Horses in the war and the Vietnamese consciousness

Horses are powerful, agile, loyal to their owners, so in ancient times, horses were considered a kind of “powerful Basketball Women Funny Play Like A Girl Vintage Retro T-Shirt weapon”. There is no way that there is a compound word “horse horse” (horse man) indicating the main force of the battle.

Horseback riding in a wooden carvings in Ha Hiep communal house.
Perhaps in our country, the horse that participated in the battle was the first known … the iron horse, which Broccoli appreciation society shirt  appeared in the legend of Phu Dong Thien Vuong. After defeating the An enemy, Thanh Giong rode a horse and rode to heaven. Legend also tells about An Duong Vuong and My Chau’s daughter because “The crossbow accidentally Funny Geological Engineer Coffee Gift Long Sleeve T-Shirt  exchanged the enemy’s hand, so the mechanic was broken deeply” and climbed onto the horse and ran to Trieu Da enemy.

Our country’s history books have repeatedly recorded Dai Viet army and people, having obtained many war horses during border defense times. Under King Ly, in the year of the Tiger Tiger, ie the fifth ThuanFunny Orchid Gift For Men Women Cool Orchid Flower Whisperer Long Sleeve T-Shirt  Thien year (1014), the general of the Man on the other side of the border, Duong Truong Hue and Doan Kinh Chi, took 20,000 people to rob the border areas of our country. Chau Binh Lam (now Tuyen Quang region) was Hoang An Vinh, King Ly Thai To sent Duc Thanh Vuong to fight, behead tens of thousands of enemies, capture countless horses alive. At this time, our country was trying to make peace with the Just A Girl Who Loves Horses Gift For Horse Riders hot Shirt Song, so brought 100 horses of the Man’s spoils in the border areas of our country and presented them to the Song Dynasty (Dai Viet’s full history of

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the memoir).Just A Girl Who Loves Horses Gift For Horse Riders Women Long Sleeved

Besides the fighting, horses were also a valuable gift for diplomacy between the chiefs and the Dai Viet court. For example, Chau Vi Long (now Chiem Hoa district, Tuyen Quang) offered white horse. There were times when the Dai Viet court diplomatically offered to the North with white horses to keep peace. The chariot expresses nobility as one of the nine things the king gives (Nine Tails). Horses are also means of ritual expression. In the Year of the Monkey (1128), because there was a national mourning in the country, the king forbade people in the country from riding horses on this occasion. Many important places in the capital like the gates of Hoang Thanh, Dai Hung (present-day Cua Nam) also have steles with the word “Hạ Mã” so that everyone who passes through must get off the horse.
During the resistance war against the Ming army of Le Loi, the image of horse was mentioned again with the story of Le Lai saving the lord. In 1418, when the new uprising, the enemy was strong, Donut Love Shirt, Donut Valentine Shirt, Valentines Day Shirt, Valentines Gifts for her, funny Graphic Tees for Women, Valentines hot Shirt our army attacked Tay Do citadel (now the Ho Dynasty citadel, Vinh Loc district, Thanh Hoa). Le Lai changed clothes for Le Loi, then rode a horse in the battlefield proclaiming “Lord Lam Son” and was arrested and sentenced to catastrophic punishment. Thanks to that, the enemy was subjective, thinking that Le Loi was dead. That is why our troops are allowed to rest and focus on bigger battles.

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According to the Lam Son book, Le Loi was stationed in Lam Son. In the year of the Tynoon (1420), the Ming army came to a large siege, ambushed, decapitated the enemy quite a lot and captured more than a hundred horses. In the year of tiger (1422), the insurgent army was besieged on four sides at Chi Linh mountain, lacked food, only ate bamboo shoots, vegetables and tubers. At that time, the owner of General Le Loi had eaten the whole horse he was riding to feed the soldiers.

In the Year of the Dragon (1424), there was a big victory in the battle of Tra Lan, killing thousands of Phuong Chinh’s enemies and capturing more than a hundred horses. After that, Le Loi adjusted Easily Distracted By Cats And Sushi Neko Sushi Wave Sunset new Shirt horses, elephants and soldiers to continue fighting. In the year of the Horse (1426), Le Loi again captured 500 war horses in the siege of Dong Do citadel (present day Hanoi). After that, the Ming dynasty brought 50,000 soldiers and 1,000 horses to massively aid, killed 3,000 men again, collected 500 horses in the Pha Luy battle. Next, General Lieu Thang and Moc Thach invaded 20,000 troops and 30,000 war horses, and lost the battle at Chi Lang Pass, Lieu Thang was beheaded, our tro

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Easily Distracted By Cats And Sushi Neko Sushi Wave Sunset Shirtops captured more than 5,000 war horses.

In the battles of the Lê-Mac period, the history books recorded many times the equestrian generals commanded the soldiers to storm the battle, proving that at this time, war horses were quite beneficial, only kings and generals could ride. Besides horses, the elephant is also an animal used for battle, so in battles often horses and elephants go to battle together. In the old history, it was recorded that Tiet Trinh Tung brought 5,000 elite troops, strong God Loves Everyone Whether You Like It Or Not Jesus Lgbt hot Shirt elephants and armored horses to the northwest corner of Thang Long citadel to fight Mac Mau Hop. Thereby, historians today know that during the battle, horses were dressed in iron armor.

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In addition to participating in the battle, horses were also a convenient means to report, there were “station horses” to specialize in doing this, especially during the Nguyen dynasty.
The statue of a servant and a horse in Dinh Huong’s tomb in Hiep Hoa, Bac Giang.

In the mind of the Vietnamese, the precious horse must be the white horse, the horse with all four legs as recorded in history. In the legend, there is also mention of “ripe elephant, ripe chicken, pink horse” that Son Tinh presented to King Hung on the occasion of cocooning. White horses are still worshiped and worshiped at Bach Ma Temple, still in Hang Buom Street, Hanoi. Perhaps, this story comes from a line in the book Dai Viet Chronicles of the full letter: “In the king’s horse, there is a white horse, when the king is about to go, he will go ahead. The king named it Bach Long. god horse “. Gradually, Thang Long people considered Bach Ma temple very sacred, one of the famous “four towns of Thang Long”.

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