Five ‘tips’ to help you focus your thoughts

The internet is flooded with advice Water Change And Chill Saltwater Aquarium Reef Tank Lover on how to stay focused amid so many distractions.

However, many of these are Vintage Retro Respect The Groundhog, Groundhog Day Pullover either extremely impractical or make you unable to grasp the situation at work and will therefore be distracted from thinking about what you missed.

Indeed, how many of us always Vintage January 1981 Retro 40Th Birthday 40 Years Old Gift Premium find that what we do is exciting and interesting? How many of us can afford to lock our social networks, spend all day wearing a headset, or work without ever going online?

The following tips have little to Vintage 1966 Limited Edition Gift 55Th Birthday do with what psychologists discover about how the human brain works.

Many of the things we think we Drentsche Patrijshond Dog Shirt, Easily Distracted By Drents Shirt should do to help stay focused are actually contrary to how our brains work naturally.

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So, what can we learn from the science of being focused on getting more done, and are any of the popular advice really effective?

Let your mind wander
It sounds paradoxical, but letting your mind wander is probably one of the best ways if you’re trying to focus.

Psychologists increasingly realize that we spend a lot of time wandering around – some numbers even point to 50%. This has led psychologists to believe that wandering is not a brain function, but an important part of the system that keeps our minds working.

Looking at the brain can help us understand why our impaired concentration is a good thing.

Concentration requires the functioning of a regional system in the frontal cortex that fights distractions and controls natural temptations for more interesting things.

Keeping this system active requires Easily Distracted By Cellos And Books Violin Shirt more energy than the area of ​​the brain that works when we don’t think about something in particular. It is inevitable that at some point we will be out of vitality and that is when we begin to think wandering about.

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So if it does, why not let it happen at a more appropriate time?

Paul Seli, a psychologist at Harvard University, distinguishes between intentional wandering and accidental wandering and thinks that only chance is not good for concentrating on work.

People who think wandering at a time when they realize that idle thinking has no effect – for example, when doing administrative tasks without much concentration – are less harmful than people. but trying to keep my mind from thinking around, Seli analyzed.

“If the job is easy, stray thinking Flatedders Do It With Straps And Chains Truck Shirt has the potential to not affect the job, but on the contrary we have its benefits such as planning and problem solving,” he said. .

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This means it is in our best interest to let our minds free.

“Think about something irrelevant, maybe find a way to solve something you naturally thought about and then get back to work,” Seli said.

Letting me think about anything outside of work not only makes us feel less guilty about wanderings, but also helps us to deal with some of the things that remain in our mind. we ramble.

Kill the time
Funny cat videos are often considered one of the most distracting things to people who work hard, but some psychologists argue that in fact images like That helps us to have a good mentality to continue working.

Will not accepting opposing opinions lead to failure?

This is because no matter how passionate you are at work, keeping your mind focused on difficult things requires a strong will.

According to a recent study, a good way to increase willpower is to laugh freely.

Experiments have shown that  FUNNY BRING ON 2021 IT CAN’T BE MUCH WORSE 2020 GAG Shirt people who have just watched a funny video will make more and longer effort to complete a conundrum than those who watch a relaxing but unhappy video.


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This study concludes that humor boosts willpower so effectively that companies should encourage a happier work environment.

“Creating a fun atmosphere in the company – where employees purposefully find something funny so they can laugh, such as an email or a funny clip on YouTube, maybe is a way to help us improve our productivity, “said David Cheng, a leadership researcher at the Australian National University in Canberra who led the study.

“Of course this doesn’t mean that letting the employee freely watch funny cat videos all day and take a break from time to time to laugh and play is very helpful, especially when you’re feeling really tired.”

Filter out distracting problems
To keep your focus properly you need to eliminate all outward distractions, right?