Life is a choice

At the age of eighteen, students are faced with one of the most important Made In France A Long Long Time Ago T-shirt choices in life: choosing a major, a career for the future.

Career choices are just one of many choices in everyone’s life, and whether our life becomes happy or unhappy is from these choices, at Med-Tech Lab Techs Be Like Critical Calls Anyone Skeleton Drinking Wine T-shirt short sight term or long-term vision. TTCT introduced comments of Dr. Pham Thi Ly participating in the forum “The lost way”.

In fact, it’s not just eighteen, but life is always an option. We do this without doing another thing, go one way without going another way, do Merry Christmas You’re Simply The Best Man Wearing Santa Hat Ugly Christmas T-shirt  one job without doing another job, marry one person and not another, all are the results of a choice. And what our life accomplishments, how we become, happiness or unhappiness, beneficial or harmful to society is due to the way we choose.

Of course, some people have more choice than others. If we are born smart, beautiful, gifted with music, painting, and singing, if our parents Mom Have You Started Thinking About Having Kids Me I am Kid shirt are rich, we must have a lot to choose from. But even without those advantages, we still have a multitude of choices we have to decide.

There are opportunities to choose from luck and family. But the main part is still the opportunities created by ourselves. Capacity creates opportunities Life is Full Important choices chess Sweatshirt, Chess Player Hot Shirt for us to choose. If we do not have the power, the opportunity will pass. We need to be aware of all the options we have and create new possibilities for choice.
Choice is so important, so the lesson of choice is the most essential lesson of life. What determines our choice?

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Life experience has shown me that there are three factors that determine our choices: one Jolliest Bunch Of Pharmacy Technician This Side Of Nuthouse Car Red Xmas 2020 Shirt is our intellectual capacity, two is our values, and the third is our vision.

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It is clear that intellectual capacity plays an important role in choice. The intellectual power here is to grasp the complete information, analyze it and realize the nature of what’s going on around us.

Short-term vision and long-term vision

I pay more attention to the following two factors: value and vision. Value is what we consider important, essential, vital to us, what we can willingly Joe Biden Uncle Sam You’re Fired Trump Loser Byedon limited Shirt trade our freedom, safety, and well-being in order to protect it. Each person can have similar and different values. It is a diverse ladder that shows the priorities of what we value.

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Dreaming of a fulfilling life is not bad at all, but it is also the driving force of progress. People are only different in the way to reach the goal. It is our values ​​that guide us on which path to reach our goal. Things to remember: everything has two sides, each choice requires us to pay the price. So it is important to understand the consequences of our choices.

Vision is the ability to see a perspective beyond the actual context in which you live. The short-term vision is to follow trendy industries, and to choose a career based on immediate needs. The long-term vision is to analyze social contexts, determine one’s own talents, characteristics and capabilities, of which the most important I’m Just A Girl Who Loves Volleyball Flowers new Shirt  is self-study capacity and personal qualities. That is the core value that determines the achievements that we can achieve. With that long-term vision, we will not be discouraged by the immediate difficulties and per

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severe with our choices.

We all have a common goal of creating a better life for ourselves, for our family and for the society in which we live. But we may differ in how we choose the path to achieve that goal. The path we choose will show who we are. If you wish to have lots of money, lots of power and position at any cost, even against the moral of conscience, then that is also an option. Ask yourself what the cost is and can I accept the price.

The Ten Thousand Hours Rule

But if you not only want to have a lot of money, but also want to be proud that you have made a clean coin with your talents, not by begging, stealing, stealing or eating. Bribery, you need to know that if you do everything with your best effort and responsibility, if you put your heart into your work, sooner or later money will find them yourself. You don’t have to look for it.

There is a rule called the “ten thousand hour rule”. Scientists have shown that under normal conditions, an ordinary person persists in doing some kind of work, after at most ten thousand hours he will reach proficiency as an expert in that work. If you reach the expert level you will have space to use,