Light up the volunteer fire

Regardless of winter or summer, a dry day or a windy day, Bright Tomorrow Club (ACE) members regularly maintain tutoring at SOS Children’s Village You Can’t Scare Me I Survived 2020 Shirt  in Hanoi. Not only teaching knowledge, young people are also brothers and sisters who accompany them and encourage them to overcome difficulties and Vikings In My Heart Cornhuskers In My DNA Shirt  get better in life. With their hearts and feelings, they lit the volunteer fire.

Volunteer tutors

When the city lights up, in the houses of SOS Children’s Village in Hanoi (No. 2, Pham Than Duat, Mai Dich, Cau Giay), there are the voices reading … Over the past three years, children live in Every night in the village,Valentines Cupid Favorite Rural Letter Carrier Buffalo Plaid shirt  everyone in ACE will come to teach. Club manager Hoang Quy Binh, alumni of Hanoi University of Technology shared: “During a visit to the SOS Children’s Village Hanoi, witnessing their lives, I felt I needed to do one thing. something to bring joy and to share difficulties with the children. So Teddy Bear I Love You Shirt Hugs Hearts Balloons shirt in 2016, I set up a club to teach children for free. Up to now, ACE has nearly 250 members who are students from universities in Hanoi, excellent students and retired teachers.

A teaching session at SOS Children’s Village Hanoi for the students of the Bright Tomorrow Club.

Regularly every day, from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., the tutors diligently teach the children of the SOS Children’s Village. At that time, each of them had a personality, even many mischievous children who refused to study, even tried Spoon And Crockpot Club Tomorrows Trophy Today hot Shirt to oppose them. Hoang Quy Binh recalled: “In the early days, many times I received no cooperation from them, giving lectures they did not listen. Not discouraged, in the following days, I still came, read, played with the children … gradually they opened up and began to cooperate with me “.

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Each ACE member volunteered to teach the children twice a week. Because the child’s age is different, the teaching schedule is assigned each day, from house to house. For example: At Hoa Cuc Bach’s house, Ms. Nguyet will tutor students in grade 6 English; Hoa Phong Lan’s house, Ms. Trang tutored grade 3 math and Vietnamese; Hoa Hong family, Mr. Duy Teddy Bear I Love You Shirt Hugs Hearts Balloons limited Shirt tutored grade 6 math … Longtime member of ACE Diep Thu Hien said: “SOS Children’s Village Hanoi has 16 houses, each house has from 8 to 10 children, from kindergarten to school. Grade 12. Each child has a situation, not only lacking a mentor, but also lacking love. Some have lost loved ones, some have lost a family in difficult conditions, and their studies are also distracted… ”.

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Having been tutored by ACE brothers and sisters for 3 years, Trieu Hoang Hiep, a grade 6 student excitedly said: “You not only teach us to learn, but also listen to talk and share with us. I just look forward to class time to meet the “teacher”. Sticking with this boy is tutor Pham Thu Thuy, a third-year Valentines Cupid Favorite Rural Letter Carrier Buffalo Plaid hot Shirt student, University of Foreign Languages ​​- Hanoi National University. Thuy shared: “Although Hiep is active, she is quite hard-working and receptive, improving each day. There are also children who are very stubborn, so teaching and mentoring requires more patience ”.

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The volunteer tutoring sessions are a very precious gift to the children at SOS Children’s Village Hanoi, but few people know that in order to maintain this activity, ACE members have to work part-time, salt their own hands. , making Vikings In My Heart Cornhuskers In My DNA hot Shirt products … sold to fund the club. More than anyone, the volunteer tutors understand that they are not only the people who reinforce their knowledge, but also are friends, sharing difficulties and encouraging them in life. Because of that, no one ACE members told them to do their best, not mind long distances, rain, and wind to the young village to teach the children.

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Give love, receive trust

After dinner time, the children were present in the village yard waiting for their “teachers and teachers”. Whenever you see the brothers and sisters coming, the children will come out, whirring. The other hugged her shoulder, and the other fell in love. Kieu Van Anh, a 9th grader cheerfully said: “Since brothers and sisters in the club came to teach, I have improved my studies. We all love you “.

Due to its enthusiasm and spirit of charity, more and more students are joining ACE. Although the children in the village are stubborn and mischievous, they persevere, with their emotions, to persuade the personality and hyperactive children to become obedient and obedient. “The children live very lovingly. It’s raining cold, the brothers and sisters come to teach they are kind and considerate. Just that, we felt warm. At this point, not only teaching but we also learn from students about their difficult sharing … ”, said Diep Thu Hien, a member of ACE.

It can be said that the teaching of ACE members at SOS Children’s Village Hanoi is not only voluntary activities, but more than that, it is about empathy and sharing love. In addition to free teaching, ACE also regularly organizes associated activities, such as: organizing a package of banh chung in the village, guiding the children to make cards to give to the ladies, the street vendors; organizing Children’s New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Noel …

Evaluation of ACE activities, education staff – in charge of volunteer students at SOS Children’s Village Hanoi Nguyen Kim Thin commented: “Members of ACE I took care of the children here more than myself. It is a precious partnership that young people have made, to do together