Gloomy Covid-19 Christmas

VHO- Christmas, the year’s biggest holiday season in the world is coming. However, this year, due to the raging Feliz Navidad Santa Riding Unicorn Spanish Christmas Gift T-Shirt Covid-19 epidemic, the Christmas atmosphere in many parts of the world is extremely bleak.

Christmas atmosphere in Germany Photo: INTERNET

Special Holidays

In many countries around Elves Four Main Food Groups Funny Christmas Gift Tee T-Shirtthe world, many countries see this day as an official holiday with many events and activities being held. Stretching from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, the cities all wear a Dragon Santa my four moods I need Coffee I need a nap I need a vacation Sweatshirt brilliant appearance with thousands of lights, along with many beautifully decorated pine trees and the image of Santa Claus giving gifts to children. .

In most European countries, Christmas (December 25 – 26) is a paid public holiday for all workers. For Europeans, Dragon My Four Mode I Need Coffee I Need A Nap T-Shirt according to the tradition of Christmas, Christmas is first and foremost a family reunion, for each person to express love and care for family members, relatives and with friends and neighbors. ,Very merry quarantined Christmas 2020 Shirt when the children come back from work to visit their family. After mass on the afternoon of December 24, it is often followed by a family dinner and a gift at midnight. On the morning Very merry quarantined Christmas 2020 Women Long Sleevedof December 25, the whole family usually goes to church together for Mass.
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As for Asian countries, although Christmas is not an official holiday, it is gradually considered a public holiday, a bustling cultural event. Trump American flag reelection Trump 2024 the Trilogy Shirt Especially, couples choose this date to confess their love or give

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gifts to each other to show their love. The record for the largest Christmas tree in the world currently belongs to the floating pine tree on Rodrigo de Freitas Lake in the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Every year there is an event to celebrate Christmas with spectacular fireworks.
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Delay many activities

However, due to the current Covid-19 epidemic, this year’s Christmas in many countries around the world

will not organize Christmas activities and fairs as usual. Cities such as Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille, Arras, Clermont – Ferrand or Strasbourg of France have all announced no Christmas markets this year. The major cities Colmar and Trump 2024 keep America red again blue and red Trump 2020 Shirt Metz in the Alsace Lorraine region (now known as the Grand Est region) are both considering alternatives, but organizers say it is due to socially distancing regulations, which limit the amount of Participants in order to avoid the crowd gathering, some traditional Christmas markets, even if they are maintained, can not be as spectacular as in previous years.Trump 2024 keep America red again blue and red Trump 2020 Women Long Sleeved

The Le Monde Festif Association founded by Mr. Marcel Campion has also announced the cancellation of the organization of the Christmas Market in Tuileries Park, which should have started from mid-November 2020 until early January 2021. Trump 2024 keep America red again blue and red Trump 2020 ShirtThe Big Fair This is called “La Magie de Noel” (Christmas magic), in addition to the sales pants, there are many games for children. Whether from the capital or from the provinces, visitors visit the Noel market in Tuileries Park to shop at more than a hundred stalls, This is my Christmas Pajama Shirt while children can watch shows, wear ice skates or have fun on rollercoaster.

The Old Quarter Prague area regularly attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year to admire the beauty of Christmas in the Czech Republic.This is my Christmas Pajama... Women Long Sleeved However, this year, when the epidemic was complicated, the government decided to abandon plans to organize annual celebrations. Representatives of the city council said, with the current epidemic situation, it is not suitable to organize activities and fairs on a grand scale like every year. However, if the epidemic gets better, the city will build a number of small areas to create a familiar Christmas space for residents.This is my Christmas PaThis is my Christmas Pajama... Hoodiejama... Hoodie

The Prague city council is trying to save a Covid-19 Christmas season this year. It is expected that a few Christmas trees will be placed in the Old Quarter Square as usual and some decorations will be placed there to cheer people up during the Covid-19 translation which is still complicated. trash. Even stalls with hot food and wine may be present. The Czech government believes that in addition to promoting the morale of the people, the activities can be organized simply, economically and must not become a place with the risk of spreading disease. A number of other Czech cities such as Zlín and Pardubice are studying and will decide on the final options for implementation but will be limited.