Haiti 10 years after the earthquake disaster: Hope so much then despair

The Church of Port-au-Prince was devastated in the earthquake but I’d Like You Better If You Were A Book Or Maybe A Cat Vintage Shirt has not been remodeled 10 years later. ShutterStock photo.
10 years ago, a terrible earthquake struck Haiti, devastating the capital Port-au-Prince in seconds, 70,000 people were killed within a I Love You To The Moon And Back Vintage Stars Glam shirt week and the number of casualties continued to rise in the following days. there.

The devastating force of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake on January 12, 2010, divides I Love Teresa Heart Name Gift shirt the history of this island nation into two parts: before and after the earthquake.

The “before” section is a long history, witnessing dictatorship, occupation and I Love My Gammy , Valentine Day Gift For Mother shirt resistance, the outbreak of Napoleon Bonaparte’s efforts to defeat the army. And the “after” part is an unimaginable void.

“I think they dropped a bomb on Port-au-Prince,” was what Francoise Chandler, a local UNICEF employee, told her daughter after the Haiti American Quotes Haitian Flag new Shirt first shock, as she picked up. children come home from school. “Everything vibrates and there is a lot of noise. I thought it was like 9/11 in America. Every cloud covered my car, ”says Chandler.

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“Mom, are we going to die?” Chandler recounted her daughter’s question, but at that time she did not answer, because she herself Gamer Can’t Go To School Today Need More Consoling Vintage limited Shirt id not know where the mother and daughter’s fate was going. “But if we die, we die together.” And then, she reassured her daughter.

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Hope and despair

According to the US Seismic Survey, the quake lasted less than 30 seconds. However, the solidarity at home and between Haiti and Funny Just One More Game Gaming For Video Gamer limited Shirt he international community brought the most hope for the poor people of this island nation.

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“The world has joined Haiti. Not all the world, but I think if you turn on the television, if you read the newspaper, if you talk to your friends and Football is everything leeds alpha fan retro 2021 Shirt colleagues at work, there’s support and compassion from everywhere. for Haiti, ”Sanjay Gutpa, CNN correspondent reported from the scene in 2010.

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Firefighters from New York, rescue workers from Iceland, mobile hospital from Israel, sniffing dogs from China and oil from Venezuela. Non-governmental organizations in this country have also joined in. Chandler recalls working days in an open-air tent a few days after the earthquake her office was destroyed.

Haitians step through the rubble that used to be a local church on January 12, 2010. Getty Images.
Donors around the world pledged tens of millions of dollars to aid Haiti, and the amount eventually reached $ 10 billion to rebuild the country. The earthquake was very strong, but one reason for the huge number of casualties was that the buildings here were unstable, easily knocked down and buried people.

“Immediately after the earthquake, I felt a lot of hope, because I think that overcoming the disaster will make everyone better,” said Harold Prévil, obstetrician and head of the disease. Sacre Coeur Institute in the city of Milot, northern Haiti, said. However, after a decade, he and many others expressed “disillusionment” and did not give too much hope.

But a decade later, he and many others told CNN they are now disillusioned and have less hope for their country than what happened after the earthquake.

On January 11, Haitian President Jovenel Moise had to admit that the country seemed to be “standing still”. “Although there have been efforts to rebuild the country after the earthquake, the scars caused by this tragic event remain,” said Jovenel Moise. “Ten years on, we still lack the infrastructure and basic services to support people.”

Haitians live in “enduring tension”.

Many of the areas devastated by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti have yet to be rebuilt, including the government headquarters, the National Palace. And there is still concern that many of the rebuilt buildings are sturdy enough to protect people in the next earthquake.

Struggling between both the natural disasters and the political turmoil of the past decade, many Haitians seem less likely to be mentally and emotionally uplifted, said Marline Naromie Joseph, a human psychologist. Haiti, who has worked at “Doctors Without Borders” for 12 years, said. She was on the front line for the earthquake victims, directly helping those seriously injured, children who lost parents and colleagues who witnessed the horror of the earthquake.

Joseph recalled as she witnessed the first bodies discovered in the streets the day after the earthquake haunted her to this day. “Even though there is no more tragic scene left, the past of those dark days still clings to me as if it were yesterday. My mind cannot erase those images ”. Some patients still reminisce about the feeling of the ground shaking under their feet when they visit specific areas, Joseph said.

The quake turned the capital Port-au-Prince into a giant refugee camp with tens of thousands of people homeless. Photo Gett