Chat with the ‘Vietnamese Tiger Let’s Tread On Them Shirt prodigy’ world chess champion The

story of child chess player Nguyen Anh Khoi overcoming hundreds of other opponents to win the 2012 world championship is an they want our culture Afro African Woman Black History Month Shirt  unforgettable mark in the sports industry. Vietnam.

10-year-old world chess champion

Nguyen Anh Khoi isTeaching Has My Heart Buffalo Plaid Cute Valentine Teacher T-Shirt  currently a student of 5th grade at Vo Truong Toan Primary School, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. With more intelligence than people, Sorry I Am Already Taken By A freaking Awesome Girl Gifts T-Shirt  Khoi is known as a “prodigy”. Recently, there has been a stir about this boy’s talent in the Vietnamese chess village. Recently, the name Anh Khoi has become a phenomenon in the sports world again after he won the World Chess Championship in 2012. That achievement has contributed to raising the level of Vietnamese chess to other countries. Chau.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Just A Girl Who Loves Chess Shirt (38 years old, Khoi’s mother) said: “Since childhood, Khoi has become used to independence,

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everything is organized and worried by her. Parents are busy all day, so what their children like. After that, you will decide what to study. After that, your parents are only reliable tutors to help you overcome your own challenges. Even learning chess, you don’t force your child to learn, but That is because I am passionate about it. At first, Khoi was very passionate about playing games, so his family was very worried, Ba Khoi just suggested to his children that he should learn chess to develop creativity instead of spending useless time. other things.

Just hearing that, but Khoi Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte Cover Title Page Shirt expressed his agreement, he curiously demanded to go to school immediately.

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Just a few days after being transported to school by his father, Khoi quickly joined chess. Our family did not know that Khoi learned so quickly. Surprisingly, the boy was good and changed quickly, quit the game himself, switched to a new game, the family was happy because he had a useful game. ”

From his simple wish to have a new game for him, Thao’s family happened to help her son become a god of wealth in a narrow margin At first, the family enrolled her child’s chess class at the Sports and Culture Center of Tan Binh district, hoping to study for fun. Only three months later, this boy’s natural talent was soon shown in. At first, he could not think of how to play.

Khoi still remembers: I’D Rather Be Playing Racquetball Shirt “At that time, when I came to play, I didn’t think of an interesting way to play. Seeing people playing, I also went into play. The calculation of the opponent’s moves was still vague now. But after getting used to it, I was still confused. ,

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I can estimate every move of the enemy. That helps me determine how to control my general. Thanks to being quicker and more creative than my friends, my teachers appreciate me. and I signed up for me to take part in. The surprising thing for everyone is that I win in any chess contest “.

Athlete Anh Khoi was in the 2012 World Chess Championship

Only 8 years old, Khoi won 6 gold medals in Southeast Asia, at the age of 10, he won 6 gold medals in Southeast Asia, 2 gold medals in Asia, and won the World Championship on chess in 2012. Overall, just 10 years old, but Khoi won 63 chess medals.

Because of this, Khoi is known as “child prodigy” by many people. Worth mentioning, recently, Anh Khoi was honored to be one of the six faces “Typical Young Citizen of Ho Chi Minh City”, when he was 10 years old, the youngest ever citizen in Ho Chi Minh City. won this title.

The secret to good chess

According to Anh Khoi, chess is one of the entertaining sports that is very useful to people. Ich kam, sah und Hatte direkt keinen Bock Shirt Most of them play chess for fun, and everyone wants to win against their opponents. If you think about winning or losing the game, the player can easily pressure.


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And Anh Khoi believes that playing must be comfortable, without giving yourself a thought is to win. Khoi said: “Listen to the words their parents from the beginning, so I always consider chess a sport your passion, whatever the game do you spend playing with posture relaxed, calm and confident.

Even When I go to the competition, if I always think about this tournament, I will naturally get distracted.Often at times like that, the opponent will easily use weird (strange moves -PV) to hit mentality , make me confused, can’t master myself “.

Up to now, Khoi has not stopped being surprised when he has won the world championship in chess: “The most impressive thing in the last contest is the 10th match in 11 world championship matches on chess. 6 -18/11/2012 at Slovernia The 10th match is the decisive match for me to get in. I was really surprised by the opponent’s strange match, she was 10 years old like me. , also played very well.

Perhaps, since I learned chess until now, I’ve never met such a good opponent. Because each game I only play for a maximum of two to three hours is the end. But with this friend is different, I have to “fight” for 6 hours to finish and I win. If I’m not calm, confident, I can’t do it. After this match, I breathed a sigh of relief. My parents that day also followed me and were very happy that I won “.

” But more surprisingly when in the 11th match, divided between victories and defeat, I met a Russian opponent. This friend plays very well. Because of wanting