I am what my parents are

What I Am from
My Parents My mom has 5 children.Valentine Gifts For Him & Her Best Honey Ever Sweet shirt  I am the second child of my mother. She is the only daughter of her among 5 children.

From childhood to adulthood I Valentine Gay Angel Cherub Heart Coming Out Pride shirt always asked myself a question: What am I to my parents. I am a mother’s thing. Even as an adult, I could not answer that question and the suspicion grew inTaken In Love Valentine’s Day Matching Gift shirt  my mind that, am I the biological daughter of my parents? Or the parents picked me up – a scattered child somewhere came home and raised me to do merit.

My parents’ estrangement, especially Sorry This Guy Is Taken By Smoking Hot Ukrainian Ukraine shirt her mother’s, made me feel pain. The blatantly blows, the discrimination by my parents, especially the mother against me compared to her four remaining sons, killed my soul from childhood.

Mom acted as if I were a servant, They Call Me Auntie Because Partner In Crime Motherhood Aunt limited Shirt I was born to serve her 4 sons and that was natural. There isn’t any fairness to me in this house. She

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also never used gentle words of affection towards me. All are only cruel orders and irrational grumpiness. It was as if I were born into my mother’s family a mistake, a misfit.

I was always thrown like a bone of my family, like a faulty link in its reel. So I am a thorn in my mother’s eyes. I am something that always makes my mother itchy and whenever something annoyed is not right in the house she is ready to fall on my head, considering me as the cause of all her bad luck.

Almost every day my mother The Trumpinator I’ll Be Back T-Shirt – Funny Trump 2021 Shirt scolded me. Strangely, with her other sons, it was very rare to see her speak hard. She pampered her sons

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regardless of the reason and circumstances. Any request what the boys want, no matter how difficult, mothers will find ways to respond.

But for me, my only daughter is different. In the simplest way, in the new school year or New Year, children often buy new clothes by mothers. One child year we have two occasions to look forward to wearing new clothes. Looking forward to red eyes, and much more happiness when Tet comes to have new clothes is enough.

Without Tet, the mother forgot to buy new clothes for her 4 sons. I can never forget the resentment and resentment that piled up during the Tet holidays without new clothes.

Watching my brother and younger siblings wear new clothes from 25-26 Tet but I have not seen my mother remind me, every day I anxiously expect my turn to have new clothes. I waited for my mom to come home from the market, waiting for her call “V. Oh, your new clothes for Tet”.

I just waited until tired. The Tet holidays were the bitterest times for me. The expectation and longing made me suffocate with pity, tears dripping down my eyes.

In the early years of my life, I often cried and asked my mother: “Mom, where are my new clothes for Tet”. My mother came out and answered a green question: “Ah, I forgot. Because you are a girl, buying clothes must be different so I haven’t bought it yet.”
The emotional damage from my parents’ discrimination has carved deep wounds on me. The fact that I am the only child in the family who never has new clothes for Tet. More miserable, my mother is always upset because I steal books to school.

My mother had a small restaurant in the alley, so she always wanted me to drop out of school to stay at Seventh Grade Teacher The Best In The Galaxy new Shirt home to help her sell the restaurant. Whenever she was annoyed about something, she screamed:

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“Child V.! What do you study. Leave school to stay home to help with the work with me. Your daughter does a lot of learning.”

Starting in 7th grade, 8th grade, my mother forced me to quit school. I do not understand why she hates me, discriminates against me, does not respect girls, considers girls useless and unworthy to wear new clothes for the New Year, not worthy to study, high school graduate and college entrance exam. What was the reason she looked down on her daughter so badly was the question that tormented me during my tearful childhood.

The most disgraceful thing is Retro Skateboarder Vintage Skateboarding City Sunset hot Shirt that when I pay the school construction fee or a part of the tuition fee, or any other money, I am always the child who must suffer when begging for his mother to pay.

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While the mother’s sons only need to announce that the mother has given the money in full. Personally, every time I ask for money, my mother screams: “I told you, you should quit school. This is enough for 4 boys to go to school. I cannot afford to raise another daughter to go to school. You are a girl who learns to do a lot. You quit school “.

I wanted to go to school, so I had to suffer so that my mother could send me to school. In addition to school, I have to do the housework with my mother such as cooking, cleaning the house, helping