It’s always Christmas with Santa Claus everywhere

In the morning, Paul Brown Cool Dungeons And Dragons Lover Gift Tabletop Game Present Long Sleeve T-Shirt waved to old Santa Claus, who works in an office downstairs, located on Saint Nicholas Drive in the North Pole, Alaska.

Growing up in Fairbanks, just 22km south coronavirus facial covering and mask requirem Shirt of a Christmas-inspired town, the Browns often travel through the Arctic en route to their holiday home, on winding streets like Snowman Lane, to see The lanterns painted the colors of sugar candy, listening to the Christmas music playing from the shops even in the summer.

If we do not count that this is Don’t Be a Girl Without Dessert T-Shirt already in the Arctic region, this area with a population of only 2,214 lies 2,700km from the actual north pole of the North Pole.

Brown, 37, currently runs the Ello Gov’nor California 2020 Lock Down Pandemic Edition T-Shirt Santa Claus House with his wife, Miss Carissa. She is the granddaughter of the original Christmas store owner, which has been open all year since 1952 in the Arctic.

From Santa Claus’s ‘official’ home Santa baby it’s covid outside ugly christmas 2020 Shirt  in Rovaniemi, Laplan, to Santa Claus in Indiana, these Christmas-filled and named towns have their own set

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of challenges. that you can think of, such as having to go through extreme weather to handle the hundreds of thousands of letters written to Santa Claus.

However, their main difficulty is to arrange to adjust operations around years while their business model is seasonal.

For some who live in these Pug and paws limited Shirt tourist towns, reindeer rides, pick up candies in July and get front row seats when going to see the Arctic aurora in places like Finland and Alaska. is what helps them overcome an unstable business situation.

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Many business owners think of innovative solutions to keep the business going year-round, like rotating employees permanently across departments, or even devising different work activities.

Some towns also have tourism boards that maintain social media campaigns and local job offers to invite visitors from all over.

Image source, Santa Claus House

Capturing images,
Santa Claus House Store in the North Pole, Alaska, open year round

Some businesses close during the coldest months of winter and reopen in the summer to monetize visitors to town during non-holiday months, including going to festivals or visiting theme parks.

You may find it strange to go penguino limited Shirt Christmas shopping in the summer, but some tourists think differently.

“Many people find it

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new to be able to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in June, July and August,” says Brown. “Our company is year-round, but we move at a dizzying speed of 100 miles per hour in the summer, then settle down, quite quietly in October and then get busy again before Christmas. . ”

Twelve months of Christmas
Indulged in seasonal activities such as visiting Snowman’s reindeer farm on a sled or shopping in Santa village, thousands of tourists regularly flock to Rovaniemi, Finland, where it is known as ” The Official Hometown of Santa Claus “.

According to Sonja Alaraatikka, Rovaniemi sees a 10-fold increase in the number of tourists visiting this place in winter compared to other seasons.

To accommodate the influx of tourists, Alaraatikka says local travel agencies hire temporary workers, many of whom are students and teachers on school or holiday.

“During every December Official controller gang limited Shirt weekend, our store can do the same amount of work as May or even more,” said Shelly Haibari, store manager at the Santa Claus Christmas Store in Santa Claus town, Indiana state said.

Seasonal temporary jobs can also be good news for job seekers, like Haibari, whose part-time part-time job on vacation eventually turns into full-time work.

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Haibari said last year the store was closed from January to May because the shop owner, after four years in business, found it was not worth opening during those months.

Haibari says the store receives significant numbers of visitors in the summer months because of the nearby Holiday World Theme Park, an important tourist destination that is open from May to October.

Image source, Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos

Arctic Light against Lapland, Finland

Other companies in Christmas towns try to stay strong throughout the year.

Heidi Haavikko, co-owner of the Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos in Finland said that while they sometimes have no income during May, they have adapted to slower business periods by diversifying. active chemistry.

This luxury hotel located outside, 26km from Rovaniemi, has a steam room, restaurant and bar added to attract more guests who don’t want to pay 125 euros (about $ 155.41) for just to stay m