If dinosaurs are not extinct, what will mankind be like?

If an asteroid did not crash into Womens 40 Years Ago A Diva Was Born In 1981 Happy Birthday Me You V-Neck the Earth 66 million years ago causing dinosaurs to be wiped out, will giant animals have a chance of continuing to be present on Earth today?

66 million years ago, an When Nothing Goes Right Go Left Shirt, Believe In Yourself, Positive Quote, Inspirational Shirt asteroid with a diameter of 15km crashed into Earth with a force equivalent to about 10 billion Hiroshima bombs, wiping out all creatures weighing over 25kg; in fact about 75% of all species have become extinct.

But what if the asteroid misses Weed Strains Super Lemon Haze 420 Cannabis Culture Premium its target or arrives earlier, or a few minutes later?

These scientists, including geologist We Tested Positive But It Wasn’t Corona-Quarantine Baby Sean Gulick of the University of Texas, said that if the asteroid was only a few moments earlier or later, instead of hitting the shallow waters of the Yucatan Autism It’s Ok To Be Different Autism Dinosaurs T Rex Boys Shirt Peninsula in Mexico. , it will probably plunge deep into the Pacific or Atlantic waters, reducing the impact force and limiting the release of sulfur that clog the atmosphere for months or years to come.

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If that happened, catastrophe would have happened and many species would go extinct, but would some of the larger dinosaurs possibly have survived?

And if so, what new dinosaurs could have appeared? Will dinosaurs develop the same intelligence as humans? Will mammals become less preeminent species? Will humans find a way to parallel them as portrayed in the 2015 Disney movie – The Kind Dinosaur?

In a world if terrestrial dinosaurs, sky lizard dinosaurs and sea dinosaurs (ichthyosaur and mosasaur) never disappear, what will the fate of birds and mammals be like?

Meat-eating dinosaur expert Born to flex shirt Tom Holtz of the University of Maryland at College Park in the US said that the dino dynasty was coming to an end no matter what, not because of the asteroid crash, but also because of geographic events. Good quality.

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However, some dinosaurs still have a good adaptability to overcome those fluctuations. Birds inherently diversified by the late Cretaceous, he said.

“The variety of lizards has actually been pushed back, perhaps because of this.” The rest of the lizards included giant toothless winged lizards, some of which were the size of biplanes with a wingspan of 12m (40ft).

There has been a debate over whether some winged dinosaurs were no longer able to fly, and you can imagine a world where islands like Madagascar, Mauritius and New Cat with sunglasses Shirt Zealand, are dominated by lizards. Strange terrestrial life, quite like in our own time when those places were once the territory of elephant birds, lazy cuckoo and giant flightless moa.

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Darren Naish, a vertebrate paleontologist in Southampton UK, argues that a world with dinosaurs could still be as diverse as modern day birds.

Mammals, however, are a different story. Even though they existed for about 160 million years until the asteroids crashed into Earth, they were still “small, subordinate creatures,” Brussatte said. They are diverse but exceptionally small and live only in distinct environments, he said. “Only when asteroids dislodge the dinosaurs will the mammals be freed.”

Image source, SPL Image

We wouldn’t have had to go to a museum to see skeletons or dinosaur models if the asteroid didn’t hit Earth 66 million years ago.

Some others don’t think so. They agree that large animals may not have a chance of survival, but bats, rodents, small predators and climbing primates, and possum kangaroos are all has existed quite a lot. If the marmoset squirrel-tailed monkey, langur black-faced monkey, and apes can jump from tree to tree while the dinosaurs are still nearby, can hominids still evolve?

“Some mammal breeds evolved before the extinction event,” Naish said.

“Accordingly, you will still be able Conde Name Family School Team Retro Shirt to find primates and [perhaps] a human version. Although we evolved in a world full of giant mammals, that makes a lot of sense. ”

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Holtz agrees it is likely: “You might have some primate species living in trees, and as the grassland grows, they move down into the living ground, becoming the kind of ‘mannequin’ in that world. . And just as the ancestors of us have to deal with Smilodon and elk, the ‘mannequins’ must also deal with the species of meat-eating dinosaurs and dinosaur Abel. ”

People have to create There are safe shelters where they feel protected, but Naish points out that our ancestors lived alongside many large, dangerous animals, and must have appropriate strategies for survival.

“People think the world of the Mesozoic era was bloodbath, where I will be grabbed, ripped apart in seconds, but actually in r