How to always feel content with life

Derren Brown has studied the philosophy and To thanks impermanence everything is possible Hoodie psychology of happiness – and he thinks that many of us may have a refreshing way to improve serenity of contentment.

Imagine that you are standing Stell dich nie zwischen eine OMA und ihre enkelkinder Shirt on one side of a river, and you want to go to a village on the other side of the river.

You have a group of cheerleaders in the background, they push you. So you swim, full of determination. Papa Bee Crazy shirt But you’ve forgotten to take the flow of water – and no matter how hard you try, you can’t be completely done. When you reach the other shore, you have been pulled very far from your destination.

We may not want to admit it, but our life Official Keith perry shirt follows a similar trajectory – since forces are beyond our control, pulling us out of our chosen path. And the importance of realizing this truth is just one of many lessons I have learned from To thanks impermanence everything is possible 2020 Shirt Derren Brown, the delusionalist, the “psychologist” (mind reader) and the writer, who has the book. The book Happy explores

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the philosophy and psychology of self-satisfaction.

Most self-help books will suggest that you can battle the flow of life with determination and firm thinking. But inspired by ancient Greek and Roman philosophers such as the Stoics and 19th century German thinker Arthur Schopenhauer, as well as modern scientific research, Brown believes that this is the case. Stell dich nie zwischen eine OMA und ihre enkelkinder limited Shirt Simply a recipe for frustration and frustration. “It would be better if I reconcile with that, considering it the driving force of life – instead of creating the wrong idea that we can somehow control

Stell dich nie zwischen eine OMA und ihre enkelkinder Women Long Sleeved

Stell dich nie zwischen eine OMA und ihre enkelkinder Shirt

everything to make it fit. his target, “he said.

As part of BBC Reel’s new Rethink series, I sat down with Mr. Brown to discuss the inspiration for his book and the reasons ancient philosophy is needed to deal with requests. special of the 21st century.

Happy’s concept may seem like a derivative of Brown’s famous theater and television shows, but he points out that his delusions often play with blind spots in his mind. “Magic is very similar to the way we tailor our experience.”

How is that? Magicians, he says, try to tell a convincing story but ignore certain adverse facts – and that’s exactly what the brain does when it compiles the story of our lives. “It took me a long time to realize that. When I realized it, I saw magic Papa Bee Crazy new Shirt as not just a kid’s act to try to impress people, but actually it was an evocation. ideas about how we can handle reality and thus be able to live better on that suggestion. ”

For example, you might think of yourself as irrelevant and clumsy – and so you only remember when you act awkwardly. Or you might just have bad relationships, because overall you’re “unlucky in love.”

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We often accept these stories from a young age, he said. “A lot of the stories that I have inherited come from when I was really young, from my parents, who had their own disappointments – life is not really alive,” he said. “And for better or for worse, we take all of that with us and travel into the world thinking maybe we have to be successful to be loved, or we must always put the needs of others first. or there are some great secrets I can’t tell everyone.Effecting the origin of these stories can help alleviate our anxiety and unhappiness, Brown said.

Today, the stories we tell can be shaped by the self-help industry’s push for positive thinking, determination, and confidence. While it may feel strongly at first to feel like a besieged hero and constantly pursue goals based solely on willpower, Brown argues that for most people that will only lead to disappointed. (In Happy, Brown is particularly harsh to Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret.)

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tend to have more feelings of Official Keith perry hot Shirt happiness, but the asking introverts to “pretend” to be an extrovert can tire them out

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One difficulty is that we are often not very good at choosing the right goals. “We have a very poor understanding of what is satisfying.” For example, many people set their sights on money – but psychological research has shown that, beyond a certain level of wealth required for basic affluence, wealth does not result in great happiness. than.

If you’re not convinced, Brown suggests experimenting with the following thinking: imagine that, one day, you wake up to discover that you are the only person alive on earth. There’s no one else around, and you can go and live any house you want – even Buckingham Palace. But do you want to go there? “You will probably find a place that is just comfortable and convenient enough.” The same holds true for qu