks Design for Magicians 2021 Shirt the Meister School Program will be well trained and can work in Japan without paying any fee. for program. During the process from the time of admission until the date of signing the contract to work in Japan, there will be only 3 types of expenses incurred:

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Health examination fee,
fees for purchasing textbooks Tuition
fees for Visa at the Embassy of Japan
2. Information fluent in Japanese in a short time

Compared with regular language programs, studying at the Meister School Program, students will be able to achieve the desired Japanese level in a much shorter time. Specifically, students can achieve N5 level after 0.6 months instead of 2-4 months, or achieve N2 after 7 months instead of 2-4 years as in other Japanese language programs.

3. To work at a high level in Japan

When recruited by a Japanese company, Meister School’s students will be able to work in Japan in positions with high technical qualifications. Furthermore, contracted trainees will work permanently as full-time employees in Japan and be treated like a Japanese.

Some points to note of the Meister School Program

Although Meister School has many advantages as mentioned above, but in order to truly become the right audience for the program, candidates need to understand and prepare for the following points:

1. Maybe not work d